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  1. Thanks a lot for the input. I know my explorist 300 was off, because we were looking for a cache that we previously did not find, and it showed it 80' away from when we were last there with strong batteries. My GPS showed tracking 8 sattelites so don't think that was the issue. We were in a forest however. Battery meter has about 5 bars when fully charged and I was down to 2. Seems like me since these things are digital that they would either work or not, but guess not. Embarassed to say that I am an electrical engineer (BSEE 1987) and today's technology gets the best of me. My family (wife and 10 year old daughter) and I just started geocaching 4 months ago, and I think it is the most fun we've had together. I bought my GPS to ensure I would not get lost while deployed to Iraq in 2005-2006, but did not use it much over there. Did not start geocaching until I got a nuvi 205w for the car for Christmas. Wish we would have known about it prior to our roadtrip from Anchorage, Alaska, to San Antonio, Texas, in 2007 as I am sure there were some fun caches along the way.
  2. Seemed like my Magellan explorist 300 was off by 100' or so today when I was out geocaching. I marked my car, and when I got back to it GPSr showed it 100' away from where it really was. My battery indicator showed I had about 1/4 power left. Do GPsr get less accurate with weak batteries? thanks for any assistance
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