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  1. I don't have the option of adding a filename.type when posting photos hosted in Google Drive. My links look like this (I copied it just as it is in the page, without removing formatting stuff): <img width="650" height title="Michigan State Parks Centennial GeoTour:" src="https://drive.google.com/uc?export=&amp;confirm=no_antivirus&amp;id=1Raa4DiQz9wpAcKoliBBz3lT4irLOlsx-" style="border:7px ridge #AAAAAA;" /> There is a lot of talk about content-type and content-disposition. For us lay-people, how do we use that. Searches I've done this morning lead to something far too detailed to know what to do with it. Is there anything I can do to repair this short of rehosting every image (probably a couple thousand)? In many cases, rehosting is not possible. Would someone at HQ please offer some technical help other than "rehost your photos to the geocaching page"?
  2. So, I guess I'll just thank HQ for throwing a bunch of COs under the bus. Besides my own 250 plus effected caches, I am a key member of a crew for a very popular GeoTour with 100 caches, every one of which links multiple images from Google Drive, all of which no longer work. Several historical mages we use belonging to others. We link them from their site, with their permission. We do not have the right to copy their photos to the geocaching site. I would like someone to offer more help than some gibberish about cookies. Please, HQ, please throw us a bone. Explain to me what is wrong with this: <img width="650" height title="Michigan State Parks Centennial GeoTour:" src="https://drive.google.com/uc?export=&amp;confirm=no_antivirus&amp;id=1Raa4DiQz9wpAcKoliBBz3lT4irLOlsx-" style="border:7px ridge #AAAAAA;" /> Based on what I have read above, it doesn't have a file extension that identifies it as an image. Come on. imgproxy has to be able to tell the difference between an image and something that might have a cookie attached. Google doesn't give me the option of linking a file using its actual name. I think Google is trying to protect file owners by using its own hashing scheme. If you tell me I have to rehost the photos and edit the links of 350 plus cache pages, thank you so much for ruining my winter. At least tell me HOW to fix them. We don't have a clue so far.
  3. A new reward trail is being launched by me (as Silent Whistles) in Michigan on Saturday, June 23rd with an event (SWS (RMNE) tRails Meandering North-Easterly in Manistee. Here are the particulars: Name: tRails Meandering North-Easterly Geocache Rail Tour Example GC Code: GC7NANP Primary City: Manistee Primary State/Province: MI Country: USA Official Geo Tour: No URL: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC7NANP_sws-rmne-manistee-on-the-mne-co?guid=1d8cc298-8cad-4365-bf29-383fe1a980b1 Reward Type: Signature item Creation Date: 6-23-2018 Min Caches for Reward: 51
  4. aghudley

    PQ Maps

    I have the problem also. It is hit or miss if I get the correct PQ map. Connection speed is not an issue as the problem persists on my fast cable connection and on a much slower connection via Verizon. It is getting to be very irritating. The problem started about a week ago. It happens from both the PQ page and from the map page, PQ tab. I'm running Windows 10 on two different PCs, one 64 bit, one 32 bit.
  5. Based on a brief discussion in another thread (Lessor Geo Tour or Reward Trail), the use of "GeoTour" is reserved for official tours. I understand and agree. So, how about adding a "Reward Trail" attribute?
  6. Thank you for a good experience. I have two hand held GPS units, (Delorme PN-60 and Garmin Oregon 600), neither of which are compatible with Wherigo, so I have not bothered to look for this type unless I happened to be with someone else who had the capability. After discovering this app, I gave the type another chance. I had a great experience with my first attempt in a cemetery in Ft. Wayne. At least someone thinks the Windows Phone is worthy of a geocaching app.
  7. Silent Whistles has two historical railroad geocache reward trails in Michigan, taking seekers to places once (but no longer) served by the railroad. Abandoned Railroads of Newaygo County, published 8/28/2014. This trail was done with the Newaygo County Museum and Heritage Center, in Newaygo, Michigan. More than half the pathtags are still available. There are 35 caches on this trail. 28 finds required for a prize. tRails Along the Au Sable, published 6/4/2016. This trail was done with the AuSable - Oscoda Historical Society and Museum (Oscoda, MI), and the Steiner Museum (Fairview, MI). Prize is a pathtag. There are 57 caches on this trail. 46 finds required for a prize. aghudley Silent Whistles
  8. I agree with suzpig and sparkie. Edge, IE11, Chrome and Edge on my Windows Phone are all functioning correctly now. Thanks Groundspeak.
  9. I am having the same problem with multiple computers and browsers: Windows 10: Edge: Can't see the long running script message until I switch tabs one or more times. Trying to stop the script works about once in five tries. Most of the time it completely hangs Edge and I have to use the task manager to kill it. Stopping the task sometimes takes several tries. IE11: Escape sometimes works. Escape sometimes works. Stopping the long running script works. Chrome: Sometimes get the long running script and can stop it. Windows Phone 8.1: Edge?: Cache page loads but is completely unresponsive. Zooming in on the page results in out of focus display. Comes into focus and becomes responsive after about two minutes (on my home wifi which is otherwise working great). I tested this multiple times.
  10. You probably looked at several of the SWS caches that are not part of one of my two "Geocache Rail Tours". Each of the geocache names in the most recent tour are named "SWS (RAAS) ...", to differentiate them from non-tour SWS caches. I am considering renaming the caches from the first tour similarly so they all begin with "SWS (ARNC) " instead of simply "SWS ". I was looking for an attribute that would key people in that the cache was not stand alone. Perhaps I am trying to help fellow geocachers a little too much. Thanks for the suggestion. Being aware that most hand-helds and at least some phone apps don't deal with graphics, every SWS caches that is part of a tour begins with text that states: "This cache was hidden as part of the XXXX Geocache Rail Tour ..." and goes on to identify (in a single sentence) the passport (with a link) and what to do with it. Also, each tour cache page has a table with links to of all of the caches in the tour. GC6E6j7 is an example from my latest tour. Thank you for your great feedback.
  11. I am unsure what you mean here. Geocaching HQ does not create Pathtags or have terms of use for Pathtags designs. What exactly is the design you placed on the back of your Pathtags? What extra money? I assume you paid that to the manufacturer of your Pathtags. I was concerned that I may have violated the terms of use of "GeoTour" by using the special "GeoTour" tag back available from the manufacturer for a non-sanctioned reward trail. I'm just trying to be a good boy scout. After further review, I believe that back was no extra charge from the manufacturer. Regarding your comment about the attribute, I see now that the attribute is not available to me. It has been a year and a half. I probably tried to use it but was not able to. Thanks for your feedback.
  12. Let me begin by stating that I understand that the term GeoTour is reserved for use by Geocaching.com to describe what I will call a sanctioned/sponsored/registered geocache tour that is identified on GeoTourshttps://www.geocaching.com/play/geotours. My reviewer brought that to my attention. Beyond the sanctioning, sponsoring or organizational funding, a GeoTour is also a collection of geocaches around a common theme, for example geographic, historic, or tourist related. The idea is to bring people to interesting places using geocaches as a medium rather than just a bunch of caches. The idea of a these "official" GeoTours is, in my opinion, absolutely terrific. The fact that they are sanctioned/sponsored/registered implies a level of quality to me that suggests they are a more desirable collection and/or challenge. I have completed three of these GeoTours to date and will seek out others. Enough said about that. What I would like to address are the many "unofficial" geocache tours or trails that share the same basic definition, that are not sanctioned, sponsored or supported with organizational funding, but still have the common theme (i.e., geographic, historic related) and bring people to interesting places, not just a collection of geocaches. I have completed several such trails, many of which had a reward at the end of the rainbow. I have also created two with the cooperation of some low budget, volunteer operated historical museums. I even inquired about making the latest one an official GeoTour, but the minimum budget requirements were far beyond what the museums or this individual could afford. Beyond the "official-ness" of the GeoTour approach, the level of effort that went into my two "tours" was every bit as much and more than what I saw with the three official tours I have completed. With a lack of clear definition at the time, I used the GeoTour attribute for the first tour. I think that attribute must be reserved for "official GeoTours", as I think it was since removed from the caches (by Groundspeak?). I even spent the extra money to put a GeoTour back on the pathtags used for the reward. Did I violate terms of use? Did I waste my money using the GeoTour back? My question (or suggestion): Is there room for attributes such as "Geo Trail (geographic related)", "Historic Trail", "Reward Trail" or even "Power Trail"? The "Tourist" attribute seems to be a bit too general to suggest a trail or reward trail. Thank you for providing this forum. I looked around for this topic but did not find anything definitive, so I am putting it out for discussion.
  13. I'm having the same problem. Apparently it isn't a local problem. PQ appears to generate and the email is sent, but the PQs ready for download tab is empty. I sure hope this gets attention soon.
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