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  1. Oh ok! I guess I got too hasty and didn't check until later. Thanks!
  2. I was out and trying to log a cache on my mobile phone using the "new" wap.geocaching.com interface. I thought it wasn't working--it was returning a 500 server error when I pressed the submit button on the log page. But when I came home, I discovered that for all the times I tried to log the cache, it had submitted a new log! Also, I guess I had miss-typed the cache number and had logged a different cache twice...Anyways, I archived the bad logs, but my total cache count is messed up now. How do I get these logs removed and my total find number adjusted? By the way, this could be viewed as a bug post as well. The browser I was using was the default on my LG Dare on the Verizon network. I should only have one log posted for today if a moderator or someone with admin power is reading this. **I meant .com in the title.
  3. I am now a proud PN-20 user! My Father sent me his as an early Christmas present--so, unfortunately, I'm going to have to rescind my inquiry for all the great deals offered here! Thanks for your responses. -Connor
  4. I'm selling a Venture CX with Topo US 2008. It's a great unit for starting out. You can even download maps from other sites onto it. I'm asking $150.00 but is negotiable. Sending PM!
  5. Thanks for the helpful replies by email...any other offers?
  6. I've been cruising Amazon.com, thanks for the tip though! My request is two-fold--give back to the community by funding someone's geocache-fund by buying old equipment, as well as minimize my budget as much as possible. I'd like to shoot for sub-100 if I could. But if no offer arises within my $0-150+ range, I'll probably go with Amazon.com in a few weeks (after finals.) Thanks again!
  7. First of all...sorry for being a lurker on the forum. That's why I look like a complete n00b here. Second, I'm a poor, young, college-going newlywed with a penchant for geocaching...but I've always used my Dad's GPSr at home. Clearly, I am not at home anymore and I need to acquire my own equipment. I've used a PN-20 extensively and loved it apart from a little drift now and then. Anyone have some gently loved Delorme or other GPSr they'd be willing to part with for a good cause? WTB Handheld GPSr for sub-100 to $150 or so. Thanks for your consideration! -Connor
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