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  1. Today I was searching for a cache in my area Wichita Traveller Motel when I heard a voice call my name. Out of reflex I turned around to make sure it was me that they were calling out to, only to find it was my older brother standing by a metal fence. I went over to talk to him, naturally his first words and mine were "what are you doing here?" I explained that I was searching for a cache and reminded him of the game sice he never took much intrest in it himself, and he was assisting a few friends set up a gas powered RC car track with railroad ties. I didn't have the coodinates on me for the cache at the time but I had a good general idea of the location from yesterday when I searched for it for the first time. Weird who you run into when you aren't looking.
  2. I want to know which of these two systems is better for the following senarios. I am going to Iraq and I want a good mapping gps unit even if all I can get are topo maps of the ares, and I also want a good system for geocaching when I return home, or if I deside to post one over there somewhere (pretty extreme imo). I'd also like to get the better system of the two in duriblity, reliance, and features. I can get the Legend for 160 , and the sporttrax for 170 w/ 30 mail in rebate. I am leaning towards the sporttrax because my buddy bought one yesterday and we can share mapping programs, plus the rebate is nice but I have heard bad things about people not getting the rebates, What is my best bet?
  3. I am looking to purchase my first GPS unit within the next week to a month and I want to know what map systems are read. I am going to be using it primaraily in Iraq, and all I know is that since this is not a military PLGR I will not be able to access the military map system, but I do believe that on the Military maps alternate coodinate systems are refrenced. I was also wondering if mapquest or any company out there sells maps for the middle east that I can download into my GPS unit, I am looking at getting a Legend if that helps. Thanks guys
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