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  1. As at 11h00 on 31 March KZN has 1498 active caches! Who will place the 1500 th active cache?
  2. I am not too sure what this one means - please details a bit more ... Is this the total of the FPs from the caches they have found? Thanks, PT
  3. It is a good question Danie. The earthcache guidelines were changed a few years back and the perception was that ECs are more difficult to get approved (which is partly true - you need to research an Earthcache unlike a poor quality traditional. But the good traditionals also take a fair amount or research ). Another point (IMO) is that like multi's and puzzles - cahcers generally go for the traditionals rather. There is a perception that Earthcaches are "difficult" and therefore not as many hides (and even finds take a while I believe). What is pleasing is the number of first time hiders that have come through in the past year. Grant, I concur. There is certainly a perception that doing ECs is a PITA. But now that there is an AFR Reviewer may have changed that. I have some spots for more ECs, but doing the research is very time-consuming. Also finding the material on the web is sometimes (make that mostly) difficult, as one does not always know how to structure the search terms to yield a managable number of useful / appropriate results. Also many web resources are locked behind academic logins, and if you don't have 'contacts' it can be difficult. What could be an idea to generate some enthusiasm is for a list to be put out of publically available EC / Geology related web resources? My 2c. PT
  4. The horizontal axis is the number of finds. (This graph is for the whole of Africa.) Thanks Danie Seems to be as I expected. There is a very high 'start-up' number of cachers, but relatively few seem to progress much beyond 50 finds. We have seen this locally in KZN. Start up, find caches in the immediate vicinity of home/office, then realise that travel is required to progress further. Stop caching, or just find new hides close to home. I suppose it is much the same in the rest of SA and the world. But, with the price of fuel being high, this should be expected. PT
  5. Thanks Danie. Interesting stuff as usual. Is a distribution Graph possible please? I was thinking of something like this ... Y-axis - # of cachers X-axis - # of finds [2012 and all time], say in (roughly) logarithmic steps - 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000. Thanks (for when you are bored) PT
  6. +1 Keep 'em coming please Danie. D/T combinations, District Municipalities and anything else you can think of
  7. Good going Andy. - Now for the 2K mark
  8. Thanks! In the meantime I found another way. Instead of the Inventory Count, I do a simple If/Else testing for "Player contains Matches". If that is true I give the message, else I branch to the Go to the Ranger zone to get the matches. So far it is working OK. Thanks again for your help.
  9. I am having a problem with a section of my new cartridge - I am very much a newbie at this (bit do have some programming experience). The schema is below. My problem is this: On getting to the BBQ area (in SA we call this a Braai), a question is asked - "Do you want to light a fire". The answer must be Yes. If the answer is yes, the cart checks if the player has matches in his inventory. If not he is sent off to the Ranger hut to borrow some matches. If he does have matches, he should get a "Well Done: message and is given the final co-ordinates. (I still need to finish that bit). When he returns to the BBQ area, (this time with matches), the logic should give him the "Well Done" message, but it still goes back to the "No Matches" branch. What am I doing wrong? Help please Pete
  10. You have found 1790 caches in Africa from 3 Apr 2010 to 17 Nov 2012, for an average of 1.86 finds/day. This puts you in the 16th place. It is unfortunately not practical to calculate this for all (worldwide) finds, because this would mean that I need to have access to all the find logs - not possible with only 5 PQs per day. Thanks Danie - OK, now that I know it is African finds only, you are probably correct
  11. Hi Danie What select statement are you using for that? My latest stats tell me this - one of us must be wrong Stats dated 17 November. PT
  12. Thanks Danie - I thought that you would have more accurate data I wonder how long it will be before we see GC50000?
  13. I see the GC4xxxx caches are now appearing ... According to my database (all of Africa), cache placement has been as follows. GCxxxx - May 2000 (start of caching) GC1xxxx - October 2005 (5.5 years) GC2xxxx - September 2009 (nearly 4 years) GC3xxxx - April 2011 (1.5 years) GC4xxxx - October 2012 (1.5 years) Certtainly there is some good growth My numbers may not be spot on but should be reasonable - maybe Anton or Danie can comment?
  14. What's happening besides the dreaded KZN lethargy? (not meaning you CH)
  15. Congrats to Ysbeer and hovelj on your 1000. Have fun getting the next 1000 And from this side as well. Congrats to John & Willem. Now let's see the next 500 and the next 1000!! Well done!
  16. I know this can be done via GSAK, but it is a bit long winded. For the SQLite query writers - is there an easn way of generating a table of the number of active cache types by Province / Municipal District? e.g. Province - District: # Traditional, # Multi, # Unknown, # Earthcache ....etc ... TIA
  17. Thanks Johan THis pic was taken en-route to which cache?
  18. N1 Stilfontein Blockhouse - GC250E ?
  19. Over to you, Johan ......
  20. Thanks Wayne I had to get it sometime OK, Where am I?
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