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  1. It seems the email server fell over at 00h00 Seattle time. No emails received here since 09h00 SAST (South Africa time). But your PQs are still running OK.
  2. Speaking of International Earthcaches - have a peep at what SA's EarthcacheMeister iPajero has been doing in the USA. Now on 333 ECs and counting. iPajero Profile
  3. Interesting concept! Just checked and mine are all in Africa (and discovered that I have 4001 African finds). I am pretty sure that iPajero's multiple matrix laps are all in Africa as well. And Danie - keep the stats coming. The monologue is OK. It means we are gobsmacked.
  4. Danie: KNP - All those caches were archived on instructions of Parks Board. Only Earthcaches now allowed in KNP. The area north of Ballito was host to a a series of mini Power Trails. The CO decided to archive them as they were going missing quite often. There must have been >120 caches in these trails. PT
  5. Favourite Point distribution: KZN: The ratio of finds to FPs for KZN is 20.9 The 95% percentile is 8, in other words, 5% of all active KZN caches have more than 8 FPs. Favourite Point distribution: Western Cape: The ratio of finds to FPs for the Western Cape is 19.8 The 95% percentile is 13. Favourite Point distribution: Gauteng: The ratio of finds to FPs for Gauteng is 28.9 The 95% percentile is 11. Favourite Point distribution: Eastern Cape: The ratio of finds to FPs for the Eastern Cape is 19.3 The 95% percentile is 8. Thanks Danie - KZN, WC and EC are similar in Finds per FP, but not GP. Either the GP cachers are "stingier" than cachers in the other provinces. Or there are more basic members finding caches in GP. Probably the latter.
  6. I think you meant CacheRs But, as a matter of interest, there are 193 PMO caches in SA out of a total of 11533 active caches (excluding events and CITOs).
  7. This is good - it means that 50% of caches deserve at least 1 FP, and the 95th percentile is at 10 FPs - so 1 out of 20 caches get more than 10 FPs. Danie - any chance of doing this for the major provinces please? PT
  8. Clyde has done his thing. Build 33, and 34 to fix 33. Download here http://gsak.net/GSAK851B34.exe
  9. EISH!!! And where might that be? Underberg, Ixopo, Kokstad area.
  10. Just a heads up for everyone. Sisonke District Municipality in KZN has changed its name to Harry Gwala District Municipality. I will advise Clyde of GSAK.
  11. There could be a reason for this - in that those who do the power trail more often than not just replace caches that are missing to keep the total going. Just my 2c.
  12. Only one event was listed as a MEGA event and this had the necessary approval from Groundspeak . The other events (normal events and CITOs) were associated with MEGA, but did not have Mega status. I trust this satisfies your query.
  13. I am no expert on the rules regarding Mega Events, but as far as I know the number of 500 refers to registered attendees. I know the first Mega easily qualified using this rule, and I assume the same for the second. My statistics number is the number of cachers who have logged "Attended" on the website. Maybe one of the organizers can tell us what the number of attendees for the second Mega was? I was not going to reply to the post by Pup Patrol. But .... Much as I dislike "policemen", I will comment as follows. All figures are provisional. First let me correct an error by the OP on this topic. According to the Groundspeak Knowledge Book ... "Mega-Events are the ultimate gatherings for geocachers. Officially, events must surpass the 500 attendee mark to qualify for "Mega" status" (emphasis is mine) There were in excess of 340 registered people for the Mega, and added to this were many walk-ins, and in excess of 150 MTBikers who all attended bits and pieces of the activities surrounding MEGA. Logs are still coming in, but even the final number of logs will not in itself be an indicator of the number of attendees, as many logs speak for two or more people. But certainly, the 500 attendee mark was well exceeded and many new people were exposed to Geocaching! Note that logbooks are optional for all event types (including Mega and Giga events}.
  14. Thanks Danie. Once the dust has settled (in a fortnight or so?) it would be good to see some stats for finds in KZN, and # of unique finders over the MEGA period compared with before and after ....
  15. Anton - From my database. Active in SA as of yesterday: 11021 PMO Caches: 124 PT
  16. Hi Danie Yup - its not your fault it is confusing Total Active includes disabled caches - even though a large proportion of these are heading for archival and it is well known that even disabled caches are sometimes "findable". So it is indeed confusing and I wish there was a good clear-cut way of reporting this. Perhaps the word "Findable" should creep in, but that may just confuse people more .... Current KZN Cache Status Trad Available 1530 Trad Disabled 62 Multi Available 96 Multi Disabled 8 Puzzle Available 240 Puzzle Disabled 6 LBH Available 9 LBH Disabled 1 WIG Available 5 WIG Disabled 0 EC Available 35 EC Disabled 0 TOTAL 1992 Available 1915 Disabled 77 Past Events not yet archived 2 Future Events 5 Grand Total 1999
  17. KZN: 1999 Danie Maybe I am being a bit of a purist, or maybe even splitting hairs Although event type caches are "active" - two in that total are past events which have not yet been archived, and five are future events, which "cannot be found (yet)" In addition, these will eventually have a guaranteed disappearance from the caching map, which is why I like to exclude them from the total of active caches. So my take is that we should exclude event type caches from the active total. In which case, KZN has 1992 [b]findable[/b] caches at this point in time. Just my 2c
  18. Total active caches in KZN as of now: 1994. Excluding Event, CITO and Mega: 1987. I have a few that I am working on ....
  19. As an alternative, there is the other side of Krantzkloof NR (along the Black and Blue trails). Some nice caches along here, but quite a few puzzles, which you don't want . The walk (out and return) is about 11km, but a lift can be arranged from S29 46.602 E30 48.313 back to the start (same as the previous post). There are two really great waterfalls on this trail. Again, if you want a gpx file of the trails and/or caches, just yell. See image below for this trail. Pete (Technonut)
  20. Doc - you can't go wrong with a walk along the Yellow Trail in Krantzloof Nature Reserve. Picnic area parking is at S29 46.360 E30 49.832. The Yellow trail drops down to the bottom of the gorge (about 200m vertical meters) and climbs out at the other end at Uve Rd (S29 46.229 E30 51.190). Height gain at this end is about 220m. From there you can take the Orange trail along the top of the gorge back to the start or yell on the cell for a lift. PM me (technonut@stars.co.za) if you want this option and I will be glad to give you a lift back to the start. If you want a GPX file of the trail(s) and a list of caches, just yell as well. See image - red is going and green is returning. Total walk about 10 km. Have fun. Pete (Technonut)
  21. Not everyone may have noticed, but Groundspeak have quietly doubled the number of PQs per day from 5 to 10. It seems they are still limited to 1000 caches per PQ. Good news for the stats hounds.
  22. That didn't work for me - but I solved the problem by firing up the laptop (which had never heard of the other user name), then getting an access token for that machine. Closed GSAK there and went back to the desktop. This time it took me straight to the login screen and now I have two (hopefully switchable) access tokens.
  23. THe poroblem I am having is with GSAK - but in the interface to geocaching.com - hence I am posting the problem here - as there appears to be a problem with the javascript 'access tokens' function. --- I am currently managing the listing for our forthcoming MEGA under a different user name on GC.com. Yesterday I got a token to use that account to create some bookmark lists for Mega attendees. Today I want to log some finds under my regular username, but I am unable to get my token back. I am signed in to gc.com as my regular username as I do the actions below. On GC.com it is confirmed that GSAK has authorisation. I have restarted GSAK, and the problem persists. I have restored GSAK back to two days ago, no luck. In GSAK, when I click on "get another access token" I get this (on the Groundspeak token access screen):- "You are signed in as Geocachers of KZN. Sign in as a different user. " When I click on the "Sign in as a different user", nothing happens except a screen flicker. If I click on "Allow access" for Geocachers of KZN, I get a message "Your access to Geocaching.com has been authorized" then the API kicks in "Fetching user name" and bombs with a "Fail" message after 20 seconds. Retry gives the same result. It appears that there is a problem with the javascript that gets the new token. (My default browser is Firefox - but I have IE active and FF closed as I do these actions). Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Or - just how to get my own token back ......
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