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  1. OK, so I am about to cave in and get a new caching GPS. Even though the GPS V has been a good workhorse and has found close to 450 caches, I don't like losing signal under trees as you guys really love hiding caches where there is lots of tree cover I have a friend about to visit from Stateside, so I will order from GPS City. Now - what to get? A Dakota or an Oregon? Pros and cons of each please (geocaching-wise)..... Price difference is only $30 so it is neither here or there. Thanks in advance. PT
  2. It could indeed Your turn again ....
  3. OK, here goes. I have no idea if this will be hard or easy .... (deleted spoiler pic, question was answered)
  4. Are there any stats of geocacher total finds (in SA) by gender? I know that weer-ini-hoed has close to 400 and should be one of the top lady cachers. PT (just curious)
  5. Hard Drive Magnets I just managed to get about 200 Hard drive magnets, just for the scrapping labour and postage - total cost about R250. Some of them need a bit of work (filing / clipping), but most are ready to be attached to a cache container. Anyone want any?
  6. We will try and be bakers for 2011. What about some conditions? say, no OPORs, no trees?
  7. OK, I am in .... I have a few ideas.
  8. I might have been more inclined to stick with the anywhere outside South Africa rule, but exclude Lesotho and Swaziland from that rule for obvious reasons. Or maybe go as far as excluding Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique as being international, simply because it is quite possible and easy, to drive into one of these and place a cache/TB. Just my 2c worth. My take / vote would be that local only includes "common border" countries - Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana. Any others are international. So Zambia, Tanzania and Angola would be international, together with Madagascar, Mauritius etc. Another 2c PT
  9. Bruce - just an admin question .... What is international? Are neighbouring countries considered international? If a bug is taken to (say) Lesotho or Swaziland does it become international? Just asking as it hardly seems fair when comparing with bugs that may be jetting off to the US, Australia or Europe over the holiday season .... PT
  10. You will want to head more inland... It looks *very* Ladysmith-ish ....
  11. I have a question ...... Maybe it is doff, maybe not. If I am placing a multi-cache - and the initial and final are different sizes, (say nano initial and small final) - how do I describe the cache on the listing? By the initial or final container size? Both options could be correct, but obviously only one can be. PT
  12. Congratulations accepted! There were three highlights for me ... Schalk getting handed off by Paddie Lambie as he scored his try The hit on Schalk by Ludik in the 2nd half (sorry Schalk about the cracked rib) The puzzled look on Schalk's face (wha' happened?) In all, the Sharks were worthy winners, but on another day the result could have been different. For the WP supporters, a small memento - it is available for viewing in Durban.
  13. Garmin Chirp launched Who is going to be first with one (or more) of these? https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=74811# Pic here:
  14. Hi, just to let you know that I have sent a note to 4firefox regarding this cache to team up. So hopefully we will be able to tackle this together. Good luck TechnoNut, hope that Gerhard and you bag it as well. Gerhard and I have cracked it (mainly Gerhard) Will go and collect soon.
  15. You are welcome to send 4firefox an email, I know that he will be keen to do this one and he also stay not too far from the dam. Regards StirfS Thanks - already speaking to GerhardoosMPa, but if that does not work, then I will contact him. PT
  16. I am keen to do the Twins cache - is there anyone in Pretoria who wants to team up? Weekend preferable but not essential (not the long weekend at the end of Sept). Thanks in advance. Pete
  17. Is there any news on the date / venue for this function. (just trying to plan ahead ...)
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