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  1. I was trying to load the cart from the app. After your hint I downloaded it from the Wherigo website. Then I had to open the download in Wherigo app. Then the cart shows up and I can proceed as you said. This is a hard way to learn an app. Would have been nice to have an owners manual. Oh well! Cache on!! Thanks a heap for the help. Cheers, Jim
  2. I guess I don't have a cart since I don't see what you described. I do a search, some titles come up, I tap one, it says downloading and I get a description. No play button or little arrows. What the...?
  3. I have downloaded the app and a cartridge. how do i start the cartridge? there doesn't seem to be a "GO" button. Cheers, Jim
  4. I have tried just about every wood we have in Florida and none met my needs. I was in a martial arts supply store and noticed some staffs along a wall. They were called Bo Staffs. I bought one just a little longer than I. It is about 1-1/8 in diameter and straight as an arrow. The wood is almost white and has a very tight grain (slow growing) and very very strong. I added a threaded metal insert at the top for adding attachments. So far I have a hook - good for fishing geocaches out of the water and a round rubber knob. I made a handhold with bat tape (baseball bat, not the flying kind) at elbow height and fire hardened the ground end. Looking for a good metal tip now. My hiking buddies said it looked like PVC so I tried staining it. The wood would not take stain. Too tight a grain I guess. Ended up spray painting it with some camo. Ugly, but it does not look like PVC pipe. I like it long for going up and down slopes. Nailing on medallions requires a hole be drilled before using the nail. Did I mention the wood was very strong. I watched a YouTube video where a guy took out a car windshield with his staff. Nuff said? Cheers. Jim
  5. I use a three piece staff that screws together. I remember that it is made of some Japanese wood, but I don't remember the name.I have a small car so it has to fit in the trunk. It's kinda flimsy and the threaded portions keeps loosening up. I have located some Chinese Bo Staffs at the local MMA store made out of white waxwood. They're about 6 feet long and taper from 1.5" to 1" at the top. Seems like this ought to work real well. From what I have seen and heard, they are dadgum near indestructible! $31.00 each! Cache on! Jim
  6. Does anyone know how to search for "souvenirs"?
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