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  1. Hey guys, I just wonder, if it is somehow possible to encrypt the images (like texts with concathex) so that you can't extrakt them from the gwc-file!? Or is it possible to "transform" pictures? So that you have some "noise" on the picture included, and a function in the cartridge calculates the whole mess out! greetings! Dr.A.Colian
  2. This strange is occuring at my new cartridge too! (click me) Actually there have been 7 downloads! I tried the square brackets and time/date changing, but it hasn't fixed the problem! And: Yes I am logged in! I can download my other cartridge (click me) without any problems! Best regards, Dr.A.Colian
  3. Hey there. Just a small question! (Maybe I'm to stupid, but it doesn't work! ) I tried the concathex function, and it worked fine on the pre-compiled cartridge provided in the first post! Now I just wanted to "pimp" the decryption, but there was no option to get it working! Even the original lua-file doesn't work! What is going on? (After I published the catridge to my machine, the line var = concathex(var) is changed into var = "concathex(var)" and as result, var seems to have concathex(var) as value! What can I do? I want to get this stuff work! Hope for a soon answer! Best regards! Dr.A.Colian
  4. Are you planning to sell some of them? Do you have some pictures? Maybe I'd take one of each!
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