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  1. just to be clear...do you mean "to get to the event spot" or to "get to one of the event CACHES" that was put out FOR the event???
  2. If I didn't want to use a credit card or paypal (which seems to be the only option??) can I send a check in?.
  3. Yes, we deal with them when we submit a cache, problems, etc., and all I know is their 'handle', I can only imagine all the hassle/time/effort for these great people behind the scenes...but man, how much they give to this game, and they arn't ever really properly thanked. Thanks for all that you all do!!!!! Thanks for giving so much back to the game!!
  4. Please do not take this the wrong way, and I'm saying this with a lot of respect..seeing that you have found over 16800 caches...again, I'm just asking...with that many finds, were they always perfect... every cache was a CONTAINER in totally perfect condition with a DRY log to sign?? Did you ever find any of the 'magnetic' sign caches where you sign the back, or a cache where The CO simply put a log in a baggy and stuffed it in a crack/hole. When you would get to a cache, how would you know everytime if,yes, this is the correct cache container? One of the intensions of geocaching is to take you different places, If I look up a cache that I get while on vacation...One where I spend the extra time,money,gas,effort,thought to get to this cache that the CO wanted me to go,AND do DUE DILIGENCE to find, and only find a log...I'll sign that log,and keep with the spirit of intension to get me to come here. Again, if DUE DILIGENCE was performed to find the cache, and I signed a log I FOUND at GZ (NOT one I left). Like I said in my other post...I would explain in my log EXACTLY what/where/how I found the cache. My hat is off to you if you were able to find all your caches in perfect order, and DNF'd any that wasn't. This is all coming with a huge respect for the amount of caches you have found, and just wanted to open up a little discussion on this. Thank you.
  5. Well, I've found caches that were only a log in a baggy, and that WAS the cache..as per CO. I didn't know at the time, wondered about it, signed log and put back EXACTLY how/where found. Another thing....what if someone 'muggled' actual cache container, but left the log... now I go to find it,I know that some CO's use this type (don't split hairs here and say that 'he only found the log', we don't know all the details) so I sign log...but note very detailed info on how/where/etc. of this fact...then the next thing I know, the CO deletes my log. I don't always look at ALL the details (size,type,etc.)(just have coord's) to make it more challenging SOMETIMES, or if I'm in a hurry, so might just sign log and move on. I've seen to many variables (Crappy hide to begin with, CO stuffed baggy/log into a hole, etc.) to stress out over this issue....I SIGNED a log at GZ, explained in my log EXACTLY what/how/etc. to the CO and let CO decide whats going on. This is how I play this...the intension was to get me to GZ and SIGN a log (now if I can't sign a log...that's a different story) I can imagine the reponces I will be getting...How do I know if it was the right one,etc.... But again...This is how I play the game. I can't fix the world/geocaching over this issue...only just how I play this game.
  6. 1: I enjoy talking to police 2: I enjoy the looks on peoples faces when I try to explain geocaching 3: I enjoy the thrill of looking on clearly private areas with 'no trespassing' signs one foot from groiund zero 4: I enjoy that I'm already at walmart, so may as well get that 'lamp skirt' cache here. 5: I enjoy looking in a huge forest, with infinite spaces to hide something as big as a car...to find that 'nano' 6: Other than these personal things that I enjoy...Pretty much what all the other posters have posted. I really enjoy geocaching.
  7. Great,sounds like a good time. Out of curiousity, what would you NOW suggest to someone who asked your original question?. Just curious what you would have to say now.
  8. 'What to take?' , water!! Fully charged cell phone, compass, small first aid kit, (actually there's another thread in the forum with great ideas on what to take.... Things you don't think you might ever need, but immeasurably great to have if you do). Bring more writing utensils than what you'll think you'll need....I lose/leave too many to count. More than likely you will encounter wet caches, it's not your job to fix them, but a nice courtesy to try to dry them ( now that's a 'whole nuther' thread there) , new dry paper, antibacterial hand wipes, duct tape, etc. Please take a camera, and take pictures!!! There's just too many great reasons not to take a camera!! ( not just because of the caches, just, you never know what you might see while you are out caching . Take a flashlight!! It has helped me many times during the day, and just a smart safety tool in case you get lost. Again, there's other great threads in the forum on what to take... But most of all HAVE FUN, don't make it a job.
  9. As others have said, a map with the caches has always been greatly helpful to me. The 'cache map' feature has been very easy for me to print out a group of caches, making WAY easier to visualize a good route as I went along. If I'm logging them later, I can also mark 'found', DNF, notes, etc. on it which I has been very helpful.
  10. Just the fact that your giving back to the game by putting a cache out is cool with me.If it's a bad placement or cache...nature will take it's course. The swag looks ok. Are you going to 'camo' the container?? "hot glueing' bark and other natural material to it would help if your putting out in the woods Your reply to the first post tells me that this sounds good to go. Good luck with your first placement.
  11. This question has always interested me. I hope this don't sidetrack the question your specifically asking.....but...throughout my geocaching time I have looked back on a certain caching day with other cachers,or by myself (looking for more than one cache),and have VERY closely almost always AVERAGED 15 minutes per cache for the OUTING.BUT...this AVG. also includes travel,parking,walking to cache,etc. Like I said, I don't want to stray off your question..and maybe I should start another thread with this thought question. So....I.M.H.O....this might be more of a MIX of different D/T AVERAGE rather than say the time between finding a 1/1 or a 5/5. I'm very interested in this question your asking,thanks
  12. Could it be the end of a 'multi' or 'puzzle cache' where you get the coords. leading up to here from other caches or directions from CO?
  13. I cannot say it is or is not a scam. The point I am trying to make is... why do so many people automatically have no doubt it is a scam? At least give the guy a chance to play out his hand. Or turn his next card. I can't believe the "panic" responses that appeared instantly. I have to wonder what game all of you are playing. This whole geocache setup is ripe for exploitation, yet people wander blissfully along. Lets say a criminal sets up an account here. (all it takes is a freemail addy) Find a cache in a remote location, and set up and wait for a victim. Cacher/s show up and out steps a dude with a GPS hanging from his neck and a 357 in his back pocket. Cacher/s automatically assume he is harmlessly looking for the same thing they are. Turn their back on him. Next thing all their stuff is now all his stuff. Better yet he could post a fake remotely located cache, and he would not have to wait very long at all before the FTF hounds came charging in. Easy pickings. Robbers, rapists, kidnappers... anyone could be waiting. I wonder if thats why urban LPCs are so popular? Another thread someone is talking about placing a cache on their own (remote) property. Criminal stakes out his driveway, waits for them to leave, goes up to scope it out. Someone comes along, they have an excuse for being there. Later a LEO stops them at the end of HO's driveway, they show him their GPS but not the HO's big screen, home computer, ect. in the trunk. Instant alibi!!! But OMG!!! Someone got an email!!! Delete it!!! Run and hide!!! Report it to Groundspeak right away!! I mean c'mon people. Its not like the dude can steal his stuff right through his monitor screen. I could get almost as much information about your home local, your travel habits, ect. right here, as I could from an email response. Probably more. I have to laugh at this whole situation. Or at least at the reaction.Am I the only one who finds this bizarre?? We drive our $___ vehicle out to the middle of freaking nowhere, get out with cell phone/gps, probably wallet, keys to vehicle, and wander off into the brush because the internet website told us there was tupperware hidden out there, but we panic if we get an email?? Now that is funny. edit-delete possibly offensive comment. Well, I guess I'm completely wrong here, nothing at all bad can happen here.I'm sorry I even brought up how this might be a scam. I guess since the OP and I are a little suspicious, and you are a much more willing to "give the guy a chance"....Maybe you could give the scammer , I'm sorry, lovebird your info. and have him send it to you. Then you can post about the wonderful experience you had with the whole thing, and show us how foolish we were. Thanks again for showing me how foolish I was in my thinking.
  14. Wow, really. Trust,being romantic,etc...really? What on earth good could even happen here? Like others have said... RANDOM find of person, girlfriend don't cache, how could you even slightly say that she would be the FIRST/ONLY possible person to go to a PREVIOUSLY posted cache and get the earrings, Guy is from a known typical scam location of request probes,there's options such as sending flowers,candy,gifts..that he can send from 'on-line',and so many more. I'm only scratching the surface here of thoughts. Really? anyone possible thinks this is ligit?
  15. Well,how about some names for you first...Awesome,wonderful,compassionate,etc. How great that you would think to get this dog and let it feel love,friendship,compassion after all it's been through. All of us dog lovers can just imagine the joy for the dog and you to come. Please keep us posted on the story. THANK YOU!
  16. Wow, I've been thinking something along the line of original posters topic for a while now.I totally agree with him about a 'geocache cleaning/clearing out time frame, But totally disagree about the archiving for sake of 'age'. What I wanted to propose is we as a community make an effort to (AFTER CHECKING/FINDING) 'clean house' of all the 'needs maint.' caches that the CO's are NOT going out and fixing and the 1.5/1.5 caches with 10 'DNF' and no response from CO. We have a few around here that just sit around languish month after month,year after year with no action by CO,just a lot of 'DNF's and/or "All that's left of cache is XXXXXX" . Sooooo,maybe (AGAIN,AFTER CHECKING/FINDING said type caches) set some kind of timeframe ,say 1 month? 2 month of say 5 DNF's or 5 'needs maint.' (for 1.5/1.5 caches) with NO ACTION taken by CO....said caches would be archived. I'm going to post this now and wait for the backlash.
  17. Perfect,loved it!THANKS for posting this.
  18. TAR, Came to "know you" through the forums. Our prayers are surely with you!!
  19. Sorry,didn't want to go off the subject of this thread,just reply to the statement. I don't know how to "paste" the quote parts to a new thread?
  20. IMHO there's a few reasons. As a cache owner I watch to see if the "dnf's" start adding up...This gives me a very good indication that it MIGHT be missing. (The amount of caches the cacher has found also weighs into the equation). If I'm going to look for a cache, I am VERY interested in the attempts that have been made looking for the cache. Has it been found recently ( "TFTC" "DNF" ETC ) "DNF" logs with "conditions were not good to search today" or "didn't have the time I would have liked to search for this today,so it's probably just me" V.S. "Believe object that cache was in might have been removed " or "Looks like muggle activity at GZ not sure if it's still here" (Since I as a searcher do not know EXACTLY where cache was hid...I cannot say for sure that cache is missing...so I post a "DNF",unless of course I KNOW exactly where cache was hid...E.G. "cache is hid in third box from left" on cache page....but then I'd post "NEEDS MAINT." to alert the CO. There's more reasons,but these are my HUGE reasons why I like people to log "DNF's".Both as a CO,and a searcher. Again just my opinion.
  21. Thanks for doing such a great thing.It would have been easier to "let the next person" worry about the dog,but you took the time and effort to do the right thing.I believe, without a doubt, you will be rewarded (god,karma,or whatever your belief is,I don't want to be presumptuous )for your wonderful act of kindness.
  22. "hemostats" (spelling???),the thin (scissors but plier tips)that doctors use to clamp veins,etc, during surgery,and fishermen use to get the hooks out of mouths of fish; They have the 'teeth' midway down that progressively notch/ratchet to hold the held item tight.If you get a little more creative..maybe glue a thin piece of rubber to each face of plier surface for a little better holding power.Maybe carry a small one and a larger one...clamp 'cache' in jaws of the 'hemostat',close/lock 'teeth',put hemostat between legs,under foot,between arms,etc. Well,anyway..I'm sure somebody can explain this better,but I hope this might help you.
  23. Thanks for the reply,tried it,couldn't get it. I'm the worst when it comes to computer tech stuff. What I want to post is pictures I took from my camera...then put into 'my pictures' on my computer. Is there a 'url' path that I'm not doing???
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