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    email send and on the way TG
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    hopefully I made it??? lost count on the replys TG
  3. just ordered my coin. found one of the Trojan caches when I was on a run out to california. was a great find. and just the other day. what did I find in a cache. a travel bug that was about the xxx mark. this way to coool. had to go back and find the log to re-edit this post. the tb that I found was. cut and pasted from the tb page follows. TBKQ26 This official coin represents our 600+ travel bug tag and coins. it was a great honor to me to move this TB along to more caches. and it will be an even greater honor to own a Trojan coin. TG
  4. was checking out the bookmark list. no Idaho cache??? or did I miss the listing. sure wished that more of these would be trucker friendly. but do understand how the series works. TG
  5. Seems my coin (TARDIS ONE) has gone MIA . contacted the last person to find it. they said they placed it into another cache. and I also tried to contact the person that found the cache after it was placed there. ( not logged into the new cache either.) oh well. I tried. TG
  6. As a geocaching truck driver. ( Yes I am over the road, all 48 states and sometimes canada) geocaching allows me 1 to get out of the truck 2 see more than black ribbon and white lines 3 is more fun than reading billboards all day 4 is a good mental challenge to find those darn reststop micros 5 did I say it gets me out of the truck? TG
  7. I use a laminated business card that I have designed up. it has my geocache name on it. and a picture that I took while I was out caching. but it is totally up to you to use or leave what you want. that is what makes this such a fun sport at times.
  8. Got my coins in the mail. They are really nice coins. virgo is already reserved, just cant wait to get the whole series of this coin.
  9. Got the Cancer Coin the the mail yesterday. WHAT A NICE COIN , will be looking to see how Leo is when I get that one as well. I really cant wail to get the whole set of these. TG
  10. thanks for that input. I thought I read all the logs to double check that sort of thing. guess I over looked it. email on the way to them
  11. Think I am out of the race , contacted the cache owner where my coin is at, and no coin. and the last person to see it in the cache said they didnt take it. this just bites.
  12. My coin seems to be stuck right now. bummer T.A.R.D.I.S. One it seemed to get good out of the gate , but am hoping it will move again soon.
  13. my zodiac sign as well. think they are a nice coin.
  14. Wheeeeeee several have seen my coin. but it waiting on a cache. oh well it will move the Tardis always move through space and time. lol
  15. have recently noticed when using the Mapit feature. there is a long list of code below the green part of the page. dont really think that is supposed to be showing up right?? not sure if this is a repeat post but it something I have been noticing the last 2 days or so.
  16. coin on the way. mailed yesterday T.A.R.D.I.S. ONE Looking forward to the race
  17. oppps dupe post. deleting text
  18. will be entering the race as soon as I get the one coin I ordered in the mail. there was a snafu on the coin I want to enter. lol it was supposed to be shipped out the begining of the month. contacted them again and they shipping it out to me this week. fingers crossed it in the mailbox at home on the 17th.
  19. seems that the Grand High Pobah has Grand High Illusions at $20.00 a coin that a bit too extreme a price for me .
  20. Will be watching my mailbox for them in a few days then. glad to here they in your hands now. cant wait to see the pictures as well
  21. I have a friend and neighbor that is into geocaching, and to him it the fun of the find. to him online logs or logging is just numbers for others to see. to him writing in the log book is proof of his find(s) for him. the way I see it, it is how HE wants to PLAY the game. there are no definite rules, just as long as you find and sign the log book. right?
  22. okies. just a few questions. saw the web page and know the start location. is there going to be a finish location much like the cannonball run race.?? is there going to be a time frame to complete the race in?? maybe I am tired tonight but am not sure these questions were addressed..
  23. put me on the list for when they go on sale. what a WONDERFUL design
  24. Gpsr is 18 feet accuracy. I dont see a hollow tree here, there has to be a tree.
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