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  1. I have a friend who wants to sell me this model GPS. Just wondering if I should buy it for geocaching and how much should I offer?
  2. We will be there 2 adults and 2 kids although this may change...
  3. me again, what was I worried about? It has already been hijacked, meanwhile back at the ranch, forgot to add that after my FTF cachers with over 2000 finds had DNF's. I'm at 200 so that was a a little extra buzz.
  4. Great post You have to be quick in Canberra Australia if you want a FTF. I have 1 FTF which should never have happened in the first place. It was a work day for me which got cancelled but then I had the issue of a 'getting sick' child. So we went to the doctor, no problem, more like exhaustion. Came home and checked the computer for the status of newly published cache. By now it was around 11am and it had been up all night. Still no find. Gave now 'exhausted' child some chocolate, made sure we didn't have to walk miles on google maps, and piled her into the car. I had that excitement/anxiety/rush of looking over my shoulder to see if anyone was following behind with something bright orange in their hand. Cache was a fun little multi, all round 500 metres. FTF prize was a geocaching movie called "Find Me". Haven't watched it yet, need to get a few geocachers together to share the excitement. Anyway I really don't want to hijack your post, just to let you know that I totally get your excitement with 1 FTF.
  5. When you are driving from A to B (for reasons other than caching CRAZY I KNOW) and you point out (to anyone who hasn't stopped listening to you) there's a cache there, there's a cache there, there's a cache there, there's a cache there. Preparing to go out with the family, they see the GPS, and there is an almighty whinge in unison, "Why do we have to cache everywhere we go?"
  6. I'm going caching tonight. Kids have been sick for ages and I'm going insane. So as soon as hubby gets home to take over I'm outa here. Want to test out some co-ords for a mystery/puzzle cache. Lots of fun, except for coming eyeball to eyeball with spiders. Thats always a little freaky. I have a little time before hubby gets home so i might whip up the kind of leotard that bittsen mentioned with some sparkle....
  7. I like your username. I lived for Dr Who when I was a kid. The Dr with the scarf was my fave. Anyway back to the question. I just let the owner know. If I have had time I've relaxed while drying it in the sun. If I had paper on me I've placed in cache, otherwise owners can get to the cache pretty quickly to retrieve the log and replace.
  8. One Was so excited, won a DVD called 'Find Me' which combines geocaching, religion and kidnapping in the plot. Can't wait to see it.
  9. Can you input a waypoint into the free version of google earth?
  10. After the police observed me on my belly feeling under a platform with my forehead 2 cm away from water, they stopped and asked what I was up to. I said geocaching and about 15 minutes later (so how do you find them, but how do you know about them, so who hides them, so do you take them away, who finds them, where are they, WHY?) they concluded I was cuckoo, but did offer to help if they weren't going home. They were a couple of young fellas who were amused more than suspicious, and in suburban Canberra, Australia, a frumpy mum in her 30's on her belly on a platform isn't very threatening.
  11. Yes yes and yes So funny, in Australia its the same thing. I'm even one of the annoying people that shoved the golf ball in the cache, although no more. Bring it home for the golf bag that never gets used.
  12. HI Sara from Australia. Not a lurker, first post and maybe 3rd time in the forums. Have been actively geocaching for a few months and we (thats everyone who caches under this username) are obsessed. Love it.
  13. I responded for me but there are 3 people under this username Sara is 37 Pete is 40 Joan is 46
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