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  1. Can't access friends 'found by' or 'hidden by'
  2. Maps TOO SLOW!! and here in Nova Scotia Canada lots of secondary road Not on MapQuest. I have confidence that this will be looked at and rectified.
  3. It seem they just don't like micros. Don't worry about it
  4. I totally agree! You don't need a map to find the cache, but it can help you get there and back easily and safely.
  5. I agree with StarBrand. What else do you need to log. Found, DNF. and Note. No need for a discussion forum. Are you looking for help finding the cache?
  6. I agree "found it" means you physically found it. I have had some caches that I spent a great deal of time looking for and came to the concussion that it must have gone missing. Only to find that the next cacher found it. It’s just a fact of caching. If the cache has truly gone missing and you log a find, this is misleading to the next cacher. If you contact the Co and they confirm it missing and it is needed as part of a series, it’s up to the CO if they think you should have the needed "code" of whatever. It should still be logged as a DNF. My opinion only.
  7. If you want to solve a puzzle, but not physically get out and find the cache. That OK with me, but don't claim it as a 'find'. Post a note that you solved the puzzle. If it,s a new cache and no one has logged a find, you can log a NOTE as FTS First to Solve.
  8. It's the thrill of the hunt! A challenge always makes it more exciting, but all caches are welcome. The health benefits are a plus lots of fresh air and exercise.
  9. Just lurking around. just looking around the forums for interesting stories!
  10. I just bought the Garmin eTrex Legend HCx, and like it very much. You will need to buy map separately
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