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  1. Hello. I was hoping someone here could answer my question. I am attempting to build a "play anywhere" cartridge in Wherigo kit and I was wondering if that was even possible. And, if so, is there already a template or starter cartridge for me to build off? Thanks,
  2. I'm very familiar with the inner 610 loop in Houston. Unusual urban layout is one way to put it- the remnants of redlining would be more accurate I guess. Because I rode the metro bus system so often, I wondered the exact question you asked. I noticed that even in the gentrified areas of the 5th ward & Quitman, there are still very few caches. One day I took the bus from Kashmere Gardens to Little York Road. The total ride took about an hour, and the neighborhoods I passed were profoundly unique. Millions of people live in that cache-less area, but to the more affluent neighborhoods in Houston it might as well not exist. I vividly remember seeing one community library that looked so sad. Just like Sunnyside, that area was semi-rural, with occasionally absent infrastructure. I'm pretty sure I logged 3 DNFs that day- the caches that are in those areas are so rarely visited, it's hard to know if they are even there or not. Having lived in one of those cache-less zones- the triangle just south of downtown where there are no caches- I can attest that there are just some urban areas that aren't conducive to hiding a cache. Even a micro. It's not that any of these areas are "sketchy", although at 3am it can get a little eerie. But these neighborhoods have more foot traffic and less places to park. Plus, not that many cachers live in those zones- I don't live there anymore and my Houston caches are archived now.
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