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  1. I would say he did it just to see how many of you he could get to post on the subject. Its a well published event in the local forums and has been talked about for months at events and local gatherings. So i would guess that the guess of there being 40 or 50 posts on the subject was well within the original estimate on how long this thread would last when someone found the event was PMO. :-) its so fun to bush buttons :-)...
  2. i'm not sure this is obvious or even true. You're right. If it were true, I wouldn't be wasting time on this silly thread. How could you call this obvious educational experience a "silly thread". All posts about PBJ's are serious
  3. oh to end all this ranting.. The answer to your question in YES
  4. If the owner of this jeep [photo #4] did not give permission to submit this and there is no permission to post a photo of his minor son. Should this photo stay listed????????
  5. I find it interesting that 15 or 20 or so people out of thousands can chat about what the rest of the community should or should not be doing. Its up to each perons to do what he or she feels is the right thing for them.
  6. They cleared along the area with a brush hog machine. A large ammo can reduced to chunks. TB coin for size only it was not in the cache.
  7. Best Personal: Moun10bike v3 Best State:Pennsylvania Best Event:GeoWoodstock III Biggest Stretch to geocaching:Lighthouse Series Best Other:Groundspeak Volunteer Best Trackable: Moun10Bike v3. Most Valuable:Geowoodstock III Best Shape: LFD geobone Best Charity:Pennsylvania Black Nickel Best Country:UK Best Icon:Kansas
  8. one cache that is Part of the "Serial Finder" cache series following the story in Todays cacher.
  9. Just wanted to say Thanks for all the positive comments.. I cant wait to see the finished coin.
  10. first try can't get the coin design to post
  11. I'd be interesting in helping with coin art..
  12. I'm in for 1 screw.. if there are any left.
  13. I did the design work for the GW3, NEFGA and several other coins. I might have a few of the NEFGA coins to trade. When we get them in.
  14. I have one limited edition GW3 bronze coin that id be willing to trade for the right amount of coins. There were only 100 of the bronze coins made and of that only 44 went to people holding more than one coin so 44 would be the maximum that might be available to trade if that many at all. EBay for this coin has gone from $62.00 to over $100. 00 I've seen trades for up to 12 coins... Any offers please contact through profile.
  15. GeoWoodstock3 limited edition coin..on Ebay.. can't get link to work but comes up with "geowoodstock" search.
  16. Camo ....... if its good it wont be found. I have many out in plan sight camo caches that never get muggled. The cashers find them but not the muggles.
  17. Would like to get one gold please.... USN retired.. active duty 1977 - 1998 served aboard USS Stump DD 978.. In November 1992, USS Stump deployed to the Arabian Gulf and North Red Sea as part of MEF (1-93) to serve as a ready strike platform. The highlights of the deployment was the devastating Tomahawk missile strikes launched against Iraq in support of Operation "Southern Watch" on January 93.
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