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  1. Thats right, Groundspeak BROKE IT FIX IT Groundspeak Addendum: I am not typically this vocal, but this is just ridiculous what they have done
  2. markdown is crap. Who seriously uses numbered bullets in their logs. Seriously????? 1st they screwed up our Profiles and now this. These are all steps backwards IMHO
  3. Obviously everyone that cares about their profile and make custom profiles is experiencing issues. Please FIX IT
  4. I agree. This new profile re-sizing is a problem. All of my frames boxes and code is messed up now. I am tired of having to fix and readjust my code because HQ decides to make some freaking change.
  5. Thanks. There is even a short bit on a You Tube video of the 2010 Edinburgh celebration of 10 years of geocaching with the story (about 7.24m in). Thanks for sharing the video. Very nice. Gary
  6. I don't have a book mark list for you but thanks for the story of how you 2 met thru geocaching. Very cool
  7. Good luck, i hope you guys find it. Hopefully someone on here can assist. I personally do not live in that area but posting on here is a good start.
  8. the nearest caches are 2 miles from that location. I would try contacting those owners of those caches.
  9. As a matter of fact it may be this cache - http://www.letterboxing.org/BoxView.php?boxnum=33179&boxname=Get%20the%20Creeps
  10. If it had a rubber stamp it may have been a Letterbox cache. Try looking on this site http://www.letterboxing.org/
  11. Hello there : ) if you live near Lancaster area, there is a great group of geocachers that have monthly dinner events where you can meet other geocachers. below are 2 upcoming events, check out the GC#'s to see if they are close to you Event Cache L.O.S.T...but not in the trees by cachematty and cachemommy00 | GC580CA | Event Cache L.O.S.T. At A Picnic by L.O.S.T. | GC557HD |
  12. Haven't you seen all the threads of cachers asking for this? I must have missed those threads. Honestly I am not even sure why we have souvenirs to begin with.
  13. If I do a search for trenton, nj the closest one that comes up is: Trenton Muggle Station by Team Freeman | GC3677D | New Jersey
  14. Schuylkill River Trail GeoArt. 22 puzzle caches that form a Smiley on the map. http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=ffa6b9bd-cad3-4f98-b665-b2d36da53aca
  15. IDK The new look - looks kind of childish. Looks like a 3 year old wrote the code
  16. Same problem here for days now. On the East Coast
  17. In theory the souvenir comes from the cache page. So, if it says Maryland - then Maryland.
  18. Yes - I did some testing and it happens every time i close the browser - IE9 But, it doesn't happen when i close Google Chrome or Firefox. So it only seems to be IE. I do NOT have it set to delete cookies when closing either. But its definitely an IE issue with IE at this point.
  19. i just closed my browser (IE9) and lost the distance. So its not looking like a hibernation issue.
  20. Still having this issue. any word on a fix coming?
  21. as of this morning i have not received any notifications either : (
  22. Why are the distances from my home coordinates missing randomly from cache pages? I have to log out and back in again to see the distance to the cache from my home coords.
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