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  1. Nothing to it , listen to the news, its a SUV they roll over all the time . Todd
  2. A lurker who cant resist showing off his vehicles My off road and on water combo This ones for the nice days Todd
  3. Thanks for the replies, I guess I,ll start bringing it in and putting it somewhere semi cool when i do bring it along. Todd
  4. Its starting to warm up here and it was very hot when I got in my truck the other day and that got me thinking, I usually leave my legend in the truck mounted to a vent type cell phone holder on the dash. My question is will the extreme heat of a hot day and a closed vehicle hurt my gps, should I be taking it out and leaving it at home? Thanks, Todd
  5. I would be the ever scorned newb, mostly just a lurker here, Only 2 caches 2nd one my daughter took a liking to a travel bug(bunny fu fu), with full understanding that it must move on, unforunatly since then we have been dumped on with snow and accessability is a issue. Now I could take her to a local cache that should be accesable in this weather, but I know I can move her futher in a bit of time, its been a month since we picked her up, properly logged her and emailed the owner. My point..., I dont know maybe I feel a little guilty for keeping her so long but I think in the end a move of more than afew miles would be better. Opinions, advice? Todd
  6. Hey Dan I saw this the other day, if it ends click on view sellers other items, he seems to keep relisting it. Good luck, Todd Ebay Mapsource Canada
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