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  1. I'm not sure I completely follow your thoughts here. You like TBs and conis so you run PQs on local caches to find them, but you don't want them to show up in your results and you want to be able to ignore them? Just don't run the PQs and all should be solved. If there are caches showing up with TBs and coins that are not in the cache, report it to the owner and they can mark it as missing. This goes for the cache owner as well as the TB owner. If this doesn't work then a reviewer and I believe a mod here can do the same thing as well. Sounds like your issue isn't with the TBs or coins, or even the caches, but rather with the owners who aren't marked things properly.
  2. Yeah but who would want to go to Philthydelphia for an event?!?!
  3. Welcome into the Steeler Nation, by far the largest fanbase of any sporting team.
  4. Watch the sefvice provider you are on as well. I am currently looking for a new phone as well and found out that VerizonWireless blocks the GPS off in most phones to force their VZ Navigator down your throat. It is useless, as far as I know, for caching. It also would not allow you to use Google Maps or anything of the like. I was told the Palm Centro would be the better choice since the phone doesn't block the GPS in it and I can use Google Maps and anything Palm related in it.
  5. Actually I found rocks in my pockets too. One looks like it came from a T Rex, at least that's what boy says.
  6. Add me to the list of those fortunate enough to lay their hands on this sweet coin at MWGB. At some point while I was being blinded by an array of glow items never seen before in such a mass, I somehow realized I had a cold wet fin reaching into my pocket. I won't say that is a first or anything, but at least this tory ends with a very grateful cacher receiving a very cool coin! Thank you very much for fulfilling my wish this weekend.
  7. There is a history that goes with that coin. Cache logs and such. If you adopt it, the only way to have a fresh coin would be to delete all the logs which is unfair to the other people. I don't want to buy a coin like this. I disagree, the ownership transferred hands so the new owner has every right to delete any and all logs pertaining to the coin. But I do think it's shoddy the owner mis-stated their listing. I would certainly bring it out in the forums since others might fall trap for this mal-practice. Oh I agree he has the right to delete everything on the page, but why should the coin be sterilized and people lose their logs because of the shady seller? It put this person in a catch 22 situation. Glad it's not me in this situation.
  8. There is a history that goes with that coin. Cache logs and such. If you adopt it, the only way to have a fresh coin would be to delete all the logs which is unfair to the other people. I don't want to buy a coin like this. I think a better thing to stop this practice is to call them out here. It's not an attack or anything. It is a fact and since it is, it is allowed here. Sometimes a public statement is the only thing to keep people from doing these things and other times it helps to get your money back.
  9. We might have to arm wrestle over those! LOL Dallas Sucks! Go Steelers!!!
  10. Sounds like this thread could have been started by some others with you being in the starring role. Instead you started it because you don't like that you haven't gotten your coins. I bet the people waiting on yours are feeling about exactly like you have. They are getting lip service and not coins from missions. There is a big difference between "on the way" and "planning on mailing them". You have told people, by your own words in this thread, their coins were on the way, when in fact they are sitting at your house. Doesn't sound very honest to me or very reassuring to those who have been looking in the mailbox for these coins that are "on their way". Common sense should have told you not to post this thread to "shame others" when you are on the list of shamers. I guess common sense didn't prevail and now your thread called you out. I can't remember the last time I saw someone do this to themself, but I gotta give it to you, that was a rather ballsy tactic. From the sidelines it appears it backfired and placed you on the "bad mission participant" list. You can try to shift it to the other people who you want to talk about, but in general, you are now included in this group you are wanting to shame into sending coins out. That karma* is a tough one to escape. *karma is in no way a reference to dorkfish nor did I or do I mean to insinuate that dorkfish is a stalker who is hard to avoid.
  11. So let me get this straight. You haven't sent out all your packages yet, but feel the need to start a thread to "shame some of the senders into getting into gear". Maybe sending yours out before shaming others who are doing the same thing as you would be a better approach? If this is about missions in general, without naming missions, then I can understand the point of a seperate thread. If it starts to be about this mission or that one, those comments need to be in the threads already open and pertaining to those missions. I am all for calling it out if someone takes advantage of you, but it should be done in the thread where the person might be looking.
  12. The biggest difference would be the added cost of passports. For a family like mine, I am looking at an additional $400. This makes a huge difference for us. Another family and ourselves were just talking about how cool it would be to go to Toronto for an event since we love the city and all. With the added costs of passports for a one time trip, it just makes you reconsider and find a new place to visit. If your not flying, but driving, you could look into a passport card That is cool. Thanks for the link.
  13. The biggest difference would be the added cost of passports. For a family like mine, I am looking at an additional $400. This makes a huge difference for us. Another family and ourselves were just talking about how cool it would be to go to Toronto for an event since we love the city and all. With the added costs of passports for a one time trip, it just makes you reconsider and find a new place to visit.
  14. Replied to your email. Please note registration for the event on the GCF site and registration for the forums are two different creatures. While you may have registered for the event and paid for your package, it doesn't mean you have registered for the forums and vice versa.
  15. The outhouses we used in the Gulf War were nothing more than 55 gallon drums cut in half and placed under your seating area. The drums were removed from behind where the less fortunate ones at base camp filled them with diesel fuel to burn off the waste. That being said, like another mentioned, the paint would be gone if it was a burning barrel for waste.
  16. You do realize if it is travelling, then it has an owner already and you can't keep it. It sounded like you might have thought you could find them in caches and keep them. The ones on eBay are for you to own. You can get some good deals there, or pay overinflated prices on coins still for sale at the vendor's site. Not always the first place to look. There are plenty of companies you can go to buy a coin for yourself. Someone quicker than me can put link up of where to buy coins.
  17. Wouldn't want to bribe the judges though
  18. So who is actually putting a bid in for it? I see lots of people saying let's go here or there, but without someone to host it there, it won't happen. Do we have any cities to start talking about yet that are actually putting a bid in?
  19. Is this a coin trading event? Do I need to bring heavy metal to it? Personally I doubt I will have a single coin on me at this event. I am going to have some fun and talk rather than trade. Thats what all day Sunday is for. I am sure there will be binders out, but for me I am more interested in meeting as many people as I can. Word has it, Phil Trigo who is hosting the event and is President of TRIGO which is the local geocaching group of Pittsburgh, will be there to have some drinks. You won't want to miss meeting him as he tells some of the best stories. Quite a few of us will be headed up to the casino next door later in the evening to try some one armed bandit luck. On second thought I might have to bring my lucky coin for this.
  20. I think AtlantaGal sums the problem up very nicely. However, it's not just vendors, big or small, that can't handle the responsibility. It's individuals that think they can handle large orders and then perhaps become overwhelmed or bite off more than they can chew. Funny how AtlantaGal got a snooty reply to a simple question of concern. You aren't the only one that has received them. It seems that these "vendors" sure are taking the defense to something that is supposedly out of their control. Tadpole, thank you for posting your story. I have often wondered (while I STILL wait for my coins) if the problem is with the vendor and not so much the mint. I've seen coins come and go that were ordered after mine and those coins were a heck of a lot more detailed than the one i've ordered. If I knew how to contact the mint responsible for these coins, i'd gladly contact them myself just to get an understanding of why it is taking so long to remint a coin that has already been released more than a month ago. If the problem is with the minting companies, what does this hold for the future of geocoins? For sure it won't take long before we get tired of the run around over and over again and stop using these mints. If the problem is with specific vendors, you can bet it won't take long for people to catch on and stop using them as well. Anyways, just my two cents. I will continue to sit here and wait (soon going on 5 months) for my coins to arrive. This has been a learning experience and will not soon be forgotten. I was going to stay out of this thread till I saw your post. Your coins are slightly different than just a normal run of coins. You paint a picture of doom and gloom and are tossing blame, or at least accusations of blame, around without knwoing the full details behind the coin. the coin you are referring to is the Big Bean, just so we can get everything on the table. The date you paid for your coins is not the date the coin order was submitted. Payments were due by April 5th, and naturally some people were late paying for the project. The order was submitted shortly after that, once I had all the databases entered correctly. The date the order was palced was the date given to us to ensure we would have all the coins for the GeoWoodstock Event. 3 weeks into the minting we got a call about an issue with multiple glitter isses and had to make changes to orders. This is nothing that was forseen, nor anything on this end that could have been addressed prior. This set the coins back a couple weeks. Why they didn't tell us when we placed the order is beyond me. When we received the first batch of coins, since we didn't want to wait for a complete order and have people waiting, we had a few coins with typos and errors. These coins were sent back to the mint to be redone. The mint was told to do a better job double checking their coins PRIOR to sending them to us. They did these and found more errors on the coins they were about to ship. Your coin personally they missed the spelling error on and it shipped to us. We in turn had to send it back to them to fix the issue. Why they are taking this long to remint all the coins is beyond me, but please don't making guesses as to where the pronlem lays. We all know the problem is with the mint on this coin. Folks might not understand that a group project is not like a simple coin. You are using the same die, but that is it. Each coin is like doing a eperate coin. In this case we are trying to get over 50 different coins minted and shipped in a couple weeks. Along the way there are going to be issues. For some reason or another, no one is perfect, and sadly the Chinese mints aren't striving for perfection. they will also tell you what you want to hear today just to retell it to you tomorrow. We had our first shipment of coins at the dock for 3 days before it shipped. Someone want to explain why that happened becausse I have no clue. If this was directed at me, which I can only assume, then I take great offense to this and you don't have your facts straight. This is the fourth run of the beans. The first three were rather painless. A couple small color errors and maybe a week or two too long, but there were far fewer errors and everyone was happy. This run has been a nightmare dealing with the mint from erros to delays to lack of factual info from them. Your suggestion that it is I that can not handle the project is way off base and I will chalk it up to frustartion that you are just needed a target for. Since I am the figure head of the project, it is easiest to make it be me. With well ove 8,000 of these coins done, I seriously doubt it more than I can chew, but you are entitled to your opinion.
  21. I should have honorable mention there somewhere.
  22. You know, I was actually considering doing a personal coin in the shape of a rifle. I even have a few designs already in photoshop. The ones that don't have rifles on them have bullets on them. I did a few different designs. But now I'm worried I may start WWIII if I do. I'll probably do it anyway when funds permit, but I wonder what if any reaction there would be. I can only hope that it gets one to help me sell a few to cover the cost. There is a major difference between you doing a perosnal coin with a musket loader on it and some nim wit doing the gangsta series which features Tec9s and Mac 10s. Sadly there are people who will just complain about it either way and not be able to see the difference.
  23. I'm sure I'll be showing up in my Dallas Cowboys Jersey! I just refunded both of you your money. Stay home. Smart man.
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