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  1. Just rememeber, once those coins are gone they will not be reminted! Limited numbers remain, at least thats what we have been told for something like 2 years now. And don't forget the reduced price. I wonder what ever happened to the great event they were using the money for...
  2. I guess the cat is out of the bag now!
  3. was so busy I didn't get a chance to shop. Guess I will do my buying now.
  4. Who is Eartha? Looks more like the geo-devil and his assistant. Which is which?
  5. A local cacher named greenbark. I think he has about 5 coins, all from the Pittsburgh local caching group TRIGO or PA state coins. He came just for the fun of playing the game and ended up winning.
  6. I think Heaven won't let you in and Hell's afraid you'll take over. LMAO!! Congrats to all the recipients!! Hey someone has to be in charge. You would be amazed at some of the names I have found on the waiting list down here! Very cool coin.
  7. Whoo hoo I gots me a golden one of these bad boys. Reading the lines on the back mad me laugh very hard. How honest and true some of those lines are. I hope this is only volume one as there are many more sayings that could go on there and would be just as deserving. Thanks to the Devil for bringing me into his fold, or was I already there?
  8. Can I send you something to cheer you u?
  9. Relax Mike. It was an observation. Don't read too much into it. It sparked my interest when a weather reporter was talking and said something about using the "S" word. Then he said Denver was going to experience it. Had it been one of the other cities, I would have posted the same, excet with that city. I don't recall saying anything about eliminating anyone because of anything. I posted all the cities just as an observation. Nothing more, nothing less.
  10. Weather update for Pittsburgh: Friday Partly Cloudy 69/49 Saturday Mostly Sunny 72/50 Sunday Mostly Sunny 70/51 While getting ready for work, and the news as background noise, something caught my ear. They said Denver was expecting snow, so I had to look online for their weather report since I know they put a bid in for next year. Denver forecast: Saturday Rain/Snow Showers 46/34 Sunday Rain/Snow Showers 45/32 Dallas forecast: Scattered Thunderstorms 82/61 Scattered Thunderstorms 78/53 Salt Lake City forecast: Rain/Snow Showers 47/30 Rain/Snow Showers 46/34
  11. When will the bid city's find our yes or no? I think they said it would be announced at this years Geocoinfest. Correct.
  12. Anyone hear anything about this? Seems Jim is busy releasing another coin and might have missed this question.
  13. Are you going to make good on the other coins owed before taking anyone's money for another coin project? Is this going to be another presale or will you have the product in hand before you start asking people to pay for them?
  14. Jim- Since these coins have not been ordered yet, based on the email posted in the forums, does that mean you are willing to refund people their money if they have decided they no longer want these coins?
  15. I am more than willing to discuss anything with you, and have no fear of doing so publicly. In fact I encourage it. Let's just agree to one thing, let's stick to facts. We do that and the petty personal attacks you are trying to start already will not happen. I have not posted a single thing you can dispute the facts behind. If you could, you would have started there rather than trying to make some crack about how much of a man you feel I am. I am not attacking Paula personally, and never have. The name CinemaBoxers is the name of the coin vendor that has major issues that have not been resolved and are affecting a ton of people. A good buisness choice for you, since it appears you are goign to try a go at the coin buisness solo now, would be to have one personal account and one buisness account so you don't mix your feelings with buisness. You can see they clearly don't make good bed fellows. I have seen work from Gridlox, Jamie, Yime, F&H, and others that I like way better. I also don't see them using clipart or outright stealing anothers art and claiming it to be their own, which has been pointed out several times with both the stolen and original art being shown side by side. At any rate art is subjective and your opinon is your estranged wife is the best. I won't disagree with your choice, but in no way can you make such a blanket statement for everyone. There is no fact behind that. This is exactly where buisness deals that have gone bad need to be aired. It serves to protect the lot of us from a company, such as yours, that has taken money and not produced the product. Think of it doing a service for you in fact. You claim that you were not getting the emails behind the multiple coins with tremendous delays. This would help you because you can come here and find out what the issue is and respond timely to everyone rather than get a bad reputation for not letting them know what is going on. I will say I am sorry for this. Since I have clearly been on your mind for some time (not being able to get any emails for sometime and then going straight to your first post and making sure to address me personally) I must say I am sorry. I had no clue I was at the forefront of your mind with all the other things going on. If you make good on all these outstanding coins before you finally close the shop up for good, I will personally commend you of being a man of your word. Personally at this point though I am still taken back to your other words. These were more words of warning that we just didn't listen to. you tried to warn us, so it is our fault. Back when you said this... ...we should have known who we were dealing with. Now we have all been cracked and are learning our lessons the hard way. I guess used car salesman tactics are hard to break.
  16. It's a mystery coin, and you are asking for details?
  17. There are several threads already about this. I will just tell you simply that it is a lame thing and I will never move them. Alot of people will actually throw the soggy wet paper away as trash.
  18. I think the problem is that everyone should be hearing it from them now not in a few weeks....... Here here.......a little few words from them even if they were having problems would always put peoples mind at rest. I notice their profile now says "Not Validated Premium Member". This doesn't sound good for those awaiting coins.
  19. Your name should have never been brought into this, and at least it wasn't brought in any sort of negative light. That would not have been fair to you. But since you are going to stick up for them, and speak on their behalf, are you serious? You are worried about abusing their triust after what they are doing to the community at a whole? I personally would have kept my mouth shut rather than stand up and say "I know but won't tell". They will be gone in a matter of time, but the community will always be here. They strung customers along for months on a remint of the cat coins. They made claims about mint issues and bad samples and such. Bet you didn't know the mint has a whole different version of how this coin went down. They claim the cat coin was done in 20 days from the moment the order was placed and there were no mint issue with it. No sending coins back and such as was claimed here. No bad samples. In fact who gets samples done on a remint? CB's own words were, we never get samples done. I guess we are just very trusting. Now we have another situation and where are they to be found? Sure They are having issues as evident by them being locked down on eBay, having all their auctions vanish, Paula changing her last name on facebook, and many other things. Personally none of this matters here though, and shouldn't. They are/were a buisness doing dealings here. As such they have obligations, and timely ones at that. People have paid for a product. This money should not be used for their personal issues or anything else. Either the money should be refunded immediately, or the coins should be sent to buyers. At the very least, THEY need to be in here talking about it. While it is commendable of you to defend a friend, do you really want to stick your neck out there and stake your credibilty to the geocoin world for someone who has such a vast background of these shady dealings? This isn't the first time this has come up. I guess they didn't learn from the last coins that had these issues and are just continuing down this path. When is GC going to step in and help the community? This is our own version of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. We need a bailout!
  20. Exactly. I couldn't agree more. In fact if people have some actual facts and proof then they should step up and call these people out. I mean that is the purpose of this thread right? It is to protect the community correct? So it's basically put up or shut up time for everyone. At this point though, I have yet to see anyone actually do anything to protect the community. Where's the names? Where's the proof? And let me be very clear...I am not asking for people to just call someone out because they think or feel someone is shill bidding. If you are going to make this accusation against someone, you better have your facts in check and be ready to back them up. GC's guidelines are pretty clear that you can say who is doing something as long as you don't make it a personal attack AND show the proof with it. So let's see some proof from all these investigations.
  21. I am always willing to allow someone to send me a cin to put back into the wild. Since my address, and coordinates, are out there more than once, I don't care about it being published again.
  22. Thanks LadyBee4T. It is the crystal dragons being sold today through a pre sale.
  23. The big issue is not GC not issuing more codes. It is they owe a ton of coins and are once again selling coins via a pre order system. This is what got them in trouble in the first place. If you are way behind, you don't start taking on more work. Finish what you already started. So what happens when they take this money to finish the old work, then delay these coins for months on end? Can't you see the road we are going down here? People really need to stop pretending this is something personal. This is nothing more than the forums allowing the discussion of a company. I don't care how large or small they are, who is behind it, or what they sell. I have never seen one person stand up for Garmin or Magellan and claim it was personal. Why is that such a big defense for shoddy customer service, borderline fraudulant sales, and in general shady buisness tactics here in the Geocoin world? I have spoken with SoCal for a total of 30 seconds out of my life. Hardly enough time to get to any kind of personal level. My opinions, whether you agree with them or not, are not based on personal feelings at all. Clearly the facts speak for themselves here, or everyone seems to have the same personal feelings.
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