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  1. I would have preferred a coin that didn't support ecoterrorists. They seem to have no problems breaking any international law as long as the end justifies the means.
  2. It's OK to name names as to who is missing and where have they gone. Nothing wrong with that. I have been here since day 1, although I probably am considered a wall flower by many since I was always kind of shy about speaking up. I guess I was a lurker. Seems some people post just to hear themselves. I remember a cointest I had about being the last to post in every thread on the first page. Surprisingly there were a couple people who didn't get where the idea came from. It came from coming home from work and seeing the same people posted in almost every thread. To me that screams get a life. But then again those same people don't want the truth and prefer to everyone here to play all nicey nice. I think that is fake and unrealistic. I enjoyed collecting and talking with others who had the same interest as I did. This was a part of my life, but not my entire life. Too many people became too obsessed with the coins and forums. People selling and designing more coins than caches they have found, creating umpteen different versions to try to suck every last penny out of addicts, people who actually were in family financial crisis yet were still here buying coins like they were a miracle cure, people begging to the point you would get a post or email weekly about this or that disability they have and needed a coin to help with it, health issues, lost jobs, BEGGING, scammers, etc. That's just the surface of things that turned me off. I got several people in my area interested in coins and they seem to have gone down different paths as me, but seems we all ended up in the same place. We all participate still in one way or another, but nowhere on the same level as we did. I think what finally pushed me away was the cointests and missions. Seemed it was always the same people who would fill the pages with stuff that was so uninteresting that I just got tired of wading through it. It is easier to just walk away. Now I come back and read what's going on from time to time, and have several friends who give me a heads up if something interesting is going on. I am still here, but am in contact through other means with the true friends I have made through here. Someone said the powers that be didn't like the colorful people. I disagree. I was one of the more colorful people if I do say so myself, feel free to disagree with this anyone, but always can say I was never banned or anything. You can be colorful and stay within the guidelines. You just have to be mature enough to know this is an online forum and not your life. How long before someone turns this into a cointest? Oh wait. I think that I just did.
  3. Are any of these cities actually putting a bid together or is this more of a "I would like to go to <insert city here> even though I don't live there and no one from there is interested in putting a bid together" kind of thread? It seems every year this comes up people put forth their wishes even though there isn't a group to do the event. Maybe we should let the people who are interested in actually doing the event post they are interested and we can get feedback on those cities. Seems that may be more beneficial to the committee voting on these things rather than a massive wish list that just is as random as throwing darts at a map.
  4. We are able to offer this reduceded pricing for anyone ordering 10 or more coins. You don't have to be the event organizer as some want them for giveaways which is just as cool.
  5. As a vendor you don't get it. Anything customers air about a business action isn't personal and you need to stop taking it as such. Whetehr the people like each other or not doesn't matter. You are a business and need to act like one. Consumers have the right to complain and this is the perfect format for doing so. Since you are choosing to play the victim here I will use you as the example, although there are many others. You have choosen to hide behind your web site and not use the one you used to promote your coins because you got your feelings hurt. You did a horrible disservice to all the customers. You don't know how many total customers since alot of use place orders together under one name, and others place an order for 2 coins, 1 of which is already committed to a trade. Unless you have gone through my collection personally, or I have told you what coins I have, you hvae no way of stating anything about whether or not I have your coins. I don't feel it's my place to have to tell you either. You also don't realize that your actions on this stage show your lack of integrity to future customers as well. I can't believe how many times I have seen something similar to I delivered game over, from you. Are you really that naive to think that is the only thing that matters? Do you really think after all the drama your actions caused, the lack of communication, the disrespect to the customers, and everything else, the only thing that matters is that as some point they got their coins? If I sent my car to a garage to get workd on and they had it for as long as your delay was and refused to answer anything about my car for months, then delivered at some point, do you think I would go back to them? Do you think they should be parading around here like a proud papa rooster telling everyone "I delivered and that's all that matters"? The bottom line is I don't know you and have not made this personal. This isn't between you and me. This is about a community being screwed over by a company, and that's what I have addressed each and every time. You have choosen to make it personal because you fail to seperate the business and personal sides of your company. That is your issue and not mine. You might want to work on that in the future.
  6. Amen Airing problems here, where the coins are promoted, should not ever dictate service. I would hope people contact the seller and give them an ample amount of time to respond, but after that the vendor has a responsibility. They are a business and took someone's money for a product. Not only that, other buyers are entitledd to updates regardless of what another person might post. You can not penalize the masses due to the few willing to speak up. I am tired of seeing the "You hurt my feelings so I am no longer going to say anything here" unless of course it is to pat myself on the back and pretend that I am so great for delivering something almost a year late. If Ford, Garmin, Magellan, or GM were less likely to be helpful because someone said something bad about them, then they would have never gotten off the ground. Some people need to get a reality check in order and stop trying to be so PC all the time. If you are a crummy seller, people are entitled to know it and this is the place for that. It does not relieve you of your duties as that seller. The big companies here have taken shots over the years and have people who won't buy from them for personal reasons. Oakcoins, The Geocoin Store, and Coins and Pins are probably the biggest three. They have had their share of assaults, criticism, and bad press. But guess why they are still here doing business. Because they know they have an obligation to still respond to the masses that are buying from them regardless of what is aired here. The bottom line is if you choose to be a business and sell things here, then grow up and leave your feelings at home. You can't have it both ways.
  7. So basically the forums are good enough to advertise your coins. It is a great place to get the word out on your coins. It works well to drum up excitement of a new coin. It serves the purpose of getting the link to your company's sales page. but it is not worth your time or energy to use as a place to update the people who flow from here to your sale's page? Sounds like maybe you have been getting a free ride too long. If you feel you have no obligations to the forums you use for your own personal gain, then maybe you should do your sales strictly from your own website where people will not be upset when they aren't getting updates on the "third party site" like here. Are there people out there buying coins illegitamately? A whole new thing to me. You are missing the point. It's not about people loving to share the information, it is about people love to know the information. Can you blame them? They invested money and can't get a single word from you. You should be thanking people for stepping up to the plate and doing the things you were paid to do, but acted like it was too beneath you to actually do. As for patting yourself on the back for actually getting the coins out, should we be impressed with you doing what you were paid for many many months ago? I wouldn't be pounding my chest about and shouting about how great you have done. You have lost more future customers than you have any idea based on your sales program. The anger in this thread is coming from people who have felt ripped off for months. I give them alot of credit for being so patient. Sadly your lack of integirty and respect here will probably hurt others in the future. Any time there is a delay in a coin minting, people will sit and wonder if they are dealing with another GeoCoin Design situation. You have made a name for yourself, but I seriously doubt in the way you would want. You need to put your personal feelings aside if you want to be a buisness. You can't have it both ways. Again with the back patting. Not that I saw it solicited here by anyone before you offered it, but forgive me if I choose to seek my marital advice elsewhere.
  8. I stand corrected about the finishes. Your post made it appear as if you had 2 new finishes, and for a company jknown for putting out umpteen different finishes, it is perfectly understandable to read your post that way. Add that with your newsletter of having all these new coins ready, and your post reads that way to anyone who doesn't follow your line of coins as intensely as you might think. It surely doesn't change anything about your lack ofresponse to the community here. Now that it is well known you are seeing these posts, and have had many people contact you with requests to post here, what do you have to say about not taking a single moment to respond to the vast amount of questions and speculation for almost 3 months. Are you going to once again leave without a word to people who gave you their money in faith only to find someone who moved out of state and refuses to account for anything to them until you feel you are ready? You already have a question here by JJG10101 and you have left it unanswered. You do know if you were being such a stand up guy behind his word like you are telling people you are, not a single person would be questioning you. Instead you are getting mad at people for calling you out for the things you are doing, but yet refuse to change them. Everyone here has told you clearly what is expected of you, updates and communication, not to mention coins, but you either don't care what they have to say, or feel you are in charge and don't have to answer to them. So what's the deal? You going to answer some people here or run away again till you have the coins in hand and not answer anyone until then?
  9. Is it just me or is it pretty brazen to come here after almost 3 months of not a single word, except in the ultra top secret newsletter, and basically announce a new edition of a coin that took forever and then some to start getting out to people? Wouldn't you be better served, or at least the community be better served which is who you should be focussing on, to finish ALL your past transactions BEFORE you even hint about anything future? Either you don't realize or simply don't care how alot of people here feel about the way you are conducting buisness. At least that is the perception based on your failure to come in here since last October with a single shred of anything.
  10. Here's the link for their eBay account that is auctioning the coins to benefit their company. GeocoinDesigns Maybe you will have some luck through that account. If you can't get ahold of Jim now, why would anyone want to buy more coins in the future? Hey Jim...Your silence is saying more about you every day.
  11. So using this logic of "I don't want it stolen" would you accept the same thing from a cache? I don't want my caches stolen so if I just put our a laminated sign stating this is where the cache was and keep the stocked ammo can at my house in my collection, would this also be acceptable to you? Not every game is for every person, but if you aren't willing to take the loss, then maybe you shouldn't play that aspect of a game. There is no harm in not putting a coin out. It's your money. But if this is how you feel, then why put something out at all if it isn't the real thing? I am sorry but I just don't get it. It's one thing if the coin has already been stolen, but to start the "coin" out by using a fake is just lame in my book.
  12. I noticed a huge difference between your cointest and the others. You posted If you can't post the prize here because of the forum guidelines, then how can you possibly be upset that the cointest isn't permitted. Are you seriously suggesting GC should allow people to have a cointest for any unknown prize especially when the person running it states from the start that it is something that would violate the forum guidelines? You answered the question yourself in your cointest posting. You knew you couldn't post all the info here, so you should have been smart enough to either make it fully GC acceptable according to the guidelines, or just scraped the idea. At the very least you could have asked a MOD how to handle it and they would have helped you. Then you come here and make a personal attack at FSM about being biased? You really need to take a step back and take responsibility for your actions and not blame a MOD for enforcing the guidelines that you knew you were trying to get arouond from the start. From a completely unbiased position, I see 2 strikes on you against forum guidelines, so maybe you should be happy you didn't get three days in the hole. Edit: Oh btw, opening a thread to complain about a closed thread is usually strike three. If you truly wanted to know the reason you could have emailed FSM. I think you are more interested in publically complaining than truly knowing the answer as to why.
  13. No. It simply means there is no new information to pass along. Once Jim decides to put out another one of the ultra secret report you to the federal government for passing this information along newsletters out, we will once again post it here for the masses to see. Until then we just sit by and wait for this "vendor" to keep promising coins but not delivering. But hey there is always a brighter future to look forward to. He has mentioned he has a couple new coins in the works. Now if that doesn't give you a tingly feeling then I don't know what will!
  14. Well Christmas Eve here has gotten to be a longer ritual each and every year it seems. We usually start by me getting up early and going to work. I usually have to answer a couple dozen or so people's questions with a strange look on their face of "We are getting mail on Christmas Eve?". By about the second dozen of times hearing this, I usually respond with something of "No I am just doing some recon for the Grinch tonight and this is my disguise. Oh and here's your gas shut off notice. Merry Christmas". Sprinkle that in with a couple good old "Is it cold enough for you yet?" by the same people who refuse to clean their steps for us as we are bouncing from cheek to cheek down their steps. Gotta love it. So then I race home to spend the front end of the evening with the in-laws. Anything else need to really be said about that? Sure they all come to the house, the same one they have been coming to or years, but do we have to eat the same stuff as last year? I mean seriously if you have a full platter of left over wheat bread with some nasty mash on it this year, do you think it's gonig to be a big hit next year? Leave it home and bring over something we all like. Whatever happened to some good cheese and meat platters or a basic sandwich ring. Shrimp always eems to vanish quickly. Don't touch her Grandmother's chocolate unless you enjoy your candy coming from the dollar store with the expiration date crossed out for sales purposes. At least they don't stay too long. By now it's time to put the kids to bed. This means fresh PJs for the kids and Mom breaking out the wine bottle. After they set out Santa's plate of cookies and a cup for the soymilk (Thanks Uncle Mark for convincing the kids that Santa is lactose intollerant) and the plate of carrots for the magical reindeer, it's off to bed. Well for them at least. My night has just begun. So they get tucked in and told to go to sleep so Santa can come there quickly (or Dad can finish his jobs and get to bed himself at least). With Mom on the couch with wine bottle in hand, screw the glass since it is nothing but a middle man in the way at this point, I begin the task of building things. The bike is always easy. The parts are always right since Dad picked it out. Now the toys Mom thought looked cool are always designed by some guy who has never had to build anything before, and decided to give his poor excuse of a brother a job of writing the instructions. Usually by around step 24, while Mom is singing a really bad version of Jingle Bell Rock while thinking she is Brittany Spears, the instructions say something about "unless you want it have a torque wrench with a digital read out you will not be able to proceed past this point". Wouldn't want to put THAT on the box cover now would ya?! So by about 3 am, with Mom passed out with an empty bottle, I retire to the bed room. Usually I am tired enough to fall asleep right through her snoring version of Silent Night. Two hours later we are awoken by the kids. Anyone ever notice the kids never seem to be up before 11 am on a Saturday when there is grass to be cut, but you put a fake tree in the house and a promise of toys under said tree and these same kids could run a marathon backwards in 6 inches of snow at 5 am!?! Anywho we can downstairs to see if the rotten bundles of joy were "good enough" for Santa this year. Of course the room is filled with paper being torn and boxes flying throught the room. Ohs and Ahs seem to come as frequent as Mom's hangover pangs do. I wouldn't trade a moment of this for anything in the world. Well except the work part. So clean your steps this year and remember your mailman!
  15. You aren't missing anything. Jim sent an email out to a select group of people in the middle of October stating this. I believe the deal was something like 90 days same as cash. I would assume he wouldn't take delivery of the codes until he could pay for the coins. Why start the clock before you needed to? Based on this, that would be why he doesn't have the codes yet. A shame his latest email notice, to the select few, tries to make it appear the hold up is now Groundspeak's fault for not getting the codes to him. Once again it is someone else's fault other than his.
  16. He received coins from the original minting that were in CB's private inventory. You know the one that he is selling off to pay for the coins that were already paid for. It's also the same one that Paula gave away and her "mother" is selling for her daughter since she no lonmger is interested in them. I am amazed he is still using that bogus tagling trying to stop people from informing others as to what is going on. For someone who has the motivation of a nat in winter about informing people, he should be rewarding us for doing his work. Gotta love the fact that he has 4 coins lined up in waiting to sell here in the future. How ballsey to even mention it to people who have been waiiting forever for coins. "Hey I don't have your coins done, or have even paid for them yet, but I have some really cool ones coming that I would like you to buy." Gimmie a break. This is clearly a person who has no concept of reality and just doesn't get it. He truly thinks it is no big deal and will blow over and he will be back in buisness in no time.
  17. Rumor has it he has applied to the US government for a bailout.
  18. Kansas? I thought we were told it was Oregon he had moved to. Licence or not, they could have paid the mint for the coins. That's just another excuse for another delay. He didn't need it to pay the mint. Anyone here can order coins from the mint without one.
  19. Seems the only way to get anything from them is with the actual threat of legal actions. Maybe it would be best if someone organized this into a group action against them. I just can't help but remembering Jim saying how his intentions were to continue selling coins. He just doesn't get it.
  20. Updating the people here doesn't cost anything. That's free and he is not willing to put forth the effort of typing a few letters on the keyboard. What makes anyone think he is going to actually do any type of work to get the money for the coins? The only thing we have seen from him is his willingness to avoid the forums and people who he owes, lip service, continuing to tell us how good his word is, and attempts to sell more coins which we are suppose to "trust" him that the money will be going to pay for the coins that were already paid for once. Frankly at this point I don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. I mean how can you. You would have to be a fool to buy anything from him at this point.
  21. Jim recently sent out an email which basically said nothing new, other than to promote his eBay sales of course. For the life of me I can't figure out why anyone would give him more money when his track record is by far the worst we have ever seen here. I find it pretty funny that he says he has received HUNDREDS of well wishes. I would bet that number is well less than that based on what I have read here. Here's the letter for ALL to read... "To All Geocoin Design Customers: Just wanted to write you all a quick note to let you know that throughout this difficult time, Paula and I have come to some terms concerning the division of property, including our extensive coin collection. This is relevant because I am liquidating my share to fund the projects I am taking responsibility for. Therefore, for those of you who collect, please check out my auctions on eBay under my new account name (link provided below). I hope to have everything taken care of a bit more rapidly, but again, all this takes some time. I have received literally hundreds of well wishes, and more come in to me every day - and I really appreciate the help and encouragement. Although I have no feedback as of yet, you can expect rapid responses and shipping from me as a eBay Business account holder. Here's the link: (link removed as to not promote a sale which could result in a futher loss by this community's members) Thanks again for all the support. Regards, Jim Collins Geocoin Design" Futhermore he went to the extreme of adding some bogus tagline to the bottom of the email. He is trying to use U.S.C. Sec. 2510-252 as to keep people from updating this community. This provision is basically to keep ISPs and the government to keep from intercepting your emails. It has nothing to do with posting a newsletter from a company being sent to their customers from being published in a forum. The lengths Jim is willing to go to just to keep this community in the dark about what is happening speaks even larger volumes about his ethics and character. He claims how he is trying so hard to make things right, then won't update anyone here. He claims he wants to continue a professional working relationship here into the future, then does everything including trying to intimidate others from letting anyone know what is going on. I thought it was bad when everyone got ripped off. I thought it was worse when we couldn't get updates here. I was amazed when I saw his lame attempt at scaring people into not reposting the newsletter here for ALL the customers to see what was going on. Clearly he has shown time and time again his refusal to address anything here, even when Eartha and others has pointedly asked for an update. As I said before I will continue to update with anything I can, and if he doesn't like that, he can sue me under U.S.C. Sec. 2510-252.
  22. Didn't say I had the answers, but am curious to opinions. Not sure but I can clearly state a presale that was a remint and takes over 6 months when the dies were complete that goes in my book of too long.
  23. Well here's another thing that falls under the umbrella of vendor responsibilities. Should GC give a vendor a timeout when they have clearly ripped the community off? Let's use a fictitious example. Say NorthernPaGeocoins created some mother of pearl Weiner dog coins. They sold these through a presale. Some customers waited for over 14 months for their coins, but yet the presales continued. The updates were far and few, and each followed by excuses and drama. Should NorthernPaGeocoins be allowed to just continue to sell here with a known track record of poor service or should their permit be revoked for a period of time as to prove this will not happen again. This is strictly a question for thought that I would love to hear some ideas and opinions. The names of the company, coin, and innocent are all made up and any similarities to real people companies, living or dead, is purely a coincidence.
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