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  1. Well, I did a reset and things are a lot closer now. Still off, but within 100 feet. I'm afraid this may kill our joy of geocaching. My kids aren't THAT intense! And neither am I. Thanks for your help.
  2. OK- I went in and changed the formatting. I wasn't letting that bother me but I thought the numbers should be the same. After changing the formatting and checking I put the GPS back in the exact same place it was last night and checking the datum (it was already set to that datum), now I have a completely different reading that is still wrong. Now it says 40 degrees 25.058 N and 111 degrees 49.555. Now I am MORE than 50 miles off! Any more advice?
  3. Having the same problem, so looking forward to an answer of your question!
  4. (Be gentle- we are new at this). I borrowed a Magellan SPort Track Pro from my neighbor and my kids and I began geocaching. My 12 YO was so enamoured that I bought a used Garmin eTrex Legend C. Here's the problem: I know the Magellan is accurate because we have found several caches, but the coordinates do not match up at all (disregarding the decimals) and I don't know what setting to change or if I bought a dud. For example: when the units are next to each other they read Magellan 39 degrees 41.578 N 111 degrees 25.905 W Garmin N 40.41768 degrees W 111. 82593 degrees The altitudes don't match either, but they DO match when they are tracking speed of movement. HELP!
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