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  1. FWIW, I was there this afternoon. From Norvana's birthday party to Mingo with a stop at Go Big Red in Nebraska on the way. The cache is in good shape, and almost too full of swag to get the cover on. I hope this gets enabled soon before a reviewer archives it
  2. I own a segway, and I use it on the trails at times. I also walk, or ride a bike. I think of it as a tool, like a canoe or kayak. I could swim out to the island, but canoeing is easier. I have the gen 1 XT which has the large off road tires. It has a maximum range of 20 miles. They work great on the multi use trails, but are very difficult if not impossible to ride on a single track mountain bike trail. Steep hills and/or narrow trails are not friends of segways.
  3. I've found at least 4 glass jars, one of them has been in northern MN since 2003. Glass will not break when frozen, if it did, all the windows in MN and other states would be broken by now. I won't state how many glass containers I have hidden.
  4. I haven't done it, but it might be something to look forward to. This one is somewhere in the middle. GC20J05
  5. Other than the gal who thought she was Linda Lovelace, the weirdest thing I have seen is a hammock strung between 2 trees. 30 feet in the air, no ladder.
  6. Coming from experience from someone that had to spread some ashes, there are many bone fragments, and possibly fillings.
  7. I spend a lot of time outside in spring, either mushroom hunting, camping, or geocaching. In the last 20 years, I can count on one hand the number of times I have had to remove a tick that was firmly attached to my skin. I usually just pull gently, but I have heated them slightly as well. One day last week, I removed 93 ticks from myself, and my clothes in a 2 hour stretch.
  8. Most unusual tool was a grabber mounted on a 15 foot long pole to reach some high caches. Most unusual experience is when I walked up on a couple along a trail. I think her name was Linda Lovelace. I'll say no more.
  9. Found it. I didn't realize there was a special link to search for U4D bugs until I went back to the trackable page to search again.
  10. I just picked up a United for Diabetes TB as a FTF prize on a new cache. I entered the UNXXXX number into GC tracking page, but it is not found. I then went to the alphabetical list. There is a handwritten name on the TB that starts with Al-Nxxxxxxxxx Iraq, but that name is not on the list either. What is my next option to get this moving.
  11. I also believe Minnesota does not allow geocaching in WMA's
  12. I left a perfectly good hickory walking stick at a cache once. I left notes in the logs if someone finds it to let me know. I don't think anyone has found those yet, almost a year. A couple days later, in the same park, I left a perfectly good diamond willow stick at a cache. I found that one a few days later while mushroom hunting.
  13. Sprinkler systems in cold weather climates are installed the same as in warm weather areas, with one slight modification. A method to blow the lines out with compressed air is added. Every fall, the water is shut off, and the lines are blown out. Simple procedure.
  14. cerberus-1 I would be curious to hear how the Garrett scanner works. According to the specs, it will detect a handgun at 9", pocket knife at 6". Will it detect something under 2 feet of snow? If so, I'm in.
  15. I don't always log a dnf for a couple of reasons. If you get to GZ, and there is no "obvious" place to look, I don't start moving snow from a 30 foot diam, because that is too much work. Sometimes in the woods, coordinates are off, which makes it harder. Chances are, a CO is not going to check til spring anyway. Caches on the ground at the base of a tree that looks like any other tree can be found without snow, but snow makes it impossible without a lot of time, so I don't waste a lot of time, just go on to the next.
  16. I'm working on a century streak, so I've been out all winter. I am also in a rural area, so I have to travel farther to get to caches. I was doing about 50% finds when I discovered the "found in last 7 days" option, since then, I have done much better. Sometimes though, I think I would rather be the first to find after a snowfall. Once snow is moved, it sets up, and is hard as ice. People throw snow back on top to cover the cache, it sets up, and is tough to find. I don't trust the snowflake icon anymore either. 4 of us looked for one for over 1/2 hour, only to read the logs, and one person said "winter friendly if it doesn't snow", another the day before that, was under a pile of snow from a plow.
  17. One word: Nebraska. (just teasing, of course. I know that you get up into the well populated state of South Dakota every now and again) I'm closing in on 1000 finds also, and I have run into no more than 5 cachers while out searching. I am not in Nebraska, Minnesota
  18. This one is in MN It is listed as a puzzle cache. GCX3ZM
  19. I found a hammock strung up between 2 trees. That in itself is not too strange, but the fact that it was at least 25 feet in the air, with no visible way of getting to it, is what got me. Chanhassen MN
  20. Go into your profile, click on Geocaches, and count how many were logged for the day.
  21. Get one of those portable car starting units. About 50 bucks at Sears, and you'll find lots of uses for it later. Clamp the pos and neg clamps to opposite corners, and turn it on. The 12VDC will heat up that can in a few seconds.
  22. I've done a few island caches he last few weeks here in Minn. All have been rated 5 for terrain. I doubt I would have made the trek for a micro. If it is that hard to get to, why hide a micro? With the snow we get in this neck of the woods, there is too much chance of a DNF
  23. I went today to try to keep my consecutive day streak alive(45). With approx 20 inches of fresh snow, it's getting tough. 1 DNF, 1 find, so I quit for the day
  24. When I first started caching, the snow really got me down. I DNF'd a few, and thought I might have to quit until spring. Then I went with my son, and together we were able to find most caches, if you move enough snow. I have found 90 already this month, and just came back from northern WI where I was able to log finds on the majority I looked for, and except for one newly placed cache, none had been found since before the snow fell. Cache On
  25. I generally take nothing, or leave anything, but sometimes I need to get rid of things I can't see throwing away. A couple weeks ago I dropped a set of walkie talkies in a cache.
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