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  1. I am now spending HOURS creating lab cache waypoints for ALs. Trying to navigate with my phone is not safe when I have a GPSr loaded with waypoints. At least give us an option to be a "premium" member for ALs. This was a poor decision made by HQ.
  2. When searching for the closest AL from me, I like to use the list more than the map. Sometimes the list works PERFECT and then for no reason, It just says "Loading Adventures..." but it NEVER loads anything. I can go to my profile and change the "Hide Found" to no and the list works again but you have to scroll through 100s of ALs to get to the next closest unfound. If I turn on the "Hide Found" button on, it once again finds NOTHING. It has worked great a couple of times but then it just randomly returns to "Loading Adventures" for no reason. This needs to be fixed. The pics below are examples of the "Hide Completed" button and off. Tom Night-Hawk
  3. Do you have to use the "new dashboard" on gc.com to play this game. I do NOT use the new dashboard and and cannot find anything about it on the classic dashboard. The screens described in the blog are not to be found.
  4. Apparently geocaching has taken the ability to "search" for geocaches from my account. It matters not what computer I sign onto my account with, I CANNOT search. There is no Filter button and I CANNOT get a list of caches to populate. I pay my premium membership like everybody else and now my account has been altered. Night-Hawk
  5. I have not gotten new cache notifications today even though several caches have published around me. I called other cachers and they are not getting them either. Is something broken at GC.com?
  6. You've never been able to generate a PQ from the results of a search, so GS didn't take it away from you as you never had it in the first place. Totally not true... you could elect to display the result in map view and from the map view you had the option to generate a PQ from the Map View.
  7. I did a filtered search and I have 148 caches in front of me that I need to put into a PQ. How do I do this? I was told it can't be done but I am confident that Groundspeak didn't take this away from us so I am asking ... How do I save this to a PQ now that I have EXACTLY what I want on the computer screen in front of me? Now if Groundspeak did take this away from us.... What were you thinking? What is the purpose of the search? It looks nice on the computer but that "ain't" where I need the results to be. It wouldn't be a bad idea to get input from people who actually go caching and need the search results in a GPX file. Tom Night-Hawk
  8. Please bring back what we had... I cannot imagine that ANYBODY who actually caches cares for this new Search engine. Read the sign on the wall at headquarters and trash this one with the Challenge failure. What a piece of .....
  9. I just downloaded the PQ again and this time, everything updated correctly. Not sure what changed, but everything looks good again. Thanks for the attention.... Tom Night-Hawk
  10. I changed my distance to 200 (normally set for 100) miles only for my last PQ request because I thought I might need more distance. The PQ that came from gc.com this morning did NOT contain 205 caches. The PQ size was 185kb... a normal file of 205 will run about 2018kb. Once I download the PQ into GSAK, I check the last PQ column and delete any cache that did not make the current PQ... That way I eliminate any disabled or archived caches and any cache that is no longer in my 200 closest range (I use 205 so I can eliminate events and certain caches I might not want to see right now). After I loaded this latest PQ AND a copy of it that I reordered, I only got an update on 10 caches, thus the small size of the PQ. This was not a problem before the latest update. I just downloaded my "My Finds" PQ and GSAK reports all 27,000 finds updated on 10/18/2012. Something has changed because my PQ request hasn't changed in a LONG time (except for the change to 200 miles in an effort to uncover the problem) Tom Night-Hawk
  11. I just downloaded my closest 200 caches and gc.com returned 10 caches... I checked my settings and resubmitted and once again, I got 10 caches. What is going on here? My closest 200 caches go our about 68 miles from my house. This has never been an issue until the last update. I also cannot identify which caches might be archived or disabled because of this new limitation. Is this a temp problem or are we eliminating valuable premium member features. Tom Night-Hawk
  12. Please remove the avatars from logs page. It adds ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE to the page. It makes it tough to read logs in the field from your phone because of the stupid picture. This was NOT a brilliant idea. Some people might prefer their photo not appear on every log.
  13. I have YEARS OF and THOUSANDS OF logs that now have useless characters displaying instead of the BOLD, ITALICS, UNDERLINE and COLOR. What is that?
  14. I am currently on a cache a day streak that is up to 949 CONSECUTIVE days with 1 or more caches. I started the streak on March 2, 2007.
  15. I pasted an html source code for a picture in the first section of a cache listing in error. Now when I go to the cache page it locks up the listing and I cannot edit the listing. I cannot remove the picture... I CANNOT DO ANYTHING. Everything is totally frozen. How can I get back to the edit page so I can remove the picture? HELP!!
  16. For the 2nd day in a row, GC.com is DOWN for maintenance. Why would they do this BEFORE GW-7? Here we are trying to put our PQs together and they are performing maintenance.
  17. This has nothing to do with "reaffirming" anything... it has to do with not receiving the PQ. I run at least 1 PQ EVERY day and up until now, the email with the PQ was almost instantaneous. Yesterday I received a PQ that I requested 3 days earlier. This morning I ran 2 PQs and never received them. Someone at GC.com needs to "reaffirm" their agreement with us.
  18. After a day (or an hour) of caching with the Oregon 400t, I have a nice track and little open yellow boxes (caches found) that are visible on the screen. I can download the track to Mapsource with no problem but how do I download the "caches found" open boxes? I save my track logs with found caches. This was never a problem with the 60CSx, but I just can't seem to find the file in the Oregon that contains this DATA. I hope Garmin hasn't decided to abandon this feature of the 60CSx. Tom Night-Hawk
  19. I ran 5 PQs this morning in preparation for a trip... I got 1 of them. What is going on at GC.com? I ran 4 yesterday and got NONE. I don't want to hear anything about my email provider... Gmail does not block my PQs.
  20. If you look back at post #74 and #75 in this forum you will find the correct answer.
  21. I am using the filter. GC.com is forcing this action to be ignored. ALL cachers in our area are being forced to "see" this cache type. We cannot filter it our. We have to use GSAK to filter it out. My guess is you do not have one in your area so you don't know the frustration of having to "see" this type cache on your selected radius. Here is my url: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp....990583&f=1 Night-Hawk
  22. How do you ignore this type of cache? GC.com ignores my ignore request. Several local cachers have complained about this. We don't have the "special" equipment to find this cache and we do not plan on getting it. Night-Hawk
  23. Without special equipment, Wherigo caches are not possible to complete so I have elected to add them to my ignore list. The only problem is... GC.com will not let me ignore them. One has shown up in my top 50 mile radius and although I have hit the ignore button, it will not go away. It seems as though this type of cache is being rammed down my throat. Any ideas?
  24. I got word there was a CCC coin in a cache within 50 miles of my home. I had a 2 day trip planned which prevented me from dashing out for the coin. After returning from my trip, I noticed the coin was still in the cache, so the next day, I drove to Virginia (from North Carolina) to visit GCHH8F. When I arrived at the cache I was suprised to see coin #244 still waiting to be retrieved. I grabbed this one up and felt as though my day was complete. I will certainly make this coin available for discovery amoung our local cachers BUT the coin itself will remain a part of my own collection. Thanks again for the coin! Thanks goes out also to "creacher" for notifying me of the existence of the coin in that cache.
  25. I am using a RAZR V3 and I get a server error. Any suggestions?
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