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  1. I personally like devious caches. Especially the fun ones. I don’t get a lot of favorites, maybe because when it’s devious it’s not a park and grab. .. lol.. honestly, I’m going to start more swag caches because new cachers need incentive. It’s not rewarding or fun when you go into a forest and a few things are unrewarding like, nasty caches, no swag and unkept caches or hard puzzles with no reward. Even a spider ring would of been rewarding. Lmao
  2. Too many possibilities to place my judgement on. I would enjoy being trumped by this. Lol
  3. Now when I say rule breaker I mean, not fair not fair, I would be left puzzled.... lol! Lighten up folks.lol
  4. I really enjoy geocaching but my only issue( of which I'm working on) is puzzles. I never could sit and focus on solving a puzzle. If it's research I got that, but when it's cryptic I'm SOL!
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