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  1. Sorry my mistake - 20H00. Made the change to the event.
  2. The event has been published. Thanks to Rotsip for advice. It is GC2D950. I'll try to give the URL - I don,t know if this will work: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...bd-f82c4de28a7c Maybe somebody can tell me how to do it!
  3. I sent the event in for publishing but did not know that the event must be totally social and an caching only event is not allowed. My mistake. I edited it tonight and are now waiting for Rotsip. I hope it is in order now. I will report here when published. Looking forward to see all!
  4. Thanks for the coordinates CnC and the website trevorh7000! The prices: Chalet: R650 per night with 1 double bed and two singles. (At the moment 4 available) Room: R520 per night with 4 beds. At the moment 6 available. Camping: R200 per night max 5 persons per stand. All available. Tel no for bookings: 0515233888 I will start compiling the event today! Website: http://www.reynekepark.co.za/
  5. I spoke to Louwtjie on the phone just now. He asked me to try and arrange the event(s) Tomorrow I will go to Reynekepark and get the information on prices and types of accommodation and publish here. Will also look at other options. If it is OK I will publish two events - the caching event as at Reynekepark or other site and an event for Saturday night about 20h00 as a bring and braai at my plot. We have a big Lapa and house! We are only a few cachers here but transport can be arranged.
  6. I e-mailed oom Louwtjie and asked if I can help with the event - say the Saturday night, maybe a bring and braai on my plot. Will that be acceptable? Still waiting for louwtjies reply.
  7. Thanks Cincol, I think that is what I will do!
  8. I am feeling very lonely out here in Bloem. No events, no discussions from Freestaters, all is quiet here in the Mealie front! Three new caches in Bloemfontein the last week and I have never met these cachers. Make yourself known and let us get something going here in the middle of our country! Maybe a breakfast one Saturday morning?
  9. Thanks Fish Eagle - the cache is online again.
  10. A question to the reviewer! My cache Sannaspos museum has been muggled. The museum itself has been closed but the station building with the boer war bullet holes are still there. I replaced the cache about 150 meters away from the original. As the museum is not there anymore I would like to rename the cache "Sannaspos Station." and publish the new coordinates. Must I archive the museum cache and start a new cache or can I change the particulars on the original cache? I hope the question is clear!
  11. Cincol, can you confirm receiving mine and besem's? Thanks
  12. The Spanish town Guernica was bombed by the Germans in 1937. This prompted Picasso to this black and white oil painting. Guernica was not a military target but civilian. The bombing took place in aid of Genl Franco. The painting is 3,5 meters tall and 7 meters wide! Picasso protests against the atrocities of war. You are on Huskies!
  13. That answer came from the An part of Dan. Her question: Who painted Guernica and what does it symbolize? (She is an artist!)
  14. When in Bloem we can arrange something. Maybe even a bed if neccesary.
  15. Quite correct! It is Sannaspos. There are two caches there. The one at the museum has been muggled and I will try and replace it soon. The station building still shows the bullet holes. In die cemetary for the English soldiers one W. Churchill is buried. Definitely not the one who swam the mighty Apies. Tomtwogates you're it.
  16. I must bring you back to the Freestate. 31 March 1900 Christiaan de Wet defeated Genl RG Broadwood. What is the Battle known as? It is the name of the train station.
  17. The nickname was I think given to Robert the Bruce. Hollywood used it for William Wallace. His heart I seemed to remember was to be carried through Europe. Nou hoe weet n boertjie dit?????? Die boertjie se oer-oupa was in bevel van Stirling Castle, net langs die slag van Stirling Bridge in ongeveer 1306. Hy was een van William Wallace se bondgenote. Hy is gevang en na die Tower gestuur. Hy was Sir William Oliphant en is begrawe in Abergeldie, net suid van Perth. Ek sou graag Julie Skotland toe wou gaan want dan is die Oliphant Clan saamtrek by Abergeldie! Tekort aan geld egter!
  18. The nickname was I think given to Robert the Bruce. Hollywood used it for William Wallace. His heart I seemed to remember was to be carried through Europe.
  19. Cincol, I will be entering my TB Klippies met Eish. I am waiting for Besem to send me information and will post his racer and mine as soon as possible! Looking forward to the race!
  20. I just recently got into geocoins and I love it! I know that there is a general forum for geocoin trading. My problem is that with postage expensive as it is in the RSA, together with import duties, VAT etc it becomes very difficult trading with cachers in Europe and other countries. What is the possibility of a topic on this forum? If there already exists a way to make contact with coin collectors/coin lovers(!) in the RSA I would like to hear about it!
  21. We have a winner. There are two new caches by J007 at both sites - Soutpan (the actual pan) and at Florisbad. Globalrat you've got it. BTW the Florisbadman, discovered in 1932, has been reconstructed and can be viewed at the Bloemfontein Museum.
  22. Some more information. The owner of the farm where it happened was Floris Venter and it happened in 1910. Both answers so far not correct!
  23. I knew that because our Church History Professor wrote a book about him and we had to buy it as prescribed material in order that he could sell some! I Think we move to the Freestate with an easy one: Somewhere in the Freestate a new fountain started up and brought with the water some bones. Near which town and what is the site called?
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