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  1. A quote from that great movie "Ghost". Ditto
  2. Crest ain't got a thing on Horsethief; there must be 20-30 caches out there being ignored. Isn't the Horsethief area still closed due to the heightened fire risks?
  3. Hmmmm...I have six webcam finds and I'm down six finds! I am no fan of webcam caches but having put the work into logging the stupid things, I want credit for it, darn it! There is an upside to not being smart enough to do a Webcam cache. I didn't have to lose them!
  4. Congrats you brains!!! Awesome job. I wish I had known about it. I would have grabbed "Lostguy"and we would have come up there to give you a run for your money With me as your co-pilot we would have finished dead last. Puzzle challenged and also slow. Quite a combination for a race involving brains and speed. Edited to add a large CONGRATULATIONS to the 5 Families team and their victory. Quite an awesome team you put together.
  5. For Christs sake Jack, would you stop that incessant whining, and don't point out interesting viewpoints when you are driving on roads with 300ft drop-offs. It scares some of us whimps. <put's on holier than though attitude and whining hat and climbs up on soapbox> I sure am tired of all of you people that just refuse to use punctuation in your logs! First of all, Jack, there should be a space between OH and Please. Like this . . . OH PLEASE. And lostguy has absolutely no room to complain about you, since he forgot to put an apostrophe between the t and s of Christ's. Christs is the plural of Christ. Christ's means that it belongs to Christ. Whine, whine, whine, whine. </put's on holier than though attitude and whining hat and climbs up on soapbox> Do you mean to tell me there is only one Christ. I thought that there must be at least 6 or 8 so I left off the apostrophe. That and I suck at grammar, punctuation, spelling, finding caches and puzzles. There are more but they escape me at the moment.
  6. For Christs sake Jack, would you stop that incessant whining, and don't point out interesting viewpoints when you are driving on roads with 300ft drop-offs. It scares some of us whimps.
  7. The Spider Webs that one encounters during a morning hike, the nats encountered on the way back from a morning hike and that numbing feeling your lips and tongue get when you spray insect repellent in front of you to repel the nats and it gets on your water mouthpiece. Sound familiar to anyone.
  8. No we shouldn't I believe he has every right to start an argument. And if Harmon runs it it could be: Well, It's one pound for a five minute argument, but only eight pounds for a course of ten Photoshop lessons. Well, I think it would be best if Harmon perhaps started off with just the one and then see how it goes. Fine. Well, We'll see who's free at the moment. Must I do everything? It's not f-a-i-r. So, well, fine ... here goes, try this one for size. A Garmin GPSr is better than a Magellan GPSr. Monty Python rules: First round is the Contradiction round. No arguments and no abuse please. The Argument Clinic No it's not! Yes it is! 'tisn't! Could be No Way "WAY"
  9. Yea he does that on the San Diego Thread . Go back and check the thread, guys... And now that everyone has gotten the point, maybe it's time to move on...? Na I like stirring the pot.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Stirring the pot is going to be in the San Diego Recipe Exchange Thread that has yet to be created. Wait a minute, I'll be right back.
  10. Cleveland National Forest is still marked as Extreme and most trails are closed. Did you approach from the North or the South-East side? TA After reading Miragees post, I went ahead and temporarily disabled my yet unfound cache that is located past Lawson Peak and between Miragees and the Team Adelos cache. Hopefully it will rain like crazy one night and then be great to hike the next morning. No use wasting a whole caching day raining.
  11. I think I found around 30 in my first 3-4 months of caching and I went almost every weekend. These new cachers sure have it good. Caches all over the place from great hikes to parks to virtually every shopping center in town. Do you realize how many more LPCs could be out there. So little time to set up caches in each and every one that would still maintain the .1 mile limit. I still fondly remember my first and was so impressed that someone would think to hide a cache under there. I think I've become jaded. I need to be more tolerant. This thread needs to just slowly disappear down the forums and never be seen or heard from again. Let it die a dignified death!
  12. Whining police !!! All though maybe they should look at the S.D. Thread and move all those whiners here. That was object of this thread. Get all the folks that can't be happy to just go out and grab some caches and be happy that someone even bothered to hide them to just come here and whine till their hearts content and not clog up the other threads with useless complaining and whinning. Any spelling or grammatical errors are fair game for whiners. Please whine here.
  13. Congratulations to Toby's Gang for reaching 2000 finds at some cache on Labor Day from what I can figure out. Great Job.
  14. Why didn't anyone congratulate Jerry and Toby's Gang on 2000 finds that they apparently hit on Labor Day. I hiked with him that day and didn't realize it until I just looked at his numbers (2009) and the fact that he found 10 caches that day. Off to the Congratuations Thread.
  15. I want to complain about creative cachers who have the time, and talent, to create caches like the one I found here, completely showing up those cachers with no creative talent whatsoever who have the nerve to place caches anyway, even when they don't have a cache container with them. All caches seem to have some value in my eyes although I do have some that I prefer not to go find. Your cache involved a fun hike and I got some much needed exercise in a beautiful area and these types of objects, found in the wild, are mandatory cache placement objects. I enjoyed it and thanks for the cache.
  16. Jerry had mentioned that you messed up your knee playing softball. Get well soon. It could be much worse, you could be a Michigan fan.
  17. Just a thread created for folks that feel the need to whine about something. No specific topic needed but just the need to whine. Feel free to post here.
  18. "What do you guys think of that?" Relax and let the guy with a 169 hides of which the vast majority are quality hides do what he wants and if doesn't suit your geostandards then don't go re-find it.
  19. Congratulations to Sled Head on 900 and to Jahoadi and John for 5000. Sure is a bunch of caches out there to be found. Thanks to all the folks that hid the caches for folks to reach such milestones this quickly.
  20. I will be in for the Monday trip and I have some seats in my truck if anyone wants to carpool. Ian.... We could carpool with you or you with us. Is it 0800 at Lake Jennings? We don't have an adventure pass.....it's too late now to get a day pass. Chuy! we may need to borrow yours. I'm probably going to get up to the area a little early and grab a few caches up there and then meet you folks at the trailhead off of Sunrise Highway for the hike to Phils Memorial Cache. If that is not going to be your first cache of the morning then let me know and I can meet folks somewhere else. Most of you have my cell phone number.
  21. Does Chuy! carry one with him while hunting for FTFs??? He must. FTF's disappear faster than doves around here.
  22. For anyone thinking of doing any cache hunts in the Hollenbeck Canyon area, please be aware that Dove Season opens on September 1st and hunting with shotguns is allowed in this area. I never have had any problems out there but just better to be aware in case you happen to run into someone toting a shotgun.
  23. Congratulations Tombmaker. 900 finds in 10 days is simply amazing to us mere mortals. Loved the fact the you posted the picture of your 4000th find three times. I guess if your handsome then you have to share it with the world. Great job and now onward towards 5000 by next month.
  24. Good Job Chuy and now your halfway to your goal for next year. Keep racking them up.
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