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  1. Honk! That's an easy one for all of us North County folks! I will refrain from a funny thing I was going to say about the woodie. Not Hodges! ATT I'll bet.
  2. And an amazing 2,990 of those were walking in sandals, she makes the rest of us look like real wimps. Congrats on reaching such a huge milestone. Congratulations Karen. I'm sure at least 10 or 15 of them were done solo. You're so popular among the caching community that it is hard for you to cache solo. I couldn't have chosen a nicer person to stalk. Now upward and onward to 5000.
  3. Awesome!!! Congrats, jahoadi and john - that is huge!!!!!! Great job you guys!!!! I'm sure the Kwvers! will be along shortly. 10,000 doesn't sound that far off now. I'll just bet John is working on a goal for next year.
  4. If you are into the wooden sticks, WalMart also has those available out here. Not sure of the price, but they were right next to the noisy, non-photogenic aluminumnum ones {the kind I normally use, if I even bring a stick}. I would expect the wooden ones to be in the same price range. This might sound just a tad strange but I have used a wooden staff in the past and actually got it from a tree. Don't know the legalities of this but the availablity was great before the recent fires.
  5. Just curiosity but did anyone around here get one of those Diabetes Geocoins yet? I requested one but nothing arrived as of yet. My son (armynate) requested one, received one and placed it in one of his caches near Barstow. I feel left out. Maybe I should have posted this in the Whiners Thread.
  6. I would love to but I can't yet. I hope to be able to go out with you guys on some easier hikes during Xmas break. Can you believe that I haven't found a cache since the Big Bear event almost 3 months ago! Slacker! I agree...Slacker!!! I put a 1/1 on the Strand. We could push you in a wheel chair to that one!!! (I hope the healing /therapy is going well Pat) Thanks. I'm walking with a brace and the help of Vicodin but I'm slow. It was my first day back at work since the surgery. They called me the Bionic Man at work today. I have 4 more weeks of PT and then the brace comes off for good! We need to schedule a volleyball tournament in 4 weeks.
  7. I think I read in the Nevada thread that John was about 150 behind in his logging. Maybe he's just trying to scare you or pass you.
  8. I was going back and reading a few logs and noticed that QDMAN and RLCSPEAKER both went over 1000 finds at Phils Memorial Cache on 10/20/07. A late congratulations to both of you. That area is a great place to find number 1000.
  9. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!There's two of you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. O.K., Add $2100 to the previous $1388 and I have the dog back home with the giantic backwards lampshade on her head that she seems not to enjoy much. Chuy! I think you need to post a link to where Ginger! took her rattlesnake avoidance classes because I will have 2 enrollees for the Spring class. Just happened to spot this log for a cache over in AZ... I knew it. It's an epidemic. All the rattlesnakes in the southwest are joining forces to attack dogs.
  11. I just noticed that Tombmaker is now a member of team !. Tombmaker! When will there finally be two members of team " ". I need to email my son, armynate. Probably Armynate! by the end of the week.
  12. O.K., Add $2100 to the previous $1388 and I have the dog back home with the giantic backwards lampshade on her head that she seems not to enjoy much. Chuy! I think you need to post a link to where Ginger! took her rattlesnake avoidance classes because I will have 2 enrollees for the Spring class. That snake set you back $3488? And Counting. Next appt. is Wednesday for the drain removal. Oh. Please be free.
  13. O.K., Add $2100 to the previous $1388 and I have the dog back home with the giantic backwards lampshade on her head that she seems not to enjoy much. Chuy! I think you need to post a link to where Ginger! took her rattlesnake avoidance classes because I will have 2 enrollees for the Spring class.
  14. If I lived in Alaska I imagine you could go months without looking at a congratulations thread and might miss someone going over 20, but around here if you miss a few days then folks just go crazy. Congrats to Kawikaturn on going over 4000. I was there in MTRP the night you went over 2000 and it doesn't seem like that long ago. Congrats to LLOT and Fisnjack on the 3000 find mark. I've also enjoyed the pleasure of caching with both of you. Congrats to Nscaler who has seemed to have gone cache finding crazy lately. A Big Congrats to all who have reached recent milestones.
  15. Figured this would be a good thread for this post. I know that Ginger! has had the rattlesnake avoidance class on two occassions and has never been bitten. I think the cost was around $100. One of my dogs got bit by a rattlesnake last Thursday and I now know that they charge $500 a vial for antivenin. My dog spent one night at the vet, had antibiotics, pain meds, IV's and then came home $1388 later. Now she is back at the vet for more antivenin, a drain will be placed due to the large amount of drainage coming from her neck, more IV's and pain meds. I'm thinking that in the future the rattlesnake avoidance classes are something that I will be looking into. All dog owners that take their pooches with them on geocaching hikes might want to do likewise. I was just walking my dog by the swap meet in Spring Valley. At least my dog will be O.K. and only one of the 4 got bit.
  16. Great minds think alike... I was once up to a 19-mile radius before the likes of J&J, Chuy!, BBB and Lostguy started going wild in them thar hills... Not so fast gentleman. I did an 11 mile hike out there today and checked on a bunch of caches. The 4 ammo can caches survived, a tin and Loc N Loc actually survived but there are quite a few that bit the dust. I am going to archive my burnt up caches and then create new ones to get folks up to see this once lovely area. I probably saw 25 trucks or pieces of heavy equipment up here today working to restore the power in some on the lines that were down. Even those balls that hang high up on the lines were melted and hanging limp. Didn't get a single tick, bushwacking is a thing of the past. Somebody loves Escargo as I saw thousands of empty snail shells. Didn't run across a single lizard or snake all day. Only saw two rabbits and numerous birds all day. Don't think the fire effected a single flying insect as they were out in droves. Every remain of a bush had hundreds in it. The area is sure a pitiful example of what is was just a few short days ago. Time will hopefully restore it to its glory days.
  17. Thanks Ian. When I looked at it earlier today, she hadn't logged in since the 21st. Just was good to know that she's around and safe somewhere.
  18. Yes...I'm really worried about Karen. Has Ian or Jack heard from her? Jack doesn't read forums, but Ian does so hopefully he'll let us know. I'm still not allowed back home, but the house appears ok via binoculars. ( I'll need a good window washer though..anyone got a good name?) r/ jodi Jodi if you need help washing windows, then I will turn myself into a window washer and be at your beck and call. Certainly am glad to see that your house is fine. P.S. Don't let my wife know that I do windows.
  19. Has anyone heard from Miragee. I see that she hasn't logged onto the website since 10/21. Hopefully all is well.
  20. The nursing home where I work took in some residents from a Rancho Bernardo nursing home and we are sending them back to the Remington Club of Rancho Bernardo so I am assuming that the area is safe.
  21. We also have tried calling our answering machine....... It has been a busy tone for two days. So it can give a false indiction of something worse then it is. A neighbor who bullied his way back into our area to his house is currently going over to ours to put out a couple of "smoldering" areas... The fire trucks aren't there right now.... Once you guys find out that your house is alright then I just bought a bunch of rolls of Black electric tape so we can rehide out Sweetwater area caches.
  22. WOW! Great links there, seem to be the best so far. Also here in Spring Valley they seemed to have the fire knocked down over near Mt. Miguel {as viewed from this side}. There are still hot spots and some flames with lots of smoke hanging in the air over the Sweetwater reservior. The good news is that every few minutes I am hearing helicopters fly over refilling their dip buckets for water and hauling it off. It would appear to be safe here for the time being, although if the wind were to pick-up again that could easily change. To geocaching; I am sure the majority of caches suffered over there as the flames swept down the west side of the mountain. From my vantage point it would seem that everything is blackened right down to the reservoir. Some of the pictures from my balcony: About 3 AM this morning when we left. Another shot. Currently. Great shots Ian. I sent the wife to work and stayed home with the 4 dogs and a cat just in case there was an evacuation for the Spring Valley area. I'm probably 3/4 to a mile West of the swap meet. Don't think anyone got much sleep last night. Glad to hear that Jahoadi and Johns house seemed safe. All take care.
  23. He never answers his phone. Oops, did I say that out loud? Actually, I think he once told me his phone is usually off. You may have better luck sending him a letter. I know that he lives in Bonita and that area has no current fire problems. As long as he wasn't up in the Cuyamaca area then he should be fine.
  24. Congrats to SledHead, That Big Ole Polar Bear, Eric and Hill and the Kwver's for their recent milestones. Sure is hard to keep up with this thread in San Diego. Probably easier to keep up with folks milestones for the Gobi Desert area. Congrats to all.
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