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  1. Since the pattern reminded someone of tire treads, why not run with it?


    Imagine this: the back has a definite tire tread going diagonally across it, with one of the following sayings:

    - Keep your eyes open for the wildlife, as well as the caches!

    - FTF isn't *that* important

    - FTF doesn't mean 'First to Flatten!'

    - Armadillos don't obey traffic signs, so you need to

  2. We have some glittery bears (gold with light purple glitter) that say 'Moo Crew' on them. We have a few available for trade, if anyone is interested.


    I also have some of the micro GW VI non-trackable bears (black on one side, white on the other, with 'Moozer' on them) if anyone wants to trade for them...

  3. Great coin, and a fun story - congrats!


    My son, Mr.Moo, kept his backback half open during GW6, just hoping that a mystery coin would fall into it. No such luck, but he actually enjoyed being bumped into in the crowded areas, just in case! :ph34r:

  4. As a teacher

    at a large college,

    I applaud you

    for your show of knowledge.


    I know it's hard

    to work and to wait,

    but this weekend,

    you'll finally graduate.


    Then you'll have a diploma

    to call your own.

    But Monday it's job search time,

    To pay off that student loan!



  5. From reading the postings in this thread, I know that I may be opening myself to some grief, but I thought I'd post why I release coin proxies, and how I try to make it better than a 'paper copy':


    - I do release a number of 'real' coins, but have lost quite a number and can't afford to subsidize some coin thieves' collections.

    - When I release a proxy, I make sure that the word 'proxy' is part of the coin title.

    - I take a high-quality photo of the coin and try to enhance the tracking number to make it easier for those with less-than-perfect eyesight to read.

    - I print each proxy on a high-quality printer and place the printouts inside of Air-Tite capsules (used by coin collectors to store their collectible coins) These holders cost me about a buck each, but that's still less than the cost of a coin.


    Several cachers have told me that my proxies are some of the nicest ones they've found, which I appreciate.



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