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  1. I've placed one in a suburban (no off-trail needed) environment (The Eyes of Cotati). The folks who have done it seem to have enjoyed it, but it hasn't been that heavily visited.
  2. I'd be happy to add the northern San Francisco Bay Area to the party, if desired
  3. What do you have in mind? Feel free to contact me - I live in the area and might be able to help...
  4. Still have a bunch of Moozer nickels to trade - contact me if interested
  5. I think you mean South Bay! No, I'm pretty sure I said it right the first time
  6. I agree, but it was dirt cheap, and he was able to buy it with his own money - makes for a happy 9-year-old I figure he'll play with it for a bit, then move up to a better model. Thanks again for your help...
  7. Terrific idea! They had the software. Unfortunately, the maps were not available, but I can keep looking for them. Thanks so much for the tip!
  8. My son (Mr.Moo) just bought a HandyGPS (GPS for Handspring Visor) on eBay, but it didn't come with the mapping software. Unfortunately, the company seems to have gone under. Anyone have the UbiGo software that originally came with the unit? Thanks! Moozer
  9. Would be thrilled to see a visit to the north San Francisco Bay Area!!!
  10. I like the bear, but find the writing on the state outline to be too hard to read. Hope this helps...
  11. Anyone wanna have a cow? I just created my wooden nickels and would like to trade anyone who's interested to build my 9-year-old son's beginning collection. Here's the design on mine: It's printed on a clear label applied to the wooden blank. Thanks! Moozer (Donald)
  12. Hi there. Just wanted to let everyone know about an event cache I'm holding in April. GC10K2V is the Sonoma County Cachevenger Hunt - a cross between a caching day and scavenger hunt. We're in the middle of California's wine country - beautful scenery, a fun event, and lots of caches! Hope to see you there! Donald (Moozer)
  13. Add me to the list of folks who'd like to take a crack at it...
  14. I'd be willing to bob for travel bugs!
  15. I'd like to add in an offer to release into the San Francisco/wine country area of northern California!
  16. How about the sites of the two gold rushes in CA - Sutter's Mill in N Calif, and the Oak of the Golden Dream in S Calif?
  17. Feel free to drop me a note - I'd be happy to chat with you about some of the good caches in my neighborhood Moozer
  18. Don't forget my Web site - California State Historical Landmarks - http://www.calandmarks.com.
  19. This may be a bit odd, but how about headstones showing people who expired EXACTLY 100 years, to the day, from your find date?
  20. I'm all for it! Of course, I have a vested interest - being Donald Laird, and all Moozer (a.k.a. Donald Laird)
  21. My pod travels with me on my geo trips - I'd definitely be interested in taking a peek at your creation... Moozer
  22. Was out in the desert visiting California landmarks (www.calandmarks.com) when my Meridian Gold got blown off a monument by a surprise gust of wind. Turns out the unit will turn on, and I can get the backlight to work, but the display won't work. It'll flash for a split-second when I turn the unit on, but that's it. Anyone have an idea of how I might fix this? It's out of warranty, of course. Thanks! Donald
  23. Add me to the list - I'm a newbie at it, but only live in Cotati...
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