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  1. Getting old stinks, but it beats the alternative!
  2. Well, that's just too easy! Thanks!
  3. Got my copper coin - it's a beauty! Don't remember, however, how to activate - did I miss it somewhere in my mind?
  4. I love your sand dollars, and am happy to have a few of them. As an unwashed heathen [] though, I stayed away from this one...
  5. Since I'm my own evil twin some times, does that make me naughty or nice?
  6. 1. Participating - yep - email sent 2. Received Name - got it! 3. Mission Complete 4. Santa Arrived
  7. Might be interested in a copper, depending on budget
  8. 1. External 2. Yes 3. 41 4. Male
  9. If you'd like one released in the San Francisco, CA area, I'd be happy to help.. Moozer
  10. Thrilled to be able to join in. 1. Participating - yep - email sent 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Santa Arrived
  11. Saw one appear in one of my oldest caches about 40 miles from my house. Of course, my family and I had just been within 5 miles of the cache at the time the coin was dropped, but I didn't know about it until getting home! Managed to talk my non-caching spouse into not calling the looney bin folks to get me when I wanted to go get it. Corralled Swagendave into joining me for a crazy Sunday night run to the cache. Did I mention that the cache is on Treasure Island in San Francisco? Forty miles as the crow flies and swims. A lot more to drive. Didn't expect it to still be there when we arrived, but lovely #135 was sitting there looking back at me! Thanks so much for the adventure...
  12. Definitely put me down for a couple in each metal - it looks great!
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