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  1. Add me to the 'possibly interested' list
  2. Moozer


    rocky road with crushed oreos
  3. Moozer


    rocky road with walnuts
  4. Moozer


    rocky road with mini marshmallows
  5. Moozer


    cookie dough with chocolate syrup
  6. Moozer


    Strawberry ice cream with caramel topping
  7. Well, after apparently taking a long nap in a post office somewhere, my package finally arrived from NZ! Yay! Thanks so much Keewee for all the goodies
  8. Moozer

    path tags

    Same here - in fact, my avatar is my pathtag design!
  9. Best I can offer is the northern California wine country
  10. If only they wouldn't be sold out by the time I wake up
  11. Along the same lines, it would be nifty to receive some sort of notification (weekly would be fine) when someone posts images to a trackable that I own...
  12. The Great Sonoma County Geo Rally and Winter GeOlympics (GC18W5R) Time for a wild spring fling through the lovely Sonoma County wine country. If you missed last year's Cachevenger hunt, you won't want to miss this year's Geo Rally and Winter GeOlympics! Starting at 10am in Cotati, you'll receive your rally instructions, then head out along pre-defined routes that will take you through some of the nicest scenery in the bay area. Along the route, you'll need to keep your eyes peeled for the obvious and obscure, in order to answer a number of 'travel trivia' questions. At 4pm it'll be time to return to the Cotati Community Center for the afternoon's festivities. These will include: - Rally scoring - Catered pasta dinner ($9/person, payable at the door) - Raffle - The first-ever Sonoma County Winter GeOlympics - a number of geo-centric games for all ages. Sound like fun? You don't want to miss it! I had over 100 attendees last year, and plan for many more this time. In order to arrange the catering and rally materials, this event will require pre-registration. If you post a 'will attend' log, I'll contact you when the registration info is available. Add this cache to your watchlist to keep up with updates as more details become available. Moozer
  13. Here's the design Mr.Moo (my 10-year-old) came up with: He's a fan of the big caches - to him, a 5-gallon bucket means lots of swagportunities!
  14. Moozer

    New Cointest

    Three words: demand.
  15. 1. Participating - YES 2. Received Name - YES 3. Mission Complete - YES, and already arrived 4. Package Received - Nope - still waiting...
  16. What a terrific idea! I'll let Mr.Moo (my 10-year-old) know about it...
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