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  1. Here's an interesting switch on hide and seek. They look very much like geocache containers. Hidden Weed
  2. If people want to stick to the rules verbatim that's just fine. But you have to remember that not all cachers live in an area with a heavy cache density, so to have them go for a cache-a-day is asking a bit much. I myself live in a rural community where the nearest cache to me now is about a 30 minute drive, and getting further. Driving an hour each day is unreasonable, expensive and not very environmental friendly. I myself have been splitting the difference and going out every few days. Yesterday I picked up 4 caches, I'll wait until I've logged them and then go out again and pick up a couple more. I'm happy in doing that, I try and keep to the spirit of the game as best as I can, and the best part. . . it's getting me out of the house a lot more.
  3. I don't know whether this helps any, but I've just had some flakey behaviour with my Oregon 300 when using the USB port. It turned out to be a dirty connection in the Oregon socket, cleaned it up and no more problems.
  4. Do you have an available list of who gets which number?
  5. The 24oz pump spray is $26.75 with shipping @ $14.70, if you bought 2 bottles shipping would be $17.64. You could get someone else to go in with you and get the 2.
  6. Join the SWOG group, there's plenty of activity there. http://www.swog.ca Ray
  7. Try TSC, they have some in the hunting dept. I don't know if it's shiny or not. Ray
  8. Parachute in. Although getting out would be a problem
  9. Is it a good idea to include your immediate contact info, such as cell phone number, on the cache container? That way the authorities can get in touch with you and "defuse" the situation.
  10. Any glue that is used on this plastic will fail after a while I'm sure. The problem is finding something that will chemically or physically bond to both surfaces and maintain that bond through rain, sun, heat and cold, Oh yes, and heavy handed finders. The lock'nlock plastic is a "non stick" variety so it has no bonding capabilities. If I were to do this, I would be looking at a mechanical connection such as a couple of screws into the dog and then sealing with silicon. You could also use wire to anchor the dog to the top, again sealing with silcon. Without seeing the dog it's hard to be more specific.
  11. Does that mean, depth of the river, or height of the river above sea level? I don't understand "average depth of _______ above sea level'
  12. Thanks everyone for those thoughtful answers. For some reason known only to me, and then even I'm not sure why, I had the idea that a stage of a multi couldn't be connected to another cache. As in having the cords inside the first cache container. Now I know. I'm keeping everyones suggestions in mind as I develop this further, it's such a beautiful old woodlot that I want their experience to be a memorable one.
  13. I don't think so, that would only give the cacher one find wouldn't it? I suppose what I'm thinking of could be called a linked double cache. Two finds, but one has to found before the other one can be.
  14. I've just discovered a woodlot near me that hasn't been cached yet. I explored it yesterday and was very impressed with the almost pristine state of it, it's away from any concentrated habitation. It seems a shame to just place a single cache here so I was thinking of putting down two, one at either end and somehow linking to the nearer one from the most distant, so that you have to get the far one to find the location of the other. This would increase the difficulty rating for both caches because there are no trails here. Can I put the co-ordinates inside the cache container? If not, how can I link a cache to a cache?
  15. Exactly, it's a given that boys will naturally gravitate to, fire, water, dirt and things that go BOOM!. Even if you were to open the container, dump all the items out and then show the bomb squad it empty, they would have you fill it back up and proceed to destroy it with a BOOM, and you, being the boy that you are would just LOVE it. I can only speak for the 'boys" of us, other sexes may see this differently.
  16. I don't think that you can change the location of a geocache in the Oregon. I use a couple of approaches in situations like this. The easiest is probably to create a waypoint with an appropriate name and with the adjusted co-ordinates. Or you could use a program like GSAK and change the co-ordinates of the actual geocache and then upload that to your Oregon.
  17. OK, this is what I do when I am feeling lazy. Someone is going to know this! Two words, fill in the blanks... ______ ____ is an imaginary line joining places with zero declination/variation. Don't ask me what it means, I only know the answer. Let's all pitch in and recycle! My joblist. . oh sorry, that's zero inclination
  18. I have been trying to guess what the other half might be. A lucky guess would put me 3/4 of the way there. I'll go with General Relativity. If this is right, because wavector wrote more words than I did, it's his win, plus I don't have a question
  19. South shore of lake Huron, Pinery provincial park, Grand Bend etc?
  20. I have the same problem, I did the update on Saturday and then drove quite a distance using Automotive. On the way home I switched to Geocaching and the unit shut down. It did that everytime I tried. Although when I got back home and tried, it worked fine. When I read your post I tried it again, and it shut down. So I tried it once more and it was fine, go figure?? For Geocaching I use TOPO Canada V2, and for Automotive I have MetroGuide Canada V4.
  21. I had an issue with the unit on the weekend. I have 2.80 installed and is working fine for the most part, however when I tried to change modes, from Automotive to Geocaching, the unit shut down completely. It did that a few times when traveling, but when I tried it again at home it was fine, and has been since.
  22. 9 CITO T shirts 8 compasses spinning 7 stealthy cachers 6 muggles laying 5 Ammo cans 4 Shiny coins 3 log books 2 Garmin Oregons And a film canister in a tree?
  23. There does seem to be some sort of problem with the unit reacquiring satellites. I had mine in the dash mount and it was working fine, the satellite signal was really strong in this area. We stopped to go into Best Buy, so I put the unit into my carry pouch, I just left it turned on. When I came back out I put it back into the mount and waited for it to get back on track. But it didn't, it just sat there. Some of the satellite icons were flashing and there were a couple of short hollow bars, but that's all that happened. I waited a few minutes and then powered down. When I turned it back on the satellites showed up within seconds. It worked fine all the way home. Everything is up to date.
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