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  1. We were among those who were extremely upset with and frustrated by the new search tool. We complained in the forum and waited to see what would happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you for listening to all of us who have been confused and upset by the new way. We greatly appreciate having the old way back; it's easy to use and we love it. Thanks again!
  2. So now, instead of clicking on what we want we have to remember which things to click on and then hopefully find what we want. You've got to be kidding me. We're not techie and this is terrible. When we travel we like to look for the older caches in a state. Before, we clicked on the state and looked at the oldest page and we were ready to go. Now we apparently have to click on this that and the other thing and filter out who knows what and then we do it wrong and have nothing that we want. This is awful, please bring back what we had before and let the techie people have the new way as an option.
  3. We often make a color photocopy of the front and back of the coin. We glue them together and then enclose it in contact paper. We attach a note that explains that we're releasing a proxy and we have the original.
  4. Twice we've had the experience that we've asked - did you find anything yet? and the person answers no and asks if we've found anything yet. Ah, must be a fellow cacher! Nope, we ran into mushroom hunters!
  5. We'll be attending one in Grand Rapids, MI outside a public museum that has an object on display from the space program. It's a flash mob and we understand that the host will be handing out Milky Way bars.
  6. I love my Garmin Oregon 450 - touchscreen, easy to download caches. Hubby has the Garmin 60CX - more accurate on cloudy days in the woods. We bought our units after talking to fellow cachers at events - we found out what the locals liked and then bought units that others had; we figured that way if we had questions we had someone to talk to and someone who could show us how to use the features on our units. We're both very happy with our GPS'r.
  7. We used to want to go for a walk, but didn't know where to go. Thanks to geocaching we now know where there are tons of parks nearby. We're getting exercise, our 2-year-old German Shepherd loves getting out on the trail, we've gotten family members interested so now we're spending more time with them while caching and we've made lots of great friends through attending events. Also, we do disaster response for 3 weeks at a time and we have the weekends free. We go caching and find lots of great hiking trails and historical plaques. We love to go camping and spend hours hiking/caching and we also enjoy going out for an afternoon, especially if friends or family are available to go with us - then we can talk, hike, and cache.
  8. It may be helpful to log your Did Not Find (DNF) and explain that you're new to geocaching. If I saw that log on one of our caches, I'd send an email, welcome you to caching, and ask if I could answer any questions. The cache owner (CO) may be very happy to give you some pointers and awesome hints on that particular cache.
  9. Not certain if it's still there but there was a series of caches placed along the Shore-to-Shore equestrian trail (it ran from Lake Huron to Lake Michigan). You had to find a bunch of caches, collect the clues, and then go to the final. The final was west of I75, perhaps near Kalkaska. We didn't do the series, but I've heard people talk about it; as far as I know it's still in place.
  10. Thanks for the help! Sometimes I too can unplug and re-plug and it works. After I posted my question I ran a PQ and it worked just fine. Technology!
  11. There are different versions of the Bible and the King James Version is one that's been around for a long time. You should be able to pull it up on-line in order to find your answers. If not, you local library should have a copy. Most people don't use the version any longer, the language is pretty old - lots of thee's and thou's.
  12. I've been using my Garmin Oregon 450 for a couple of years now and it recently developed a problem. I run a pocket query, have it ready to click and drag, plug my unit into my laptop and the 450 starts to turn on. It says it's connected to the laptop - so far, normal, working as usual. After a minute, instead of the screen popping up that I can click on to pull up the GPX files my unit turns on and once it does that I can't load the PQ. How do I keep it from turning on? Or, how can I download once it's on? Thanks in advance for help - wish I was way more techie than I am! I checked the Garmin web site but couldn't find this problem addressed.
  13. Could we please ban them in the woods? Let's reserve them for spots where you can't hide anything else. Looking for a nano in a downed tree when your unit is bouncing and there are 20 downed trees and tons of spots per tree isn't fun at all.
  14. We try to write nice logs for caches that have had some real effort put in them. Basically, an LPC type of cache gets a short thanks while a creative cache, one that explains the history of the area or takes us on a nice hike gets a longer log that describes our experience and thanks the CO for their efforts. Yesterday we did some interesting caches that are placed near towns that no longer exist (or have really shrunk) near train tracks that are no longer in use. We wrote some enthusiastic logs and today we received an email from the CO thanking us several times for our logs. It was really nice to know that he appreciated the time it took to write a nice paragraph for each cache; he enjoyed the fact that his efforts were appreciated and we felt happy knowing that our logs were so well-received. By all means, let someone know when you appreciate their log or get a chuckle out of a comment!
  15. Western Michigan is a long coastline, which part of the state are you referring to? We have a very active group of geocachers in Grand Rapids and along the lakeshore. We have a monthly meet n greet on the third Thursday of every month. We'd love to have you join us!
  16. We have a spot in Michigan that has some of the most interesting caches. Photobug2 and farmboy & the teacher have spent hundreds of hours creating interesting hides in Newaygo State Park - about an hour north of Grand Rapids. You won't rack up huge numbers doing their caches, but you'll find fascinating multi's and regular caches that take some thinking to open.
  17. We were introduced to caching at Straits State Park (St. Ignace, MI). I found a bag tucked into a tree's roots, opened it and found someone's stash - bongs and weed. My son commented that instead of finding a cache, I found a stash - and yes, that was my very first find. lol
  18. In mid-July we had the 10th annual Bertha Brock Park Cache-o-Rama near Ionia, MI.
  19. When we were new I sent an email to someone in the area who had placed a lot of the caches and asked them which ones were good ones for beginners and could they suggest a special cache or two for find #100. We also try to email an area cacher when we're going to be on vacation in an area. People are usually happy to help and they're able to suggest some nice caches, good hiking trails, etc. Have fun - we've gotten lots of exercise, found interesting places, and made new friends through caching!
  20. We are getting so frustrated with all of the changes. We don't care about the avatars appearing on the cache page (so far they're all blank, so what's the point). We are very happy that the dates are back - thank you! But now the find counts have disappeared. PLEASE bring them back and leave the logs alone - they were just fine the way they were.
  21. We took an empty twist and pour plastic paint container, washed it out thoroughly and covered it in cammo tape. It's been out in the woods for over 2 years and it's holding up very well.
  22. You tell people where you live by naming the geocache that's the closes to your house.
  23. My daughter and son-in-law were trying to introduce my husband and I to geocaching. I found a bag and was so excited because I thought I'd found the cache. What I'd actually found was a bong and some weed - someone's stash! This was in a State Park near a campsite; my son, who checked out the "find" with me thought it was pretty funny that his mom found a stash instead of a cache.
  24. My sister-in-law noticed that when I log in to geocaching.com I can click on my home coords. She asked me how she could do this. I remember getting an email when we started caching and I entered them at that point. Is there a spot where she can go and enter her home coords? I've searched a bit but can't seem to find the info. Thanks!
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