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  1. Thanks for the reply. That didn't work, unfortunately. About six hours later it was fixed. I need more patience.
  2. Hi guys, I've just upgraded from basic to premium after a time out of geocaching but membership is not changing on app. Does anyone know if I'm missing something or does it just take time? Interestingly, I noted that upgrading on the app was cheaper than online. Thanks Glyn
  3. Many thanks for the sage advice from all.
  4. Hi all, A bit of advice please. I was out and about with family the other day, mistakenly thinking Geocaching wouldn't happen, when a few minutes of freedom came my way. I spotted two caches within a few hundred metres of my location so sidled off to find. I got the first one and signed the log book with the pencil in there and then set about finding the other. However, the second was a nano and they don't make nano pencils. I initially thought I would take a photo of the cache, in hand and against the sky so as not to give anything away but then wondered if the picture of the cache itself might be a spoiler so replaced and didn't log. Nano, though, was in the title of the cache. Any thoughts? Would I have been ok taking pic and logging? Is this a crime punishable by death or execution by forum damnation? Cheers, Glyn
  5. I'm amazed by how many caches have been added in my absence. Tons within a mile or two of my house. I think the iPhone app helped me come back and it is certainly proving to be useful.
  6. Bought some kind of army boot from a surplus store. Plenty of dubbin and they seem great after about 18 months. Cost about £40. Very rigid when first purchased and needed considerable softening / wearing in. Always kept clean and dubbined.
  7. Umbrella is with me whether caching or being outdoors for any reason. My essential outdoors item.
  8. Returned to caching after 3 years and found 3 today. Only ever got 57 whilst playing before but had lots of great days out. Kids asked me not to forget about Geocaching again as they had so much fun today. Let's hope I heed their advice.
  9. I should never had used the phrase 'arse from your elbow' so apologies to more gentle forum readers and moderators. I vow never to mention elbows again. And should anyone require a tree climber to position a 5 rated cache 60' up in the branches, ask someone younger than me. I'm trying to retire.
  10. Believe me, parks people make mistakes with their trees; look at how they stake them for a start and this is why many parks lose so many young trees hence the over planting to start with. On a mature tree, a tack will do little or no damage but as I pointed out; they need to be moved before being grown over. Then they are fine.
  11. If I had a chainsaw that could be damaged by a firetack, I'd want my money back. Lets keep this in perspective. Firetacks are smaller than a drawing pin. I have many chainsaws that cost in excess of £700 quid. The chainsaw wouldn't be damaged at all but the chain would. Sharpening a chainsaw chain is a time consuming task. But please, if you have more experience as me with these tools feel free to challenge what I had to say rather than quoting me and then making a different point. Read my quote again and see that I never once suggested the saw would be damaged but highlighted the maintenance costs ie sharpening the chain. Though it seems disingenous of me to quote and then challenge someone with such encyclopaedic knowledge of arboriculture. And to keep anything in perspective as you suggested you would first have to know your arse from your elbow. But obviously I have a lot to learn from you. 20 years in arboriculture is such a meaningless start it seems.
  12. I for one was pleased that the woodland trust were engaging with us and not just saying 'stay off our land.' I was a tree surgeon and metal embedded in trees is very common and very costly. The cost of maintaining a chainsaw goes up and so do the costs to The Woodland Trust. Do we really want to make their jobs more difficult? They are there for the protection of the trees after all. They can't be sure that all those using firetacks will take the trouble to only place them in mature trees and check periodically that they aren't growing into the wood so what is their alternative - run a training course. What would folk have to say to that?
  13. I like the idea of self catering. Is this an option at most hostels?
  14. Hi guys. Thinking of joining the Yha and wondering what it's like these days. If it wasn't for caching I wouldn't have thought of it but we want to search beyond our backdoor and don't want to spend a fortune. We do camp a bit, but prefer a solid roof where possible. Is the YHA the answer to my prayers?
  15. I have trouble finding them with a gps, a map, a compass, my whole family, some binoculars, x-ray specs, psychic enhancement DVDs and the co-ords. Does your father want to join my team?
  16. And now I find that Milvus has one - Good on ya! And a very warm looking heat map it is too.
  17. Goodness knows what happened there. Anyway - I was trying to say that I personally enjoy looking at the profile pages and stats of other geocachers and really love the heat map thing - http://www.poieditor.com/geocache-heatmap/ So I thought I would try and raise its profile a little.
  18. Thanks Skull Duggery it worked like a dream ! I was worried that I might have cleared the saved form details etc when I last cleared my cookies and what have you, but luckily they were still there... I had to keep going through the alphabet and checking each of the entries that came up but eventually when I got to the entries for the letter V, I found one that matched..brilliant idea. Thanks again My absolute pleasure.
  19. I just went to my own profile and clicked on the travel bugs found thingy and clicked on a random old TB - it's code was still there.
  20. Just a thought - if you go to the cache listing from where you retrieved said TB and wave your cursor over the box where you typed the code, do the cookie things not remember it as in detail boxes in general? Hope I made that clearer to you than it sounds to me!
  21. Glad to see you have gotten so much enjoyment from it all.
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