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  1. Ugh. I was hoping I was just missing some obvious answer. Adding them as a Waypoint to a different cache seems like a clumsy solution to an easy problem. Thanks for your help, Max & 99.
  2. I am putting together a series of caches and I've nearly got them done. Caches are hidden and cache pages created. But some of the coords feel sketchy to me and I want to double check them before I publish. I can't figure a way to access my unpublished cache pages from the geocaching app and it seems they won't let me add them to a list. My phone does not show my unpublished caches anywhere and I want to navigate to them as a player would. How do I access my unpublished caches in the field or add them to a list?
  3. How does this apply to existing challenges or is it only new submissions?
  4. Heres a challenge that requires caches with the numbers 1 - 10 in the title. Not sure how this is different than spelling a word. Rookie Challenge: Counting From One to Ten: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GCY9FJ Would this challenge make the cut with the new rules? Technically different but basically the same concept.
  5. Why did you bring me here?" Is the location scenic, historic, interesting or whatever, this is the first question you should be able to answer. Try to use the largest, waterproof container the location will support . Take good coords: I downloaded an app for my phone that gives gps coords. Take several readings, walk slowly to the cache location and give it a minute to settle. Record the result. Do it a few times from different directions and record those results. You can check your results with google maps. After you settle on a set of coords, follow them yourself and see if they lead you to the cache. Create a good cache page. Give some info on why you chose that spot, some basic info about the cache, possibly including the best route, special tools or other helpful details. A good hint: A useful clue when you're standing at GZ. The caches that last the longest are a ways off the main road or trail, not visible from the most common angle and protected somewhat from the weather. Good luck and have fun!
  6. I admit I have never used a separate GPS device but I have tried to accommodate players who prefer them. My AL covers 10 miles of country roads so I included the GPS coordinates in the location descriptions after reading the complaints in these forums. I also created a gpx file and included the url in the main description. But due to the limited html abilities of the AL Builder, I cannot make it a live link. The description states: "If you use a separate GPS device, coordinates are provided in the location descriptions or via GPX file at: https://goldnuggetwebs.com/gpx-cherokee.GPX Waypoints are titled 'Cherokee Rd AL' " ( https://labs.geocaching.com/goto/cherokee GPX live link here: https://goldnuggetwebs.com/gpx-cherokee.GPX ) Does providing both the coordinates and gpx file seem redundant? Which method would you favor and how could I make it more useful to you?
  7. I ran into this recently, where I finally got around to collecting a puzzle cache which required a half mile hike in the heat, only to find that it was high in the tree and required either a climb or a long tool. I was frustrated but when I reread the cache page there were hints there that I hadn't noticed before. After a hard puzzle and a hike, it would have been nice to claim this smiley but the hints were there and it was my bad for missing them. I also have a cache high up on a lightpost. The page mentions that TOTT are required and the hint is "Look Up" but some have come unprepared and complained. But considering requiring a tool makes it a D5, players should expect some obstacles and if necessary, read the hint before heading out.
  8. The vast majority of players who run into problems at a location will not take that step. Instead, they will grumble and walk away, never completing the AL and the CO never knowing why. A proactive CO should check the locations periodically or change the question if players are obviously getting stuck in the same place over and over. But the responsibility is on the CO to keep an eye on the Leaderboard and figure out if there is a problem, where and why. How often will AL COs check their statistics? Without feedback from players or notifications from GS, probably less and less until it is rarely.
  9. Create a separate account for your AL finds? You could still log the bonus caches via your primary account, providing a record of your experience without overwhelming your classic geocaching stats.
  10. This happened to a series of my caches along a road that was hit by fire and flood. I couldn't even check to see if the caches were still there until the road was reopened. I would think a NM or WN is appropriate to let the CO know there is a problem with the cache location. A DNF without reaching GZ and actually searching for the cache doesn't feel right to me. I Disabled the series until the road was fixed and I could check on their condition. Turns out three were fine and one got archived. But it took quite awhile and the Reviewer was patient. Having pics helped.
  11. I realize ALs are pretty new and GS has been careful about handing them out, but eventually some will become obsolete and unplayable. They don't require a lot of maintenance but most will eventually need editing of some kind. I've had one published for a year and already had to change one of the questions due to changes at one location. What is the process for reporting ALs that NM or NA? Once they are published will they languish on our maps forever, leaving it to the players to sort through the playable ones by rating or reviews?
  12. Not all ALs are "effortless" and most have some educational component to them. My AL requires more time and effort than my traditional caches (10 miles of windy roads and about 1-2 hours to complete.) 40/41 players who started the lab have finished it. I guarantee that when players earn those similes they feel like they have had a real adventure and learned some local history. If other ALs are 'effortless', then blame COs who throw together a "fast five" and the players who seek them out. If the Adventures could be downloaded ahead of time, allowing for more rural experiences where cell service is lacking, COs could create more adventurous adventures. I have another AL credit waiting and have scouted several great AL locations I wanted to do, but the spotty cell reception made the location impossible and I'm not willing to create just another urban walking tour.
  13. Why do we think this is cool? Then I remembered this:
  14. Awkward encounters between geocachers and the public or the police isn't uncommon. Poking around on busy corners, neighborhoods or industrial parks always feels like suspicious eyes are on me. I would encourage prospective COs to choose cache locations wisely. Give players time and space to find your hide by selecting spots that offer a bit of privacy, cars not whizzing by just feet from GZ and no caches in residential neighborhoods. Dozens of new caches have popped up around here in the last few months by the same CO. Every single one is along a busy road, behind an HVAC unit in an industrial park or in a residential neighborhood. The CO went to some trouble to create and publish all these, many of the containers are decorated and generally well done. But they are in the most awful locations and I generally avoid them. Just because you can hide one there, doesn't mean you should hide one there.
  15. I came across this article about an African American geocacher. He has been stopped by the police while geocaching seven times in the last six months. https://www.npr.org/2021/07/11/1009560739/geocaching-while-black-outdoor-pastime-reveals-racism-and-bias
  16. That looks interesting! Wish I could try it but I use Linux. 🐧
  17. My husband and I were grabbing a series of caches along a rural dirt road in a neighboring county. We had collected perhaps half of them when we heard a gunshot in the distance. I thought maybe hunting going on somewhere nearby? After a few minutes, a guy pulled up on a quad with a great big shot gun across his lap. We knew we must look pretty suspicious, in the middle of nowhere, along a random dirt road, staring at a random tree. We explained that we were geocaching and he seemed unimpressed. He said he was looking for someone in a white pickup that had dumped trash in the road. We cut our caching adventure short and headed for the highway. Indeed there was a huge pile of trash in the road ahead, and nearby was an angry looking lady on another quad holding a rifle. I'm really glad we weren't driving a white pickup and I doubt I'll be going back for the rest of the series.
  18. Theres construction going on at one of my AL locations and the question/answer is inaccessible for now. This is a 10 mile long adventure and I wanted players to be able to complete the series. So during construction I give players both the question and answer. Geofencing assures they made it to the general area thats good enough for me.
  19. There are not many ALs around this rural area. I created one and have another credit waiting. I've had a few ideas for my next AL but for various reasons, none has worked out. For example, I wanted to do a tour of historic downtown bars and taverns but two of the five are closed after Covid. Perhaps after they reopen I can still make this work. Anyway, I appreciate that the time limit was removed so now I can wait to find just the right series of places with a good story to tell and reliable cell service.
  20. I would say No, don't try to unarchve them now. It smells like another way to get around a clear suspension that "applies to you personally in every way." Just wait the month and don't push it. Perhaps reflect on why this disciplinary action was taken and use the opportunity to get all your submissions in compliance instead of looking for a loophole to allow you to publish another hide while suspended.
  21. Around here it's not unusual for puzzle caches to go a year or more between finds. Add a short hike and it's guaranteed to be lonely. I accept this fact and tried to make my cache worth the extra effort by placing a loaded regular in a great location. Math isn't my thing and I'm not good at cryptic ciphers or obscure patterns. I've struggled through some tough puzzles but I prefer the ones that don't feel intimidating to math-phobes. It took me about 2 weeks to put this puzzle cache together (GC8R87T), from the vague idea, creating the puzzle and clues and finally, scouting the location and preparing the cache. I tried to make a puzzle that was fun to solve, even for folks who don't usually attempt puzzle caches.
  22. When all else fails, I try to leave my mark of some kind on the physical log (in this case, my initials scratched with a stick) and mention it in the online log. I believe this should be acceptable even to the most finicky CO.
  23. A big Thank You to the Northern California volunteers that work behind the scenes to keep the game going and don't get much credit for their time and effort. So kudos to Nomex, RedHiker and TOTTcho for your years of dedication to the geocaching community. Thank You!
  24. I had the same problem with a few of my hides along a canyon road that was hit by fire and flood. I disabled the caches while maintenance was going on but I had no control over the speed of the work. Luckily, the Reviewer was willing to work with me and three caches were eventually re-enabled and two were archived.
  25. What deserves a favorite varies with each player and situation. For me, the secret sauce is 'surprise and delight' and this is what I try to deliver in some form with all my hides.
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