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  1. Yes, I probably was a bit short, and that is indeed what I was implying. Also, good to see the amended logs
  2. And I think you don't. Seriously, delay that thought for a bit. *dons flame suit*
  3. I think that first you might wanna turn OFF caps lock and then try logging in again.
  4. click on the garmin/amazon link on the same page as the others, ffw the video to the end, code is visible then (used this myself today)
  5. Seeing as you only recently mailed him wrt adoption i'd wait a bit. then personally i'd whack an NA on it, and possibly place my own cache there, if it is that good of a location. I personally don't believe in community maintained caches (not to be mistaken with me doing someone I 'know' a favour on one of his/her caches).
  6. This one is on our to do list: locked so yes, go for it
  7. Well, it is kinda as of now as we changed our caching name, Ryuchan = Team Noodles! Alex, Susan & Cyrus
  8. an event in the making if I ever saw one
  9. yup, same here, all 5 arrived just now
  10. Sorry, misread your post, thought you were talking about logging in the field.
  11. You are possibly missing out on some amazing areas thinking like that. Certain areas get locked down for a period of time due to risk of fire, mating season and other area/species specific reasons. See this one for example : Clicky To just blindly ignore all those areas (you know, the ones you wouldn't have found/been to without caching) is a bit of a waste I think.
  12. The problem however is, as a CO you get one notification for the found log, not one for every edit. On the bright side I have seen quite a few peeps here at least mention that they will write a full log later on whilst logging in the field (mostly during ftf's but still...).
  13. If you are given the co-ords for the stages of a multi cache, omiting the .wpts file omits the multi stages... correct
  14. they are child waypoints. In your PQ zipfile are two files, the smaller holds the waypoints, I usually omit that file.
  15. Also known as garbage or litter. Btw OP, nice find count on the example you mentioned
  16. Luzian according to his profile is on 35, but I don't think he's quite ready to quit travelling yet
  17. This is what I like seeing on longer distance/time based cache pages : walk will take about xyz time over a distance of around xyz. very informative and helps immensely with planning an outing.
  18. So this, I've been tempted all summer to hit a few circulars etc really close to home. But instead we just went out further away. Keep all the close to home ones for the really short days midwinter
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