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  1. next 3 people to ask me what i am doing will get exactly that response, stay tuned for field reports
  2. I figured I'd start a new thread for this as to not hijack the 'caching peeve' thread. Hints were mentioned more then once, with quite some varied views on them. A while back only 1 of our caches had a hint, and that was 'kunta kinte', I then thought about things and promptly switched to simple hints. I'd hate to be on the receiving end without knowing what it was and no way to resolve it. In short, I want people to find the box, not get pee'd off in the field by not finding it due to a crap hint on my account. To me a hint is there to help you find the cache, nothing else. That means to me cryptic hints pretty much suck. The hide can be sneaky/clever, but not the hint. The problem imo being not everyone has access to Google in the field, or has the same cultural background as the CO does. Rendering a magic roundabout clue pretty much ineffective to me as a foreigner for example. tl;dr clues are supposed to help you find stuff, nothing else thoughts?
  3. to me that's a bad hint, my other half would be stumped without me there :S Not so cool if you are in the area for the day only like.. *edit - started a new topic on hints right here : Hints Clicky!!
  4. Clue on one we did : "J.R.Hartley would be disappointed." Now, I am import so I have no idea what that means, luckily my other half is English and we got the cache. But it kinda proves the point, the clue shouldn't be tricky or clever, only the hide should be. Now to get the thread back on track : cows spaces where you could hide an elephant but find a micro throw down replacements. and many more already mentioned here
  5. I had a few clues like that, but then I started thinking how I'd like a clue that I didn't get (one of mine was 'kunta kinte' for example) or that required google in the field to solve.. I subsequently dropped all ambiguous hints and replaced them with simple ones. After all, a hint is there for you to help find the box, not to add to frustration.
  6. Teehee - as I already know who you are I'm just going to sit back and watch the other guesses roll in..... one and the same?
  7. hmmmm, I am going to try and narrow the area down then, Southern England
  8. The end of the day its a travel bug stuck to an ammo can, I don't see any special logo so why give it cult status? It's not the Lilypad or anything... the current owners should be able to do what they like with it
  9. We buy charity pins from the ones we support and leave those. A win/win situation.
  10. think you are missing this bit : go to cache listing, create hint. copy encrypted hint edit listing, paste encrypted hint, add brackets. voila, a hint that has to be manually decrypted.... and a right royal PITA if it is indeed a few lines long... agreed with OP, a stupid practice...
  11. Pita getting on and off, let alone the spooking everywhere. So i'd guess not a lot of peeps do.
  12. [Activating special powers] Having checked this for you I can say it was actually MT that published his own cache. Not unusual considering the number of reviewers around then? I'll just be the first to call HAX here then, just in case in the future it'll land me a movie contract and an Oprah/Jeremy appearance
  13. PM sent would also like a pm please, might come in handy in the future
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