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  1. GAGB != Groundspeak. I think you might wanna read up on who does what here.
  2. very constructive, well done. welcome to the forums btw
  3. We did exactly that, during a multi, the guy said he couldn't offhand remember the name, but that he would look him up for us (we had been through the yard twice by then), so we gave him the name and our email. We wondered off and decided to sit down working out the next cache. Cue a 4yr old smart a** : daddy, whats that?? *pointing at an ingraved name on the bench we were sitting on* DOH!!! lo and behold, the guy we were looking for. Finished doing the multi with a certain 4yr old singing all the way : I found it I found it!!! Got a mail from the warden a few days later stating he couldnt find the name on the records for burials, but that it was possible his ashes were scattered in the church yard. replied of course stating the above mini story to which he replied: yep, that makes sense. pretty good all in all
  4. look at the 5 nearest caches around you, check names of reviewers that published it, mail one of those?
  5. A strobe is an excellent bit of kit to carry, fairly light and highly effective in increasing you chances of being spotted (read - surviving). it the proverbial hits the fan, it's all about time.
  6. weeeeelllll, if you own the land the cache is on, yer gonna get paid, if not, yer gonna get , uhm, archived?
  7. if a small/regulare/large cache has a logbook in a plastic bag, try and place/replace that at the bottem of the cache, to avoid the bag getting caught by the lid. [Ryuchan] Micros with log in a small plastic bag, make sure you fold the excess plastic around the log, and place the end with the excess plastic away from the lid, to avoid the bag getting caught by the lid. [Ryuchan] anyone notice a trend here?
  8. I vote for a hangover button that counts as a find, especially on those caches with 3+ terrain. that be awesome.
  9. stay away from tall buildings and try to base everything around more open areas (there are plenty of those) and you should be fine. inner city caching can be very very annoying.
  10. ik heb dit topic zo eens bekeken over de afgelopen paar maanden, maar god wat een zeikverhaal is dit zeg, klagen is zo een beetje het enigste wat er gebeurt, lekker constructief, well done! *gaat er weer vandoor en negeert NL forums voor de volgende 3 maanden* veel plezier nog, goeie advertentie dit voor nieuwe cachers eh! ~~~
  11. these are SO added to watchlist, with luck i can do them this summer, thanks!
  12. EC pm only seems to indicate the CO didnt take his meds.
  13. Using FF here and still no problems which version? Probably irrelevant now but v3.6 Still broken for me.. upgraded to that version this afternoon, yet still broke for me, IE(vomit) still working ok. tried it with/without GM enabled etc, cant seem to pinpoint exactly where it goes poop.
  14. Using FF here and still no problems which version?
  15. Disguised container apparently. lol, that really narrows it down eh?
  16. it's FF me thinks firefox : view once, then need to clear cookies again IE : no problem, (view, close IE, open, view again) x 6, still no problem...
  17. same here, 3 scheduled for today not in yet, and they usually arrive around 4pm.
  18. Looking at the name, there is a perfect candidate imo, however, they are a lil bit too far away Sure some shroppy will come by tho
  19. sorry mate, but I dont believe that. it takes a lot of 'damage' against overgrowth for a path overhead to become clear. But it takes a few cars to 'ruin' the path when its wet and muddy.
  20. not at all : "Hey Bob, I realise this is your spot and all, but I am contemplating placing a cache here mate. Please speak up if you object, cheers!" And so 'adequate' permission is obtained
  21. Setup, System, interface -> Garmin Spanner That will prompt you and ask if you want mass storage or regular interface so MM can talk to your Oregon Thats on an Oregon 550, but guestimating it'll be the same across the range.
  22. If financially independent I'd be able to reply with a more educated response. However, atm, all I can say is : anywhere that isnt 'local'
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