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  1. I offered to mail a self addressed stamped envelope to someone who was holding a tb of ours for a long time, in case he was unable to do anything (RL happens and all that). might be an idea? ps, he dropped it off in a cache a couple of weeks later
  2. Nope. The answer is a 3-digit number. this..is..CACHEIIIIIIIIING!!!!!! 300?
  3. a logical answer to that is ears, then skull in the middle crena.., cranium? neurologist?
  4. did you create a bookmark list by any chance?
  5. imo it's a throwdown if not placed by the CO or someone who has found/placed it previously(and then only with explicit permission from the CO.) this can be argued over till the cows come home of course. ps, throwdowns suck and potentially ruin the intented original cache experience imo
  6. yup, monitored mine since the OP was published, and all is ok.
  7. dslr/pocketcam/oregon550 here, and I still suck at taking pics good pictures are not taken by good camera's, they are taken by good photographers
  8. not sure how valid this still is but if coming by ferry: general clicky Stenaline faq Drivers license should do trick, for kids birth certificate. But worth ringing and finding out. *edit - and for our answer : We as so many would look to make it a week/two week holiday
  9. Not sure whether I'v misunderstood your question but: Go to the cache page click the "Geocaching.com Google Map" link In the map frame hit the "Satellite" button. I'll let it run a while longer before adding any hints but I'm pretty sure there are people on here who will recognise it. I meant, the 4/5 stars below the cache icon? *(I guestimated it was the terrain rating rather than the difficulty, that might have caused confusion)
  10. no idea, but very interested how you got the terrain(?) to show on the map. Can be very handy me thinks. Care to let me in on that one?
  11. Darn! First thing I thought when I read the title. this no way! Whoa whoa whoa there! even Trent Reznor has said the Cash version is better. Didnt he go even further and say it was 'no longer his song'?
  12. grand! Keep hold of the discount card they will send with it, might come in handy
  13. please all post/moan/fight/whatever here so I only have one topic to ignore till you all sort it out like human beings do. I am serious, please use this thread till you lot come to a conclusion, or take it to PM and post afterwards, cheers!! *non biased post but annoyed with the 'spam'*
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