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  1. No, you are not the only one who gets the shivers caching alone…I loved caching sooo much that I would just ignore that lurking feeling...taking my dog with me, getting an occasional friend to tag along. I swore that my fear was unfounded, that I would not let my irrational thoughts keep me from something I loved so much. Last fall I was on the interstate and spotted a close by cache at a rest stop (I knew better). The description seemed safe enough, no “nature trail” or anything like that, but as I sat in the parking lot readying my GPS, I noticed a scraggily man looking at me as he passed my car. Since he walked to the buildings I didn’t think more of it. The cache was located in a grove of about 10 pine trees at a secluded, far corner of the property. As I came out of the grove I immediately saw the man, just a few feet from me, going in! He was NOT a fellow cacher and though it may have been a coincidence it still gives me chills to think what might have happened if I’d stayed at that cache a few more seconds. My point is, always be aware of your surroundings, don’t EVER let down your guard, and don’t ignore that inner voice. P.S. That was the last time I went caching….hope I can shake it.
  2. As I mentioned, when trying to create a GPX file from a subset within a specified mileage, I am having problems. I get an "Exception Log" and it says it cannot create the file. Have never had this problem with other versions
  3. Hi Clyde, Thank you so much for the great program. I have been using GSAK for about 6 months with no problems. I just downloaded 4.1.3 and registered it and immediately ran into some snags. 1. When trying to filter for caches "placed" between certain dates, the subset instead shows caches with "last log" between those dates. 2.When attempting to create a GPX file for a subset within a specified mileage area I continually get an error message. Any ideas?
  4. All I can say is, I feel your pain! It took me weeks to learn my way around the PDA maze and all the well meaning help just made me feel more ignorant and confused. Just stick with it and suddenly you'll wonder what was so hard about it in the first place. For what it's worth, I think GSAK is mandatory, no doubt about it. However, I downloaded both Cachemate and Plucker (you'll need Spinner along with Plucker), ran both for several months and now use Plucker exclusively. While I thought Cachemate was very useful in reading and recording information, all I basically wanted was all the Geocaching.com log pages in the palm of my hand, and that's what Plucker gives you.
  5. I have a standing pocket query request that is automatically generated once a week. For the past several months, I have downloaded these to GSAK and then on to Cachemate and Plucker in my PDA. Today I was having trouble loading into GSAK-no new or updated waypoints showed up. When I looked into the downloaded folder...instead of individual files as usual...there was just one file and when I opened it, it was in a whole different format, it was EasyGps. Any ideas?
  6. Did you by chance buy a refurbished unit? I recently returned my second Legend to Sportsman's Warehouse. I was told that they had had many returned because of problems with satellite lock. I still was using my little cheap Gecko 101 ( still working great!) along side so I knew it wasn't just the atmospheric conditions.
  7. PDOP, THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew I was missing something simple!!! Thanks Again............and oh, by the way, did I say THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I am having trouble with step 3. When I go to export, the table asks for a"file to create". I have went into the "Data" file for GSAK to get the database folder, but when I open that it is empty. I did download 3.04....but I kind of had a mental breakdown when I read the help area for the new automation. I have no computer savvy obviously so please keep it idiotically simple for this simpleton
  9. If you have a copier or scanner attached to your printer, just lay your 60c on the screen and copy. Then cut out the screen portion of your print and you have a perfect template
  10. The problem I have is that, to my knowledge, I have to open up each of the five pocket query GPX I downloaded and send them seperately, I want to export the ONE merged file on my database.
  11. Right now I have both Cachemate AND Plucker on my PDA until I can decided which one I like better. I know this is silly, but I like the way the "Spinner" generated files look in Plucker versus the "GSAK" generated files. I typically get 5 pocket queries to cover the entire state, throw them all into GSAK which eliminates duplicates and then onto Cachemate. Since I prefer the "Spinner" spun look, which to my knowledge CAN'T be loaded with files that have duplicates, I have to first put them through "Watcher", merging them all into one file, then onto Spinner, then Plucker. I would love to to have that merged database from GSAK, made into one GPX file that could then go to Spinner. Any ideas?
  12. What a great tip! I have a similiar problem.... once I open all my queries into GSAK and manipulate to my liking, how do I generate one gpx file from that edited database?
  13. The upper right hand corner of the cache page has a button that says, "Log your visit" just give it a click and go from there!
  14. Well, as with everything else, trial and error prevailed. Moved Gsak GPS set up from Com3 to Com1 and awaaaaay we go!!!!!
  15. Looks interesting, but for us computer impaired....what do we do with this...??
  16. I have a new legend that I am trying to download waypoints to from GSAK. I get an error message that says "Garmin:can't init Com3". I have my HotSync manager disabled....my Legend connected and powered on. Any ideas? I know this is probably very simple....but I've searched the forums and can't find anything. Of course the Garmin manual says NOTHING about it. Thanks for the help
  17. Well, I'd like to give you some perspective from someone who uses the humble Geko 101 (although I purchased a Legend several weeks ago because of the 30$ rebate-although still have not had any reason to get it up and running.) I like to compare geocaching with another outdoor hobby, fishing. Remember that pure, basic joy of catching a fish as a kid with a bamboo pole, hook, and bobber? When you were able to add the expensive equipment, depth finder, etc.,etc. did it really make it more fun? The mighty Geko 101 will get you to the cache just as accurately as units 5 times the cost and is perfect for someone new to be sure you're going to stick with this hobby before you sink tons of money into it (haven't we all done that) I don't think it's a purchase you'll ever regret because it will give to time to research what you really want and let you cache in the meantime, and when you do buy up, you can let one of your kids us it or as a spare for someone coming along on the adventure. I just saw them at Sportsman Warehouse stores for $79 bucks....cheap way to get started!
  18. Thank you oh, thank you!!!!! It works beautifully now! I think when I finally get the hang of it all, I am going to post a 1-2-3 How To. I think only someone who knows nothing about technology can understand how frustrating this can all be! Thank goodness for the forums!
  19. Can I just say, "I feel your pain". I bought a PDA about 2 weeks ago and the good news is that it is fantastic. I have both "Plucker" and "Cachemate" installed and about 300 of the nearest caches to my home installed in each so I can compare and decide which system I ultimately want to use. The bad news it that it took me literally DAYS to figure all this out and of course, now that I finally figured it all out, it is a snap if I just would have had some easy instructions. I just can't understand why it has to be this way. I am so in awe of the folks that develop all this techno wizardry, I just wish it could be a little more user friendly for the rest of us.
  20. Thank you...I sure appreciate your help! I had already done the things you mentioned....still no images. When I look in the "cache" file the images are in a zipped folder. I unzipped them and still no luck. Could it be in the setting on GSAK? I prefer GSAK to Spinner only so I can load different queries to cover the state and GSAK will merge any duplicate files. From what I understand Spinner won't do that, or am I wrong?
  21. If you have a "Sportsmans Warehouse" near you, they have Legends for $159. I bought one (for myself ) on Mother's Day. The rebate slip said the only thing you cannot get the rebate for is Legends purchased through online auctions.
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