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  1. I have not felt guilty but I have been strongly aware of my locations and that what others might think and question. Hanging around the cedar hedge of a church yard in early am hours in mid fog does not look good in hind sight. GC1Q7QK Luckly that cache was located near a local landmark and I always make it a habit to carry a camera with me when caching, so I already had some great sunrise in fog shots. New to geocaching and have yet to purchase a GPS device so explaining the truth (which I would do) becomes a little bit harder. With the second cache of my recent trip it would have been easier to explain my being there since it was located in the cemetery where my grandparents are buried. The wandering about would simply be looking for the headstones of other relatives/ancestors to pay my respects to. GC1WARO. So guilty no. I guess the best emotion to put on it -- and more so after reading this thread --- would be a feeling of being very wary of the potenial problems that could be cause by someone noticing a single 40 ish male wandering about bushes. Great thread. Food for thought!
  2. Sorry to bring an old thread back to life (and I know the contest is over) but the coin has been driving me crazy these last few days. I've downloaded an ENIGMA simulator and I am pretty sure that I have my settings correct but am getting stuck with the key starting position.... *wait a minute, checks pdf help file, light goes on over head, sees what he was doing wrong, and ...* YES YES YES Two days I've been going over what was written here . Just started to type the above and beg for a clue with the start key but I think I've got it now! *off to submit answer* Confirmed. YES
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