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  1. My new GPSMAP 64st is so different from my old GPSMAP 60CS that I can't quite figure out how to get the 64st to give me the data that I'm used to. For instance: How do I get all caches to show up on the map? I can't plan a route if I don't know where I'm going to be looking. It only shows the one I'm "find"ing. How can I turn off the topo map & just use the street map? How do I download the logs into geocaching.com? Is there a how-to manual for the 64st that gives me such info? The garmin website "manual" is not a "how-to manual" for geocaching. Thank you.
  2. Hmmm...This raises controversial questions about DNFs... Should you be able to log multiple frownies on a cache that you didn't find? Doesn't the act of not finding it include the totality of all failed attempts to search for a cache? Should you be allowed to log a frownie on a cache that turns out to missing? If the cache wasn't there to find, then can you really claim that you didn't find it? On a multicache, should you be able to log a frownie for each WP that you didn't find? (Those that argue against, claim that a 5-star cache is much easier to DNF than a 1-star and yet you still only get one frownie. Why should multicaches be treated differently? What if you were there when the cache was placed? If you didn't find the cache at that point, is this a FTDNF or were you merely a beta-DNF? Do you have to not sign the log book in order to claim a DNF? And the most controversial of all... Should you be able to log a "Did not attend" for every event cache that you didn't find at an event? (Of course, the mere fact that there is no such thing as a "Did Not Attend" log type makes this doubly controversial...) What about lifeline calls. My DNF count would be quite a bit higher if not for the handy dandy cell phone. Should we post a DNF, then a find? And what about when we decide to drop temp cache containers. Some may think it's unselfish to do that, but I do it purely for selfish reasons - the smiley! Duh! Big cats at Kit Carson Park? Maybe they were working on Snakes and Ladders. :D S&L. Hmmmm. Lets see.... How many frownies do we have for just that one cache??!?!
  3. There's a door, eh? Aw geez.You don't have to go through it. Or do you? Mooo-ha-ha-ha. I heard that Boo's Door was no more... Awww, no more Boo Door??!?! I cracked up when I did that one & saw the door from afar. I wonder what the college kids think about that door when they're out in the "woods".
  4. I've never heard of cork floors but after Googling a bit and reading about them, they sound pretty cool. There is a ton of info on the net. That's where I would look... True, but I was hoping for actual & local results instead of manufacturer's propaganda. I first heard of this kind of flooring on one of "those" tv shows (diy type). It sounded like something we'd want. Long lasting, warmer & not as hard as tile. It's also "green!"
  5. Ya wanna talk? Ok, I've got a topic for you! I know this is totally off-topic, but how else can I reach all of you?!?! Has anyone had cork flooring installed? We're going to get it installed but we're not quite sure what brand/quality to use or who to have install it. We don't want to be anybody's guinea pigs!
  6. You know you are from San Diego when: You know what it means when a girl in a short skirt is walking on El Cajon Blvd; Hey, wait a minute! I used to walk El Cajon Blvd for my job but I wasn't one of "them"! I didn't wear a skirt, I wore culottes.
  7. Ok folks, what am I doing wrong? I go to a cache page, click on the map, which I get, but the caches never show up.
  8. Is this something to figure out how to use GSAK and cachemate and what-not effectively for us new people? If so, I would have an interest in it, I've left behind or lost so many pens at caches ! Yep, also to include GPX Sonar, Custom Points of Interest (POI), and whatever else I can't think of right now. D! What is a macro? What is it for? How do you set them up? Let's see...what else...?
  9. Anyone know how long GC is going to be down?
  10. A few years ago, one of my customers had the same problem. She called around quite a few places and finally found someone that would take the bees without charge. So, either pay up or keep dialing! It's really something that you'd be giving them something that they need to make their living and THEY want to charge YOU!
  11. Yeesh! I think they forget all too often who is paying their wages & just who owns the land that they're "squatting" on!
  12. It's amazing what technology can do these days! Hey, that's a problem I actually solved when designing cell-phone software at NeoPoiint and at HydroForce. Easy, intersection of polar hyperbolas with axis rotation and translation. Critical parameters are the signal propagation time from each of three cell nodes. Analytical geometery during second-year calculus. The problem was easier at HydroForce because the application was for locating cell-phones keestered into cells of State and Federal prisons. Yes, that problem came up only after cell phones became tiny enough for keestering. The prison solution is easier because the cell phones can't roam so the three nodes are known in advance. Our reguirement was to pinpoint a cell phone down to one of three adjacent cells. From that point it is easy to conduct three cell searches and six potty-watches. Of course in multilevel cellblocks then cells below and above are in question as well as beside so the search and potty-watch routines must be expanded to cover nine cells or as many as eighteen inmates. Way better than an entire cellblock because then there's not enough staff to cover the search/watch requirement. Additional problem was that inmate cell-phone calls are typically very short and placed in the wee hours for inmate-to-outside gang coordination. Critical issue for Correctional Officers targeted by gang members. So, o.k., y' got that? Get your pencil out and go for it. Not much worse than a macro container placed in rip-rap. Huh???
  13. Been there done that. Do not miss it one bit. Aww, come on. What's a little snow?? Its just a "little" change of pace! And you know what they say, if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes & it'll change! Yea, yea. That's why I live here too.
  14. We were out in the desert caching this weekend. Where were all of you?? Yea, yea. I know. The event was changed to next weekend. On the way back home, going thru Ramona, came across a couple looking for Air mail. Stopped to talk to them. Come to find out, they just came from A-B, where they had wanted to place some caches. According to them, the Rangers are making A-B off-limits for geocaching. Anyone else hear about this??!?! Or is this old news?
  15. Well, we're still here! Work has had me working 10 a day, which is a drag. We planned to join everyone this weekend, but y'all decided not to come! Well, Bob & I heading out there, anyway. We'll just have to hit all of the new caches early.
  16. The timing for the Yuma event is great! I'm starting my vacation then. Actually, my boss is making me work 1/2 of Sat. So we should be there Sat. evening.
  17. Yes....snowed-in in Colorado will get to you after awhile, won't it? The historical precedent is too strong. How whack can those Coloradans get after the snows come??? Well....Alferd Packer is....get this...the OFFICIAL state cannibal of Colorado. Heck, even the student union cafeteria at CU Boulder is called (I am not kidding here) the "Alferd Packer Memorial Grill". So what's the under/over as to when RocketMan starts talking to his finger saying 'redrum...redrum' Best of luck, RM! --TT-- (ex-Colorado resident 1981-1984) Funny what you run into in an old cemetary when you are out hunting for a virtual cache. Sorry, wrong spelling! P.S. You'd think he'd be the canibal of CA, not CO. Learn something new every day! Since we're learning history of CO., did you know that Golden was the first capital of the territory of CO? You can go to a bldg on main street & read a plaque on a bldg for more info.
  18. Speaking of FRS radios, what channel?
  19. Hey friends & fiends, I'm having problems with my pc (what else isn't new??) It had crashed so I had to reload all of the software. Now I can't download waypoints to my gpsmap60cs from gsak. I also can't open the maps on the trip & waypoint manager. Yes, I inputed the 25-digit registration #, which didn't do anything. HELP!!!
  20. GCXNE8 Fattboy, you look so cute! I checked the clothing on Cafe site. I just don't think you look cute enough to be on a thong, tho. Sorry!!!
  21. Go Dodgers!! Go Padres!! (NL Western Division Champs!) But, hey, to be fair... Way to go NL Wild Card Dodgers! Woooo Hoooo! Wild Card! Go Padres! Go Colorado Rockies!
  22. Holy cow!!! What did you do, rob the base armory???
  23. Did we miss a meet n greet? We (ok, I) have been having a hard time figuring out the events. It would be nice if someone in the know would put a list of the happenings for the upcoming weekend on Thurs. on a regular basis so we could A. know when something is happening & decide if we want to go & B. have enough time to get organized. I am sure I'm not the only one that would appreciate this info.
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