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  1. Is it possible to download all my personal cache notes? I've tried a few things: I used search filters to create a bookmark list containing all caches that have a note. (Well, actually multiple lists, with 1000 caches each.) But when I download them as GPX, the personal cache notes are not there. I've found several feature requests about this in the forums, but I don't think they have been implemented. Since I'm an EU user, I filed a GDPR request for my data. Haven't heard back yet, but hopefully that works. Still, I don't think this should be the only way. Any other possibilities?
  2. Absolutely. The purpose of this update is to lock previously free features behind a paywall, and they can't do that as long as the old thing still works. FWIW, I'll not be renewing my premium membership which expires in 1 week.
  3. Looks like an update just went live. The buttons are now vertically aligned with the "View Log" link (as suggested by terratin), so that less vertical space is wasted. Good change, thank you. That said, I'm still blocking the buttons. Here is the updated rule: www.geocaching.com##td > .LogDisplayRight.FloatLeft > .log-cta > .upvotes
  4. Seems unlikely, so I added a rule to my content blocker www.geocaching.com##td > .LogDisplayRight.FloatLeft > .upvotes EDIT (April 2, 2021): The rule above no longer works, this does: www.geocaching.com##td > .LogDisplayRight.FloatLeft > .log-cta > .upvotes
  5. I have also run into this limit a few times, an increase would be very welcome. Just one example: https://coord.info/GC3WZKT This challenge cache requires you to list 101 caches that you have found (one for each GC code suffix from 00 to 100). Putting a list of what you have found so far into the Personal Cache Notes is completely impossible here - the sample list is close to 5000 characters. Of course you can store the list externally. But I think that shouldn't be necessary.
  6. Historical side note: Groundspeak and Jeremy did not "invent" or "design" geocaching. Jeremy only took over the initial cache listing site that was maintained by Mike Teague.
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