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  1. As I said in my first post, my home coordinates are correct. The fix was the link that "dfx" posted. I had to update my "Mailing Address" state dropdown box. Maybe you haven't selected a state there?
  2. Nice, thanks! I looked all over and never got to that page. The "Location" text box was correct on that page under "Profile Details" but maybe I hadn't scrolled down enough to notice that even though my zip and city were correct, the dropdown for state was incorrect. I appreciate the quick help!
  3. I live in South Carolina, my profile says South Carolina, and my home coordinates are correct, but my account page says "List newest in North Carolina." I don't really use that function, but it's been kinda bugging me for the last 6 months since I moved from NC. Any ideas how to get it updated to my correct state? (If you're wondering, I'm about 10 miles from the NC state line).
  4. Maybe then to get closer to pleasing "all of the people all of the time" (which I know is impossible) we could have a checkbox when subscribing to the weekly newsletter to choose the default sorting, Date-Events/Distance-Caches or choose Distance for both. I know that after I got a newbie into caching, I asked if he had seen something in his recent newsletter and he said he unsubscribed because "it was showing stuff like 200 miles away." Maybe, if we can't sort by distance, we can at least limit how far away the events are that get included. I just went back and looked at this week's newsletter. There are 48 events, only 6 within 50 miles (probably about as far as I'd consider traveling.) 33 of them are over 100 miles away (I live outside of Charlotte). Instead of reading this overwhelming list with only 12% relevant to me, I just skip it entirely. If they were sorted by distance, I could see the top 6 and move on from there.
  5. In the weekly newsletter notification the "Upcoming Events" are listed by date and the "Recent Geocaches" are listed by distance. I would (and think a lot of others would) prefer to have the events sorted by distance. That way, I can scroll down to as far as I'd be willing to travel for an event and then skip the rest... In the case of a tie (unlikely, but possible), sort the earlier date before the later one. It would make it more standard, (2 lists/1 sort method) and it would make it easier to scan quickly. Thanks!
  6. I like the "Gone" idea. I also have sent a lot of emails to a lot of cache owners and bug/coin owners explaining where the "Mark item missing" button is and how to use it. I used to use PQ's limited to caches with trackables but found it very frustrating to have to read all of the logs to see if there was a chance that the listed trackables were actually where they said they were. So many cachers post a note on the trackables' page(s) or on the cache listing, that a "Gone" function would obviously be used and helpful to those of us who like moving and discovering TB's and coins.
  7. That happened to me too...
  8. No offense taken, thanks for the note... I suppose since I started the topic, it would make sense that I've made a few comments on it. Anyway, since my original post last year, I've succumbed to using workarounds and not using that summary page in it's simplest form. I've realized that the stat programs are, in fact, correct with my milestones. Since I have always logged my finds in the order that I find them. The summary page when sorted only by "Found it" logs is misleading by 1) Being in a "Chronologically Confusing" order and 2) Not showing other cache types that are included in the numbers (specifically Events and Webcams) From what I've read, TPTB are helping out INATN, so they must have a little faith in the 3rd party help with the confusion.
  9. It's called "range and bearing"... off a known point... and just about every GPS will do that... we have found many caches like this... Probably the easiest (no button pushing, no compass) way to end up 177' towards 54 degrees is to walk until your GPS says you are 177' away and need to go 234 degrees to get there...
  10. Here's my log of one that I found, 2 years after it had been archived across the park. I re-hid it somewhere else and temporarily 'owned' it. But due to some confusion with the old owner, they asked me to archive it again so they could put it back in whatever location they liked and it was muggled again... Fun while it lasted though!
  11. Hey now, I'm almost done re-logging my 450+ finds as 0123AAA-AV8R so I can be first in line... Don't rain on my parade.
  12. You do realize, of course, that we can't "look at your US county finds" to see anything right now... Right? That's the whole point of this thread!
  13. They could do a 'daily digest' with a summary of each friends activity. If you have a 100 find a day friend, maybe you wouldn't want their summary... I think it'd be neat to be able to see their 'other' logs, like DNF's and trackables. They could just have a summary list like there is on everyone's "My Account" page, but for your friends' accounts instead.
  14. I feel for you... The previous posts were correct though. The site has them in the right order, but it just lists them strangely when you are on your summary pages. See this forum "Chronological Confusion" for some discussion of the same thing. INATN does it correctly if you submit a PQ. If you'd like to verify the order, or you aren't a premium member, you can copy/paste the 'found it' section of your summary into an excel file and then sort by date. Somehow it fixes the screwy logic. You'll also need to take into account your webcams and events, since those are part of your stats.
  15. Something has changed... Still doesn't have the title early enough to see it, but it doesn't say "Geocache" first anymore. Maybe they are listening albeit slowly. Right now it says "GCXXXX - A Traditional Cache in STATE, COUNTRY called TITLE created by CACHER" How about "GCXXXX - TITLE, A Traditional Cache in STATE, COUNTRY created by CACHER" They can leave out 'called' just like they've now left out 'Geocache.'
  16. I might've already voted for this change, but I'd love to see the name first (or second after the waypoint) on the title bar!
  17. I've been subscribed to this forum, just to see if any neat new features would get added after I commented and saw the original changes. I've been surprised to see all the complaints, as I haven't had any problems with them either. Maybe I'm not pushing them to their limits or using what the full potential could be, but I travel all the time and use the map to get started, get my bearings, and usually create an associated pocket query. I almost wonder if we need to start posting operating system, hardware, software configurations... I'm using XP, and switch between Firefox and IE7. I use different ISP's all the time, different airports, hotels, businesses, and my home.
  18. PilotMike

    Geocoin Home

    I've never seen/used the map search feature at the Geocoin Home Page before. I just gave it a shot, and although it's centering correctly (there's another topic on this), I am unable to click on the icons with any result. I've tried it in Firefox and IE. Clicking doesn't do anything whatsoever. I can pan & zoom, but that's about it... Any help?
  19. I've just added the below "quote" to the wikipedia entry on flash mobs. Visit it here. I'd love it if somebody could put some more time (and know-how) into it to make it more informative and impressive! Maybe there's a way to count all the participants who log 'attended' and post that statistic in there... To beat the United Kingdom number, we would have needed an average of 42 cachers at each event (I doubt we did it), but any number would be cool to figure...
  20. Awesome, thanks! I personally haven't done anything with bookmark lists, so it looks like a nice (and fully functional) upgrade to an already impressive feature set!
  21. I don't argue with having workarounds posted, but since this one was already posted last week, I didn't want it to be considered the 'end-all' every time someone said they'd like the official feature back.
  22. I've talked about 'workarounds' vs. website upgrades in my "Chronological Confusion" topic. We're making and discussing suggestions here in this forum to the GC.com crew, apparently somebody else made a suggestion (or took it upon themselves) to involve a greasemonkey user, but that's besides the point. My vote is for an official website upgrade (or at least "mod").
  23. Thanks for the update! I like the numbering system and appreciate all of the effort that goes into this cool site!
  24. At this point, it's not "when;" it's "if." I'd like to see the name earlier in the header too. I can't even see the cache name in my history bar in Firefox if I extend it to it's full width!
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