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  1. I am getting where I hate Apple more and more. For years they had the audacity to tell consumers they didn't need flash, they didn't need folders, they didn't need a whole host of features the jailbreaking community gave us. Now we can't even use our geocaching app to give us driving directions to our caches. I have 2 paid navigation apps on my phone, plus google maps, and iphone maps. Yet because of Apple's draconian measures I can't get the apps to talk with each other. At one time I thought it was possible to open a cache in an external map browser .. I don't see that option anymore. I don't even see the option to save to clipboard the coords. It is annoying to have a piece of technology in hand that easily has the ability to do what we want and yet being unable to use it that way. Edit: Well my rant about Apple still stands but I found a work around. Use the Geosphere app instead. It allows you to use iPhone's turn by turn navigation. I don't know why the official app doesn't allow it. Hopefully they will fix that soon ... I like the official app's interface better.
  2. Yes .. but I want this NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!! Hehehe This will make up for getting stuck with a Colorado a month before the Oregon came out. I finally will have a touch screen GPS unit. Love the app so far and only see great things down the road for it.
  3. I realize this is OT, but you've already been told it ain't going to happen. Sorry. I just got my first touchscreen yesterday, a Nuvi. For gross navigating a finger is great, but for that last bit of precision, for 24K Topos, a stylus is needed. I used a toothpick. What do you use/suggest? That makes no sense. We're navigating to a set of coordinates. Why would a stylus be needed to enter coordinates? You do realize we're talking about the Oregon, right? I may be trying to turn an Oregon into a PDA, but an ejectable stylus would be a nice addition to the model. However a pen/stylus combo attached to a carabiner clip would work just as good.
  4. I am a huge touchscreen fan. I have used PDA for about 10 years now. I am bummed beyond belief that a few months after I buy a Colorado they announce the new Orgeons. I purchased my Colorado from Amazon.com on April 21. Have you all come across an upgrade program through Garmin? I believe amazon will only do a partial refund in price that can be credited towards the new purchase. I am aware I could attempt to sell my old unit, but it is in pristine condition and I would hate to take a hit in price. I put a screen protector on it before using it. Any magic garmin fairies out there that can wave a wand and make this happen?
  5. Holy freaking crap!! So was the Colorado simply a ploy to get our stimulus package checks? Talk about lousy timing. I normally enjoy having the top of the line gadgets for several months before it is rendered inferior. Since these purchases are few and far between I try to purchase the best I can afford at the time. So now us early adopters will have to sit by and see our gadgets become the redheaded step children before many of the firmware updates reach us. I really wish they had an upgrade program. This is going to leave a bad taste in many mouths.
  6. There is a learning curve with the Colorado. That shouldn't turn people away but attract them. There are so many features available you can't expect to have them mastered in 72 hours. Some people's hatred of an item they can't figure out initially is astounding. I am very skeptical of the ones who say they returned a unit 3 and 4 times. The odds they recieved that many defective units are very low. This unit is the most comprehensive geocaching unit out there. Period.
  7. Well, I have had my Colorado for a couple of months now and agree it is time for a new firmware update. However, my Colorado is head and shoulders over my using a pocket pc + software to geocache. And the good news is I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance.
  8. Somerset, Ky. 5 miles - 12 10 miles - 22 25 miles - 76 50 miles - 387 And this is one of the reasons I am very against blowing through 100 caches in a day. I would only be able to geocache for 4 days and then I would be through.
  9. From periodic scanning of the forums I have found the users who say the colorado isn't good for hiking are ones used to the 60CSX. Using the breadcrumb feature I can backtrack any route I have taken. I can see where mountains, streams, and roads are. I have never run out of battery power while out doing a full day's geocaching. (Then again I remember to turn my unit off when I am not using it and I do carry an extra set of batteries) Yes, there are some bugs but they will eventually be fixed. Since I have to space my technological purchases out over long periods of time I prefer to buy a newer unit that will keep me happy for a few years than one that has already been out for a couple of years and could soon be out of date.
  10. Thank you tozainamboku, you illustrated my thoughts exactly. Also, I am not attacking TotemLake. I am just attacking this line of reasoning. In fact, after checking his profile I see he is my kind of person. TotemLake actually uses his digital camera when caching. I am amazed at caches that have 80+ logs and not a single picture taken. I try to take a picture at every cache I visit. Thank you TotemLake.
  11. It is also unfortunate that some are sucking the life out of this sport/game because they are behaving exactly like hall monitors. Did you not get spanked growing up when you tattle-told? Groundspeak made a decision due to this whistle blowing. And now the community misses out on a cache that some of us would view as a breath of fresh air admist the mass of micros placed out there. Don't get me wrong .. I am against defacement as well .. real defacement. Heck I am so anal about it I get upset when people dog ear books at the library. But I don't blow the whistle so the authorities can get to the bottom of it. Once again you all must live in a different world than we do here. I really have a hard time seeing the cache placer doing 10 -15 in Leavenworth due to placing this cache. I can picture it now ... sitting admist murderers and rapists, when questioned what he was in there for he has to admit it was for making a mark on a telephone book. PUH-LEASE.
  12. Oh please explain this one. If this is true I know several people, including myself who will jump ship.
  13. That would be a great idea but you would be making illegal copies unless this is music you have recorded. However you could make your own recording talking to the finders of the cache and possibly add some royalty free music. Also, you can find $1 CDs at many dollar stores.
  14. I love it!! In the future a creek won't stop you. In fact you will welcome them .. another chance to test out your waterproof boots that you will eventually decide is a must, like I did. hehe I grabbed a cache tonight after church that required me to cross a creek twice! I was really excited. Then I had to climb a little bit of a cliff face. So not only did I get my boots wet up to my ankles (but my feet stayed dry) I got covered in dirt on my backside and shirt. What a great day!!
  15. [humor] You're darn tootin it's ok to debark a tree. When I see small ones in the woods I kick them over every chance I get. Stupid trees killed Sonny Bono. [/humor]
  16. WOW!!! I am simply flabbergasted. Were you all hall monitors growing up? This sounds like an awesome cache and it is now ruined. I would absolutely love to come across a cache like this. You people live in a total different world than we do here. We don't consider writing in a phonebook as defacement. This is one of the functions of a public phonebook; you jot down notes, circle numbers, and write numbers in the margins. We consider graffiti on the wall to be defacement; we consider writing cuss words in the bathroom stalls as defacement. Heck, even painting Bill loves Sue on a water tower is defacement, but not marking an X on the edge of a phone book! I know the original poster didn't want to see the cache archived but it seems that some take joy in acting like big brother when it comes to other's caches. Everyday I come to these forums it slowly sucks the enjoyment out of geocaching. How can this not be considered a 'cache container' when there are library caches whose log is a blank book placed in the stacks?
  17. I think it is a fantastic idea. I don't think it will work .. but a great idea. I also do everything in my power to increase my 'carbon footprint' daily, though I don't think I can ever reach the levels that Al Gore has.
  18. LOL. Well, I am glad to hear that the US doesn't corner the market on idiots. We have more and more who want to breech our "unalienable rights given by our Creator." They believe these rights are granted by the government.
  19. Thank you .. you saved me the trouble of typing it. I'm afraid some won't see the sarcasm in your post, though.
  20. I come in from geocaching loving my Colorado and everytime I come to these boards these threads bring me down. I keep wondering about this amazing contraption they are calling the 60CSx. Did I make the right decision in purchasing my Colorado? I just came across these screen comparisons that set me at ease. The Colorado screens are on the right. I'm feeling confident with my purchase.
  21. Or have a hybrid when you are hiking that displays the topo lines and the roads from automotive, since the basemap roads shipped with the Colorado are way off. I like to know what side of the road my geocache is on. I wonder where most of the complaints are coming from, if they are grouped by geographic area. I live in south eastern Kentucky with lots of hills and trees and sometimes I don't have the best accuracy while geocaching. (So I simply walk away from the cache area and approach from a different angle and this normally fixes it) I would assume the colorado would always be on the money if I lived in Idaho.
  22. Yes thank you very much. That seems like such a small issue but it does get annoying after a while.
  23. I assume you are in the military. First off .. thank you very much. Secondly, are you planning on geocaching there or simply want to use it for hiking and knowing your terrain. I have read of some of the geocaching going on in Iraq in amazement. Does every cache there get a 5/5.
  24. My 400T goes to the compass screen everytime .. would be nice to change as well. Also when I change profiles to the Automotive profile it used to go straight to the map and now simply stays on the profile change page .. I have to go to manually select map to go to that screen.
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