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  1. Nope. Ain't gonna happen. The whole Oregon Wiki is worth a read (the manual that Garmin was too lazy to write), but if you focus a few minutes on the geocaching section here http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Geocaching it will be well worth your time. Covers your issue and a whole lot more. Ok thanks It is worth the read........ Skip
  2. No that didn't seem to matter I tried both with and without (P)arking and it didn't matter...... I was even thinking (P)remium member but that didn't matter either........ The ultimate goal here was to be able to delete caches from the Oregon without hooking it to the computer but if they don't show up in the waypoint manager they can't be deleted without the computer......
  3. Here is my question........ On a Oregon 450 after downloading caches from the map page,,,,, finding them and logging them found on the Oregon...... then going to the Waypoint manager they appear with a P inside a circle,,,,, they can be deleted from here.... great!!! Having found some others and logging them,,,,, They don't get transfered over to the Waypoint manager?????? not sure what the Circle P is but if the cache don't have it it does not get transfered of to the waypoint manager and has to be deleted after hooking it to the computer..... Any ideas what the Circle P is????????? Thanks Skip
  4. I was wondering if anyone has the Michigan powers of 10 coin???? and would you be willing to sell them and if so for $$$$???? I live in Michigan and should have bought some @ the time they were published.... Send me a PM...... Thanks Skipbo00
  5. Hey all just a quick question,,,,,, can i make a pocket Querry of just travel bug Hotels???? or Coin drops???? seperate or combined would work either way..... Thanks Skip
  6. Ok so can you get the right file to put on the Axiim????
  7. Hey,,,,,, I am having a problem with my Dell Axim 30 and GPX files,,,,, when i do a pocket querry and download and save the file to my axim the coordinates show up as decimal,,,, N44.15175 W86.19465 instead of degrees and minutes N 44*09.105 W086*11.671 both of these are the real coordinates for a cache...... Now for the question how can I get the degrees and minutes,,,,, and not the decimal,,, for some reason all the GPX files I down load and put on the dell axim are in decimal format..... or is there a easy conversion that can be done in the field as we use the axim for paperless caching...... My wife would uses the coords off of the axim to put on her Garmin 12xl if they were in the right format...... Thanks for your help,,,, Skip
  8. I have a Garmin 60csx and am having trouble dowloading Geocaches to it they keep going to the waypont icon instead of geocach icon........ When you go to find highlite Geocache and hit enter it says none found!!!! But if you look in the waypoint icon there they are,,,,,, must be a setting I am missing or some thing in setup??? Thanks for your help,,,,, Skip
  9. Hey,,,,, I know this is an old post but I am having the same problem... After I export/save a GPX file from GSAK,,,, it only opens about 1 in 10 times???? on my axim X30.... I have tried making them smaller instead of 500 kb,,,, delete some of the waypoints down to 55kb and still wont open...... I already have your GPX Viewer on my pda????? this has me stumped...... I can send you the GPX file if need be......... Thanks Skip
  10. Oooopsssss sorry duplicate post Plz delete!!!!!! Skip
  11. Hey all,,,,,, when I hook my Garmin 60 Csx to my laptop USB to USB mini,,, I don't have another drive letter show up in the wiindows XP explorer.... I thought it would show another storage drive even if it is empty,,,, no data.... I have tried everything I can think of and can't read/see the internal micro SD card in the GPS..... I haven't bought any mapping programs as of yet but I would think you need to read this as another drive after coupling it to computer..... Am I right or wrong in my thinking?????? Or is there something you need to tell your PC or GPSr for it to see it (the micro SD card)...... I do have a micro card SD adapter and a usb card reader and after hooking it up that way it will locate a storage drive letter..... Thanks Skip
  12. Is this Item sold???? will you take $75 shipped???? Skip
  13. Hey all,,,,,, Fairly new to this site and really new to my Garmin 60CSX (1 day old).... Here is what I am trying to do... I want to download caches/waypoints from here,,,, geocaching.com to Mapsource in mass numbers and then put them on my GPS.... The page I am looking at geocaching has 168 caches/waypoints,,,, is there a way to move them all at once?????? This would be all on the computer,,,,, then move them to the GPS...... I did a search and couldn't find anything on this topic....... Moving them 1 at a time could take most of a life time....... Thanks in advance,,,,, SKipBo00 Lonnie
  14. Hey all,,,,, I am new to this and have not purchased a GPS as of yet...... I am looking at a 60CSX from what I read on here they seem to be good.... but my question is a friend loaned me his Garmin 12XL to try this out so him,,, my wife and I went out to find 3 very easy caches locally and are 0 for 3 ...... Now I do realize it has been a rough winter in SW Michigan but you would have thought we could have found at least 1 of them.. Sooooooo how accurate (within how many feet) is the Garmin 12XL?????? I am thinking at least 1 of these caches were missing..... Thanks Skip
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