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  1. A great achievement Pete – very well done! What’s more you’re a great cache setter
  2. Is Ozzy going to take Stuey to training classes now
  3. I'am 69 and have just done Stueys 5/5 with the help of Wadders and WillDeBeast (Terry & Will)!!! I am so hooked on caching ps ...........and I am married to an University student known as TA (The Assistant)
  4. Very well done. I am pleased for you
  5. Well-done Wadders on achieving the highest tops in England, Wales and Scotland, including the caches!!!! All in three days
  6. Very well done on reaching your 200 A great achievement
  7. I am so sorry you were beaten by the weather. At least you tried to do something which few others have achieved. Perhaps another day!!!!
  8. Well done on your 200. We all also enjoy the caches you put out. Congratulations Onwards and upwards
  9. Congratulations Terry on reaching your 500 It doesn’t seem that long ago we were walking up to the top of Dumpton Hill together!!!!! Onwards and upwards
  10. Congrats on reaching 200. Its a nice feeling
  11. Congratulations and best wishes. Onwards and Upwards?
  12. Congrats to Stuey on the 600 target! How could a 1.5 cause you a problem???? Onwards and upwards!!!!!!!
  13. Can I congratulate the Weary Banker & Bookworm on reaching there TON. You have set some excellent caches. Keep up the good work!
  14. Well done on your 100 What a super way to achieve it. We are looking forward to doing the 10?
  15. Well done Bill! Congratulations on your 200 There are a lot of nice caches down in Devon for you to do
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