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  1. I agree with Paul, I can’t see why he couldn’t have done Amadeus yesterday especially in that gear. He might have to taken his sword off though!!!!! Have a great life together and wish you lots of baby caches Congratulations
  2. Well done to the Clan. Congrats and keep up the good work Onwards and Upwards
  3. Me too................I will be there if at all possible
  4. Congratulations and very well done Terry on finding every cache in the County of Devon – and Lundy!!!!! For the second time Onwards and Upwards
  5. Just a great achievement, very well done The no. one cacher
  6. I am so pleased that you have reached 400 Terry As they say...Onwards and Upwards
  7. Very well done Pete - my congratulations ..................and thanks for all your excellent caches...............
  8. Congratulations and very well done. I shall have to get a move on
  9. Can I also join in and say a big thank you for making this sport so enjoyable! Was there life before Geocaching? Happy Christmas
  10. Well done Adam A happy Christmas to all the Plymplodders
  11. Sorry about the late congrats but I have been away for a few days. I am glad I introduced you to caching Onwards and upwards as they say
  12. What a great achievement Stuey!!!!!! You will never slow up
  13. Any cacher who reaches a 1000 caches deserves a BIG congratulation
  14. Wow in less than a year..................when do you sleep? Very well done and my congratulations
  15. I had been having a problem with my Garmin etrex. I emailed them and then spoke to them on the phone. They were so helpful. I posted the unit to them and 4 days later I had it returned and in full working order. I just wanted to give credit for really good service. How I wish I had bought their sat/nav instead of the TomTom. There service is non-existent! Thanks Garmin
  16. Well done Andy Congratulation - Onward and Upward
  17. Well done and I still have lots of your caches to do!!!!!!
  18. Another one from Devon, but we are growing in numbers
  19. Bought my tickets Will Securicor deliver my prize
  20. It was nice to meet you recently out caching. Congrats on your ton
  21. Is there a fellow cacher visiting Gibraltar soon? I have a cache on Gibraltar and a chap who lived nearby said he would mind it for me. However, he seems to have given up caching. Its now gone missing and I have disabled it for the time being. I would very much like it to continue and won’t be visiting again this year. If anyone were making a visit would they be kind enough to reset it for me. I will be pleased to send a new small cache and all the details. You never know it might contain a 2nd FTF prize!
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