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  1. :D:lol::(


    Congratulation to John and Di (the Weary Banker & Bookworm) on reaching their 1000th cache today at the A361 Link Road Lunacy Bonus cache GC13018.


    The find was marked with champagne, smoked salmon sandwiches, presentation of a badge and the awarding of a certificate.


    It was a super spot for a memorable occasion. Well done to you both!


    Onwards to the next landmark. :angry::lol::blink:

  2. :blink::(:D Thank you all for your kind wishes. I shall hate being out of action so long and I am not sure I am looking forward to WW pushing me in a wheel chair.


    Can I pay a tribute to Devon Air Ambulance who spent so much time on rescuing me from the impossible spot into which I fell?



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