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  1. I am so pleased for you. A great achievement and congratulations from Jill and I
  2. That is some achievement! Our congratulations
  3. I am so happy for you. Very well done. Onwards and upwards
  4. Well done Keith. Not long until the big one! Best wishes from WW & TA
  5. Congratulation to John and Di (the Weary Banker & Bookworm) on reaching their 1000th cache today at the A361 Link Road Lunacy Bonus cache GC13018. The find was marked with champagne, smoked salmon sandwiches, presentation of a badge and the awarding of a certificate. It was a super spot for a memorable occasion. Well done to you both! Onwards to the next landmark.
  6. We both send you our congratulations and very well done on reaching your 2000 Onwards and upwards
  7. I have two series of caches along the Tiverton canal in Devon. They seem to be enjoyed by local cachers and cachers on route for a holiday. The first cache is near a very nice tea rooms.
  8. Thank you all for your kind wishes. I shall hate being out of action so long and I am not sure I am looking forward to WW pushing me in a wheel chair. Can I pay a tribute to Devon Air Ambulance who spent so much time on rescuing me from the impossible spot into which I fell? 'TA'
  9. Hi Kim, I thought a super series of caches with a great ending were Code Breakers: CRYPTOLOGY by The Hancock Clan. Have fun WW aka Jim
  10. I am so pleased for you. Congratulations on a great achievement.
  11. One for me please. Thanks for all your hard work Jim,
  12. That was excellent programme. Makes me want to come over and cache in your country! Very well done guys.
  13. Well done you three guys have certainly kept East Devon to the forefront. A great achievement for ALL of you - I am so pleased!
  14. Well done to you both as they say ONWARDS AND UPWARDS
  15. Congratulations to you both. As you introduced me to Geocaching you have a lot to answer for Onward to your 1000
  16. Received a txt message from Terry this afternoon to say he had just done his 1500 in the company of Stuey. What will happen when these two go caching in the USA in February????
  17. Are there any left please? If so two!!!! Thanks
  18. Are there any left please? If there are I would like two Thanks
  19. Ewan – I have never met you but I am delighted you are making steady progress and I wish you all the best. I have been following the thread ever since your accident and I feel sure you will be out and about again even in your Scottish 2x2!!!!! Regards
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